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   Chapter 198 Delaying Tactics

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Sophia toyed with her food on the plate as she mulled over the question she had been meaning to ask all evening. She looked up every now and then to the silent man sitting opposite her. Finally, she broke the silence. "Colin, you knew I wasn't the woman in the video, didn't you?"

The chopsticks Colin was holding went still. "Eat first."

"..." Sophia slammed her chopsticks on the table and shot up from her seat. "I'm done!"

As she was about to walk out of the dining room, the man behind her demanded coldly, "Come back!"

Ignoring it, she walked straight to the living room to grab her purse and headed for the door. From the dining room, Colin raised his voice, "Think about Ambrose."

Colin suddenly felt sorry for himself. He needed his son to stop Sophia from walking away from him.

To his relief, Sophia stopped in her tracks. Looking angrily at Colin, who didn't even bother to turn and face her, she said spitefully, "Ambrose is Dorothy's son. Since I hate her, I wouldn't care if I don't see her child anymore!"

Though Sophia said she didn't care, she didn't take another step.

She couldn't bear the thought of not seeing the boy anymore.

Just thinking about it made her feel awful.

"Who told you he's Dorothy's son?" Colin finally looked over to Sophia, who was obviously upset.

"He's not? Don't tell me you have another woman! I'll despise you even more! Isn't Brody three years old? That means you were having an affair when you were still with me. Was it while I was pregnant?" She clearly remembered Colin telling her that he wasn't having an affair.

But now, it seemed the lie had been exposed. How was he going to defend himself now?

"Come back and eat your dinner!" Colin insisted.

Sophia glared at him. "To hell with dinner, I'm sick of your attitude! I'm not eating!" She flung her purse back on the sofa and sat down with her arms crossed in front of her chest, fuming.

Sophia decided to stay for Ambrose's sake. But that was all she was going to do. She wouldn't give in to Colin.

"Aren't you going to finish your dinner?" Colin added some fresh fish on Sophia's plate.

"No!" Sophia refused loudly. She had made up her mind not to go back to the table.

Colin put down his chopsticks. "If you don't want to eat, that's fine. But you've spoiled my appetite and I'm still hungry. Since things didn't go well on the dinner table, maybe I should satisfy my hunger in bed."

Sophia gaped. Colin made it sound like it wasn't a big deal, like he was just talking about something as trivial as the weather.

He stood up from the chair. Sophia hurriedly jumped out of the sofa and walked briskly into the dining room. "If Mr. Li is still hungry, let's eat some more!"

She sat down and quickly stuffed several bites of fish into her mouth. Then she looked up at Colin with a false smile. "Yum! You should try it too, Mr. Li."

Internally, she cursed Colin for using Ambrose against her. Was she really so easy to manipulate? Considering what just transpired, it seemed she's a very susceptible person. Or she wouldn't have come back for dinner.

Colin sat back down and resumed his dinner. He ate slowly, as if he had all the time in the world. If not for Sophia, he would be working at this hour.

They finished dinner without saying another word. When Sophia said she wanted to leave, Colin glanced at her and said, "I'll answer all your questions if you stay."

Eager for answers, Sophia followed him into the bedroom... and into the bathroom.

After taking a bath with Colin, she lay tiredly on the bed. Clearing her burning throat, she asked, "When did you find out I wasn't the woman in the video?"

Colin turned off the bedside lamp and put his phone away. "If you still have the st

rength to ask questions, it only means you haven't had enough!"

He pressed his lips to Sophia's to stop any further questions.

"Ahhh!" Sophia felt trapped. No matter what she did, listening to him or going against his will... She would always end up doing what Colin wanted. She never imagined sleeping with her ex-husband, who was about to get married to another woman. Yet she did, again and again.

It had only been a week, but Colin made love to her as if he hadn't seen her for years and he wanted to make every moment count. It wasn't until dawn that he finally released Sophia, who was on the verge of losing consciousness.

Sophia was exhausted. She didn't have the strength to lift her finger, let alone ask questions. When she woke up in the afternoon, Colin was long gone. He was probably working at the company right now. She had lost her chance to ask him about the video.

She immediately shot up from the bed. She had completely missed work!

She jumped out of bed and staggered into the living room to look for her cell phone. It wasn't there. Looking around, she found it on the table. She wondered who had placed it there.

But she didn't have time to think about that. She reached for the phone and tried to unlock it, but it was turned off.

She quickly turned the phone on and the screen lit up. It was almost three o'clock in the afternoon!

She immediately called Hugh. "Sophia, how are you? Are you feeling any better?"

"Huh?" Sophia was puzzled by the question. "Feeling better?"

"Didn't you run into a gang of thugs last night? You must be terrified! You sound hoarse. Did they scare you?" Poor Hugh! He had no idea what had happened that night, and he was worried about her. He found out about the incident when Sophia's assistant asked for a sick leave on her behalf. He immediately called her afterwards, but her phone was turned off.

Er.... Her throat was hoarse because of Colin, not because of an encounter with some thugs! Sophia rubbed her forehead. Unable to think of anything to say, she decided to go along with it. "Yes, I'm much better now. I was wondering... Is it okay if I don't go to work today?"

"Yes, that's fine. Take your time and rest, I'll go and see you after work!" Hugh could sense that there was something wrong with Sophia, but he couldn't figure it out.

Remembering that she was in Colin's apartment, Sophia hurriedly shook her head. "I'm fine, Hugh! There's really no need to come and see me. I'll go to work tomorrow!"

Hugh paused. "All right. Please call me if you needed anything!"

"I will. Bye, Hugh."

...... Sophia hung up, wondering who had asked the day off for her.

Since she didn't have to worry about work, she walked to the bedroom and went back to sleep. When she woke up again, it was dark outside.

There were several missed calls on her phone. She slept so soundly that she didn't hear them.

Two were from Wendy, and four were from Wade.

She called Wendy first. "Auntie, I'm sorry I didn't hear your calls."

"That's all right. Actually, Brody was the one who called you. Come here, Brody. Sophia's on the phone!" Wendy called his grandson who was on his way upstairs.

Ambrose was feeling down. But as soon as he heard Sophia had called, his eyes lit up with excitement. In a few strides, he ran down the stairs and grabbed the phone from Wendy. "Sophia, why didn't you answer my calls? Don't you love me anymore?"

Sophia chuckled in amusement at his antics. "Of course Aunt Sophia loves you! I'm sorry I didn't hear your phone calls. Please don't be mad at me, okay?"

"All right! Because I love you very much, I won't get angry!" The boy replied proudly. In a different tone, he said, "Sophia, let's have dinner tonight. My treat!"

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