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   Chapter 200 Family Bonding

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Sophia and Ambrose went to a restaurant that specialized in grilled fish. After ordering, Sophia said to Ambrose, "I really need to go to the bathroom. Can you sit here and wait for me? Don't go anywhere. Do you understand?"

Ambrose nodded obediently. "Okay. I'll wait right here."

Sophia smiled. She asked a waiter to look after Ambrose while she was away.

Worried about leaving Ambrose alone, she rushed to the bathroom to get back as soon as possible. When she returned to the table, a man was sitting opposite Ambrose.

A familiar man...

"Mr. Colin, what a coincidence! Why are you here?" Sophia said with a stiff smile.

Colin was looking at the menu to order more dishes. He glanced at her and said, "Sit down."

... Colin's actions made her feel like she was a newcomer he had invited to sit down for dinner. He was the one intruding on her dinner with Ambrose. Why was he treating her like a guest?

Sophia sat down and watched him order more dishes. She kept staring at him as she waited for an explanation.

Colin ignored her questioning gaze. He turned to Ambrose and said, "After dinner, I'll have the driver bring you home first. Sophia and I have something to discuss."

Ambrose didn't reply. Did his father want to finish dinner early so he could be sent back home early? What kind of father would abandon his own son for a woman?

Sophia was also quiet. She wondered what she had to talk about with Colin.

After a while, Ambrose said grumpily, "Dad, I'm on a date with Sophia tonight. Can't you talk to her next time?" Every time he went out with Sophia, Colin would be there. Ambrose just wanted to spend some time alone with Sophia, but Colin kept ruining their dates.

Colin wiped his hands with a warm wet towel. "I just want to bond with my future daughter-in-law. I want to know if she's good enough for you."

... Sophia started coughing. She rubbed her chest as she tried to clear her throat. Sophia had choked on her juice when she heard what Colin said.

Ambrose immediately jumped off his seat and ran to Sophia, patting her back in comfort. "Sophia, you shouldn't drink too fast. Were

red her mouth as she tried to stifle her giggles.

Colin would've admonished Ambrose, but since he made Sophia laugh, Colin decided to cut him some slack this time. After all, Ambrose was still a child.

When Colin picked up another piece of fish and tried to feed Sophia again, Sophia winked at Ambrose. Once again, he ate the fish from Colin's chopsticks.

Colin was aware of their trick and pretended to be angry about it. He stared at the cunning boy in discontent. "Ambrose, can you stop that? Eat your dinner."

Ambrose blinked innocently at him. "That's what I'm doing, I'm eating dinner. Right, Sophia?"

Sophia agreed with a sweet smile. "Of course. Brody is so well-behaved. Come here and let me see if you've enough or not."

Ambrose deliberately held his breath to make his stomach bulge. Sophia touched his stomach and said dramatically, "Wow! Your tummy is so big. It looks like a big watermelon!"

Sophia's teasing made Ambrose giggle. "Do you like watermelon? I can buy you a big one!"

"Yes, I love watermelon!" Thinking it was a joke, Sophia answered without thinking.

But Ambrose had already kept her preference in mind.

Colin looked at them with a smile. Their interactions made him feel warm. He had made a good decision, following them here. They were having a good time, like a family...

After dinner, Sophia went to the bathroom to wash her hands before they left the restaurant.

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