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   Chapter 197 An Attempt to Murder Her

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Once she stopped the car, she could make out what was flying at her. These could not be. But yes, they were... bullets after bullets.

Fortunately, her car windows were bulletproof. Could a cheap car actually be bulletproof? Sophia could not believe it herself. The bullets could not get through the windows. So yes, her car windows were definitely bulletproof.

Having encountered her first assassination ever, she was out of her wits. Suddenly, her phone started ringing.

Startled, she hastily fished out her phone from her handbag. Colin's name flashed on the screen.

She answered the phone. Her voice was trembling with fear. "Colin..., " she said.

From the other side came a calm voice. "Stay right in your car and lock it. Don't worry and don't get scared. I am on my way, " said Colin.

Wondering how he knew what was happening, Sophia immediately locked the door. "Done... Now?" She looked to the direction from which the bullets were coming. She could only see darkness.

"Protect yourself, Sophia. Call the police. We will be there in about ten minutes." Colin and Grit, who had picked him from the airport, were driving towards Sophia.


Holding the phone even after it was hung up, Sophia drew deep and and out... Feeling slightly better, she dialed 110.

The minute the call was over, she felt something hard bang against her car. Suddenly, a man appeared from nowhere. Terribly frightened, Sophia stared at him, her mouth dry and heart pounding.

As it was typical of a gangster, this man was also covered in black from head to toe. He was holding a machine gun and trying to smash the car window with it.

Sophia cowered in fear. She could vaguely make out the words that the man was roaring. "Come out, right now, " he said gesticulating wildly with the gun in his hands.

What do I do? Oh God! What do I do? Sophia thought covering her head with her hands. Suddenly Colin's words came back to her, "Protect yourself." How could she protect herself?

She checked to ensure that the car was locked properly. It was. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Just then, the man hit the rear window hard. Instinctively, Sophia's eyes checked the glass in the rear view mirror. Still intact...

In less than a minute, three men showed up. Sophia could s

er up by her waist and took her to the bedroom. "Rest Sophia. You need it. I will have your dinner delivered." Since it was late for cooking, Sophia was glad to have the dinner delivered.

Sophia reached out and held Colin's hand. She pulled herself up. "Colin, I won't force you to answer right now, but...I just wanted to know...if... there was any possibility of us getting back together, " she asked, looking deep into his eyes. How she wished he would give her some hope... Let her know in some way that he was still loving her and that they could still be together.

He hung back and took her fair, soft hand into his hand. He then calmly said, "How dare you think of leaving me!" He gently pinched her ring finger, which was naked.

She once wore their wedding ring on this finger but not now. He didn't like to see her finger without the ring. It filled him with a dull ache.

Feeling the slight pain, Sophia wanted to pull back her hand, but Colin had a strong grip. "Where is the ring?" he asked.

"Eh? Oh! I put it back in the drawer in your villa." She timidly said when she realized what he was asking.

She had put both the rings Colin had given her into the jewel case when she was turned out by Herring.

Colin let go of her hand and silently went out of the bedroom.


Looking at his receding figure, Sophia thought that Colin was a bit... mysterious and unfathomable.

The takeout was soon delivered. Actually, Wade had got the food packed himself from a restaurant nearby and had it delivered to Redbud Mansion.

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