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   Chapter 195 Just the Beginning

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Colin pulled down the covers, revealing Sophia's doubtful look. "Aren't you leaving?"

Colin sat at the edge of the bed. "Do you remember what I told you?"

"You've told me a lot of things. How am I supposed to know what you mean? Besides, why do I have to remember it? Who do you think you are?" Sophia met his unhappy eyes. What was he upset about? She was the one who was upset! Why did he keep doing things like this? He kept having sex with her regardless of how she felt.

Could she only be his mistress?

Colin didn't get angry at her words. Fondling the hickey on her collarbone, he said, "Don't marry anyone else. You're mine."

'You're mine.' The simple words made Sophia's heart soar.

But... He was only saying that. Sophia couldn't be with him in public. She wasn't even his girlfriend. She was no longer a girl easily swayed with sweet talk. "If you don't love me, why won't you let me go?"

Colin didn't answer her question. Standing up, he looked at the balcony outside the window with his hand in his pocket. "Sophia, things aren't as simple as you think."

That was all he could say for now. She was too young and naive. Everything seemed very simple in her mind.

"..." After Colin finished speaking, he picked up the luggage and walked out of the apartment.

Sophia was stumped as she stared at the closed door in a daze. What did he mean by that?

Things were more complicated than she thought? What was so complicated?

Sophia snapped out of her daze when she heard the sound of the door being locked. She set aside her thoughts and picked up the phone beside her. Somehow, her phone had been turned off. Turning it on, she quickly sat up in bed. It was past 7:00 a.m.

She could end up late!

But... She needed to make time to see a doctor. Colin hadn't used a condom. What if she got the syphilis? If she found out early, she could treat it early.

Sophia went to the hospital at lunch. Seeing the negative results, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, everything was normal. But she still needed to take a pill every time they had sex, since Colin never used the condom.

In C Country.

It was past 9 p.m. when Colin and Daniel concluded their business.

They walked out of the conference room together. Daniel glanced at Colin and invited him out. "Let's have dinner, you can stay at my place."

Colin shook his head. "I don't want to trouble you and your family. I can stay at a hotel."

"I can ask Spark to drive you to the Rose Hotel." Daniel always kept a reserved room for himself. It had complete facilities and was very convenient.

Colin didn't refuse him this time. "Okay."

It was almost midnight when Colin arrived at the Rose Hotel. He got a phone call from Wade right after he checked in. "Yes."

"Sir, we've found the maid."

Colin's eyes lit up as he closed the door. "Where?"

"We spotted her right after she got back to the village yesterday." Wade replied truthfully. Colin never stopped looking for the maid after all these years.

Even when he got divorced with Sophia, he never gave up.

"Take her away!" Colin ordered decisively.

"Yes, sir. There are also other people looking for her. One of them is Dorothy, and the other one is... Sophia." Though Sophia hadn't changed much, she spent a lot of time and resou

rces to look for the maid. Just to prove her innocence.

Colin paused for a while before he came to a decision. "Tell Sophia where the maid is."

Wade wasn't shocked. After all, Colin did all this for Sophia's sake. "Yes, sir."

"Tell Sophia that the maid has been found. Let her figure out the truth and make up for the lost three years." And their lost happiness.

Wade paused. "Yes, sir."

"Tell her that she's free to do whatever she wants to find out the truth. If something goes wrong, someone will back her up. Tell her not to worry about it." He would stand by her side through everything.

Wade's heart softened. Colin really loved Sophia so much... Wade hesitated to say, "Sir, why not tell her you're helping her?"

Sophia was easily moved. She'd be so touched by Colin's actions that she would want to get back together with him...

Colin didn't mind telling Wade the reason. "When we were still together, someone threatened her with her father's life. Now, they can threaten her with something else."

It's not that Colin was afraid of the mastermind, but he was worried about Sophia. Even if he hired dozens of bodyguards to protect her, there's no guarantee that her safety wouldn't be put at risk.

The only thing he could do now was... Completely wipe out the enemy.

"Okay... Sir, what about the wedding? Is it still on?"

Picking up the cigarette case, Colin pulled out a stick and lit it. He took a drag and replied, "Yes."

Wade was speechless for a while. "Sir, are you actually marrying Dorothy?"

Colin loved Sophia very much, but it seemed he loved her in the wrong way...

"What am I hiring you for? Are you really just going to attend my wedding and watch me getting married?"

"..." Wade didn't understand what Colin meant. How was he supposed to reply? Should he... Put a stop to it?

"As things are, the wedding is still on. But you can have someone create a disturbance during the wedding and expose Dorothy." If he needed to marry Dorothy in order to destroy her, he would do it.

Wade paused skeptically. "Sir, I still don't understand..." Colin could just refuse to marry Dorothy and call off the wedding.

Colin could understand Wade's confusion. "What do you think is the most important thing for a woman? No, what do you think is the most important thing for a woman like Dorothy?"

Colin continued without waiting for Wade's response, "Fortune, power, and reputation... I won't let her have any of those. I'm going to completely ruin her at the wedding."

Colin's words were filled with strong contempt.

To his knowledge, the Lien family was so ashamed of Payne's family background that they didn't even hold a wedding.

A woman's scandal would ruin her reputation for life. If Dorothy were to be exposed on her wedding day, the most important day of her life... And he called off the wedding... How would she feel about everything?

If Sophia did find out the truth and was able to turn Dorothy in successfully...Well... Not that he was being arrogant, but it really wasn't that difficult to break Dorothy down.

Maybe then, Dorothy would understand the pains that had been inflicted on Sophia when she sent Sophia to prison, indirectly caused the death of her grandma and put her to premature labor.

It was just the beginning...

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