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   Chapter 194 Sooner or Later

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The only response Sophia got was the loud slamming of the door.

Hugh stopped Colin from opening the door of the driver's seat. "Colin, Sophia and I are getting married."


Holding the door handle, Colin turned around with an incredulous look. One tended to speak in a lower voice when his heart was breaking. "What did you just say?"

Seldom seeing Colin like this, Hugh repeated with mixed feelings, "We'll get married soon after you marry Dorothy."

Inside the car, Sophia heard every word Hugh said, but had no intention of refuting it.

Firmly clutching the handle, Colin looked into the distance with gritted teeth. Get married? Sophia was going to marry someone else!

Good for you, Sophia!

"I won't permit it!" Having said that, he got into the car and hit the accelerator hard, speeding out of the estate.

Hugh thought about going after them but found it quite unnecessary when he started the car.

He'd better leave them alone. If the two could reconcile, it would be the best ending.

Sophia and Colin.

He wished them both happiness.

In the speeding black Bentley, Sophia tightly held the handle above her in fear. "Can you slow down? I feel sick..."

But Colin didn't seem to hear her, and kept driving at the same speed.

The car finally pulled over when Sophia was about to throw up.

After recovering from the motion sickness, she found herself in a strange place. Where was she?

Click! The lighter snapped. Sitting silently on the driver's seat, Colin played with his lighter.

The flame died, and he flicked it again.

This went on for dozens of times without a word. Running out of patience, Sophia opened the door and got off.

Colin threw the lighter to the storage compartment and followed after her.

While Sophia was looking around, Colin pulled her into Building 6 of Redbud Mansion without a word.

Sophia saw him press the 8 button inside the elevator. Floor 8, Building 6.

It occurred to her that the house Colin bought downtown three years ago was also on the 8th floor of Building 6.

Colin opened the door and turned the lights on. Seeing the interior design, Sophia became certain that this was the same house. She had picked everything out with Colin.

Both of them didn't say a word.

While Sophia stood silently in the living room, Colin sat on the couch. He folded his legs and put his right hand on the armrest, tapping it causally.

"What's the matter?" Feeling uncomfortable, Sophia only wanted to sleep.

Colin diverted his attention to her face and said indifferently, "Are you getting married?"

"Yes!" If he can get married, why can't she?

To tell the truth, she had to think twice about marrying Hugh.

She didn't love him, nor did she want to hurt him.

"Good." Colin stopped his tapping and rose from the couch. Walking towards Sophia, he stopped in front of her.

What did he mean by that? Looking right into his eyes, Sophia recognized his rage.

Despite the spacious room, the close distance between them made the atmosphere extremely intimate. Sophia's heart skipped a b

eat. "If there's nothing else, I'm going to leave."

When she turned around, Colin caught her wrist. In the next moment, she was engulfed in a warm embrace.

Feeling his warm breath on her ear, she couldn't help shivering. Colin said softly, "Don't you wanna see my son anymore?"

What did it have to do with seeing Ambrose?

"If you want to see him, don't marry Hugh. If not, then... I'll tell Ambrose that you deserted him." Colin raised her chin and gazed at her cheeks, flushed from the wine.

Sophia gritted her teeth with anger. Didn't this bastard forbid her from seeing Ambrose? Now he's threatening her with the boy!

"Colin, do you intend to have a foot in both camps?" Sweet talking to Dorothy while keeping his hold on her, did he want to have it all?

He gave her a swift kiss. "Yes!"

... He actually admitted it! She slapped his hand away in anger. "In your dreams!"

"Sophia, even if we're not together, you can't marry another man!" She could only be his. She would be his sooner or later!

Sophia spat, "You're sick!"

With a gloomy look, Colin didn't respond and rubbed her red lips with his fingers. "You dared let another man kiss you. You'll pay for this!"

Sophia has never met such an overbearing and unreasonable man.

Remembering something, she took a deep breath and said, "Colin, what the hell do you take me for? Three years ago, you knew I wasn't the person in that video. Why did you still do that to me?"

Keeping his finger on her lips, a complicated emotion flashed in his eyes. Suddenly pulling her into his arms, Colin held her head and kissed her.

Sophia had no choice but to stand on her tiptoes and accept the kiss. But her question remained unanswered. Sophia tried to push him away but Colin locked her in his arms, restricting her movements.

Maybe she was too drunk, or she was too caught up in the temptation. Before she knew it, Sophia fell into Colin's bed...

When Sophia woke up, it was already daytime. Colin was neatly dressed and ready to leave.

Looking at the man putting on his watch took Sophia back to the past.

It resembled the days before their divorce...

Colin said casually, "I have a business trip today, I'm off to catch the flight. Don't forget to eat breakfast."

Sophia stared at his handsome face in silence. Colin cast her a look and said, "Playing dead?"


"Or is your throat too sore from screaming last night?"

"..." A pillow flew from Sophia's side but Colin caught it deftly and threw it back to the bed.

Sophia would throw more pillows, but she didn't have the strength. Glaring at him furiously, Sophia covered herself with the blanket and ignored him.

Walking towards the bed, Colin smiled in amusement at the woman hidden under the sheets.

Just as he was about to pull down the blanket, Colin's phone rang. "Yes?"

Not knowing what was happening, Sophia could only hear Colin refuse indifferently, "No. Mind your own business. I'll handle it."

The call ended. Sophia couldn't figure out who Colin was talking to, but she could sense his aversion.

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