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   Chapter 201 After Dinner

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The father and son stared at each other. "Dad, how did you know we were here?"

Colin twitched his lips and said nonchalantly, "You're simply predictable." He had a tracker installed on the watch on his son's wrist.

... Amborse snorted, "Don't bother me and Sophia next time."

With a thoughtful look, Colin tapped the table several times with his forefinger. "Actually, you can take her home tonight."

"What? Really?" Ambrose's eyes shined with glee.

"Of course! Let me tell you how..."


After supper, Sophia took Ambrose for a walk to digest the food they ate.

At about 9 o'clock, Sophia said to Ambrose, "Brody, it's time to go to bed. Tomorrow's a school day, remember? Come on, go back home with your dad."

Ambrose's face suddenly changed. He put his hands over his stomach and stumbled into Sophia's arms. "Sophia, I seem to... have a stomachache."

"What? What happened? Let me have a look." Sophia crouched down, worriedly looking at the miserable-looking boy.

Shaking his head, Ambrose kept worming in Sophia's arms. "Sophia, I'm not feeling very well. Can you take me home? Can you sing me a lullaby when I go to bed?"

Sophia felt her heart hammering at the boy's faint voice. She looked up at the silent man standing nearby. "Your son's ill. Let's take him to the hospital!"

She didn't understand why Colin seemed so calm at the sight of his son like this. Are all fathers this heartless?

Before Colin could reply, Ambrose clung to her clothes. "Sophia, I don't want to go to hospital. Can you just hold me?"

Ambrose looked so expectant, Sophia didn't have the heart to refuse. "Okay." She lifted him up in her arms. "Brody, does it hurt a lot? I think you need to go to he hospital."

"I don't want to got to hospital. Can you just take me home?" Ambrose pleaded. He put his arms around Sophia's neck and leaned his head on her shoulder.

Sophia shot Colin a hesitant look. "I... Can I take him home?"

Without saying a word, Colin took his son from her arms.

With the weight on her arms gone, Sophia felt disheartened. Colin wouldn't let her...

In that moment, she almost burst into tears.

"Follow me."

She instantly smiled as she followed the man striding in front of her.

Sitting on the backseat of the car, Sophia held Ambrose in comfort. She wondered if Colin took the boy from her because he was concerned about her.

Colin drove Sophia's car in the direction of the Li Manor. When the stoplight turned red, he hit the brakes. "You really need a new car."

He didn't feel comfortable driving her car.

"That's unnecessary. The recent turnover is... I like driving it!" Sophia hurriedly changed her response.

Nevertheless... She was talking to Colin, who was good at perceiving information. "There's a problem with your turnover? Then forget about the 50 million. Where's the card?" He felt something was wrong when Sophia didn't try to return the card to him recently.

It wasn't like her at all. Since she was angry with him, she definitely didn't want to owe him anything.

"I... I still have it!" Sophia stammered, unconsciously tightening her grip in guilt.

Comfortably lying on Sophia's chest, Ambro

se shrieked, "Sophia, you're holding me too tight!"

"Oh! Sorry..." She quickly loosened her arms.

When the car started again, Colin asked in a low voice, "Sophia, where's the card?"

Sensing the seriousness in his voice, Sophia lowered her head like a child caught doing something wrong. She fiddled with the boy's hair as she answered, "It's in your bedroom drawer."

Since Colin kept refusing to take it, she had secretly left it in his apartment.

The air in the car seemed to freeze as Colin's face darkened.

Was there... Something wrong? They got divorced after she borrowed 50 million from Colin. He had no obligation to support her since she was no longer his wife.

If they could get back together, she wouldn't need to return the money. But Colin was about to marry someone else...

Both of them stopped talking, and Ambrose dozed off in Sophia's arms.

The car soon arrived at the Li Manor and stopped in front of the gate. Colin got off the car and slammed the door. Storming into the manor, he left Sophia in bewilderment.

How on earth was she supposed to walk into the manor with a sleeping boy in her arms? Curling her lips in dissatisfaction, she struggled to exit the car while holding Ambrose in her arms.

She tottered into the villa and found Colin standing at the front porch.

"Since we're here, can you take your son now?" She intended to turn around and leave afterwards.

Colin woke his son up. "Ambrose, Aunt Sophia's leaving. It seems that she's not gonna sing you that lullaby."

... Sophia was speechless.

She didn't expect Ambrose to wake up instantly. He immediately checked who was holding him. Ambrose smiled when he saw it was Sophia. Resting his head on Sophia's shoulder, he murmured, "Sophia, I want to sleep with you."

His bright smile melted Sophia's heart.

She inwardly sighed and headed towards the stairs with Ambrose in his arms.

This house... She hadn't been here for years, but nothing had changed since then.

When they reached the foot of the stairs, Colin blocked her way. He took Ambrose in his arms and went upstairs.

While Sophia hesitated if she should follow, Ambrose suddenly screamed, "I don't want dad! I want Sophia!"

She instantly rushed upstairs without a second thought.

Hearing the commotion, Wendy opened the door of her room. Her eyes lit up at the sight of Sophia behind Colin and Ambrose. "Sophia, you're here!"

"Yes, Auntie. I'm sorry to bother you!" Sophia looked at Wendy in embarrassment.

"Not at all. It's far from my bedtime! I was actually talking to Selina just now." As she spoke, a woman exited the room.

It was indeed Selina!


"Sophia!" The two women hugged as soon as they saw each other.

During the three years Sophia was in Milan, she had been in contact with Selina. She was a lively and lovely girl.

Waking up, Ambrose jumped off his father's arms and rushed to Selina. "Auntie."

Selina released Sophia and lifted the boy up. "You've grown much taller and heavier, I can barely hold you now!"

"That's okay, Auntie. I'm a boy. When I grow up, I can hold you and Sophia!" Ambrose slipped off Selina's arms and went back to Sophia.

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