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   Chapter 196 Someone Will Back You up

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"They ruined my marriage and treated my wife badly. So I'll make sure that the Lian family and Jonas disappear from A Country!"

Wade shivered when he heard the anger and determination in Colin's voice. He had been with Colin for many years, but he had no idea that he could be so ruthless.

"Yes, " he answered.

Colin stubbed out the cigarette he was smoking and said, "Well, if Sophia has any problems in the police station, you should secretly help her."

"Yes, Boss Li! I get it!" Hearing Wade's confirmation, Colin disconnected the phone. Wade let out a sigh of relief and silently raised his head to look at the sky, wondering why he wasn't a woman.

Colin, Daniel, Levi, Herring... If any of these powerful men had fallen in love with him, he would be very happy!

Shaking his head and coming back to reality, he called up Sophia.

Sophia had a lot of work pending, so she was working overtime when she received Wade's call.

"Hello! Mr. Ji!" Sophia rubbed her eyes and looked at the watch. It was nearly 1:00 am.

Wade was in America. When he heard Sophia's tired voice, he realized that it must be after midnight where Sophia lived. "I'm so sorry to trouble you so late at night, Sophia, " Wade said.

"It's all right, Mr. Ji. I hadn't slept yet. What's the matter?" she asked. She packed up her documents and planned to go home.

"Two days ago, I had gone to Song'an County for business. When I came back at midnight, I came across a person..."

Sophia was wide-eyed when she heard the words "Song'an County" and "a person".

Song'an County was Sandy Zhou's hometown and Sandy was the maid who had identified her as the murderer. Sophia had been looking for her for a long time.

"Mr. Ji, who did you meet?" Sophia could not hide her excitement. If it was Sandy then she could prove that she hadn't done those things and was innocent.

Wade silently sighed. "I heard the others call her Sandy Zhou. Then I remembered that Boss Li and you were looking for her. Sophia, are you still looking for her?"

Sophia actually believed everything he said. "Oh yes, I am. Now... No, tomorrow I'll go to Song'an County to meet her, " s


Besides, Colin now supported Dorothy. I can try my best to put Dorothy behind bars, however I can't decide how long she would stay in the prison.'

Sophia picked up her things and went to the parking lot. She got inside her car and drove home.

When she was waiting for Wade to come back, she had finally figured out what she should do. She decided to get even with Dorothy this time!

Though there was no guarantee how long Dorothy will be kept behind bars, she could tell everyone what Dorothy had done so that she would be totally humiliated. Besides, Dorothy was about to marry soon. So, this would be an excellent gift for her!

As for Colin... He shouldn't blame Sophia, As he was planning to marry her enemy. After she put Dorothy into prison, she... would pursue Colin and marry him as compensation.

Sophia quickly shook her head when she realized that she was thinking too high of herself. 'Colin would never accept me if I made a move on him.

But if I get a chance, I will definitely ask him about the person who has been helping me. Is it him or Wade?' she thought. 'I hope it is Colin.'

Some days later

Sophia was driving home as usual. After she left the company's parking lot, something suddenly hit her car window.

The loud noise from the window startled Sophia. Then there was one loud noise after another. Scared, she quickly switched on the turn signal and pulled up her car by the roadside.

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