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   Chapter 193 Hugh's Kiss

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Colin was so affectionate that Dorothy forgot to complain about Sophia.

Sophia felt her emotions flare up. She found that whenever she saw Colin, she couldn't keep her head. Controlling her emotions in front of the crowd, she turned around and went out.

Hugh kept reminding her that she should give up on Colin, but she never did. It seems he was right, it was time for her to let go...

Outside the office, Sophia got into Hugh's car. The car slowly drove away. Depressed, she asked in a low voice, "Can we go for a drink? Hugh?"

"Okay." Hugh turned the car around and headed for the Cruise Ship No. 8.

They found a table in the hall on the sixth floor. To drown her sorrows, Sophia ordered a Manhattan Cocktail. Since Hugh had to drive afterwards, he ordered a non-alcoholic drink.

The lead singer onstage was a famous local singer who was specially invited. He sang an emotional rendition of Zhaodu's "Chengdu."

After taking a sip of the Manhattan Cocktail the waiter brought, Sophia began to listen to the singer with her hands cupping her cheeks. "Someday, we'll celebrate goodbye in our memories. The weeping willows in late autumn plant a bittersweet kiss my forehead. How can I forget the town where we used to meet? You are the one I will never forget..."

As Sophia listened to the singer on the stage with rapt attention, Hugh looked at her intently.

"Hugh, do I really have no chance with Colin?" Sophia asked after the song ended.

Hugh contemplated for a moment, staring deeply at Sophia. "No."

They had a child together, Colin may not be looking for a stepmother.

Hearing the answer, Sophia laid her eyes on Hugh as she grew nervous with anticipation. "Is there a reason?"

The anticipation flickering in Sophia's eyes made Hugh smile bitterly. He nodded as he suggested, "You need to cultivate your relationship with Brody."

Brody... Sophia smiled sadly as she took another sip from her glass. "Colin doesn't want me to approach him!"

He even went to her to personally warn her twice because she was so close to Ambrose.

"Don't think about Colin, we're talking about you and Brody."

She didn't know if she should follow Hugh's advice, she was afraid... She didn't even know what she was afraid of. She was just afraid.

When Sophia got her third drink, Hugh stopped her. "This is the last one. Don't forget that you just got out of the hospital!"

Sophia muttered with a wry smile, "Nobody would care if I got into the hospital." Not only did Colin not care about her, he blatantly showed off his affections for someone else in front of her.

Hugh stared at her helplessly. "Sophia, listen to me."

"Hmm?" A little tipsy, she looked up at him in a daze.

"I'll be heartbroken if you get sent to the hospital." He told her emphatically, word for word.

Hearing this, Sophia's mind cleared up a bit. "Thank you, Hugh..." She nearly forgot that she still had a family and Hugh who cared about her.

After drinking the last of her wine, Sophia rose from her seat and took a deep breath. "Let's go!"

But after taking a step, she stumbled from the dizziness.

The Manhattan Cocktail was highly-concentrated alcohol. Hugh sighed as he helped Sophia walk outside.

Settling her on the passenger seat, Hugh buckled her seatbelt and drove in the direction of her home.

Sophia closed her tired eyes and leaned back on the chair. Her head was in a mess.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at Sophia's house. Parking the car downstairs, Hugh got off the driver's seat and walked around to the other side.

He u

nbuckled Sophia's seatbelt and gently woke her up. "Sophia, we've arrived at your house."

Sophia opened her eyes, realizing she fell asleep on the way home.

Feeling dizzy, she slowly got out of the car. She accidentally fell forward. Hugh quickly caught her to keep her from falling to the ground.

Because of the accident, Sophia's forehead hit Hugh's lips.

Looking at her flushed face, Hugh was struck by a thought. The dim streetlights gave off an ambiguous atmosphere, and Hugh could't help lowering his head and kissing her red lips...

For the first time, Hugh kissed Sophia.

A black Bentley was parked nearby. Colin sat at the Bentley's driver's seat, with a lit cigarette between his fingers. Through the rearview mirror, he could see the reflected image of the kissing couple clearly.

He felt as if a cat was scratching at his heart. Narrowing his eyes, Colin put the cigarette into the ashtray of the car and opened the door.

Sophia was in shock. Her eyes widened as she stared at the man kissing her.

What... Hugh... Kissed her.

What should she do? What could she do? Sophia was a bit dazed for a while, and her head was still dizzy. She didn't know what to do...

No! She did't like Hugh that way. She raised her hands to push him away.

But before she could push Hugh away, she heard a familiar voice. "Let her go!"

Sophia was even more shocked to hear Colin's voice coming from the side. Her disoriented head sobered up a bit.

Instead of letting her go, Hugh held her tighter and deepened the kiss..

Colin couldn't bear it any longer and harshly separated the two. In the next instant, the two men were fighting.

Sophia looked at the two fighting men in a daze. Colin gripped Hugh's collar with a grim expression on his face. Simultaneously, Hugh tugged at Colin's clothes with his hands.

The two men glared at each other with intense anger in their eyes.

But they were still brothers, they stopped fighting.

"Colin, you have nothing to do with Sophia anymore." Hugh coldly reminded Colin that he was out of line.

Colin's expression changed from ferocious to somber, before finally turning calm. "Who said I had nothing to do with her? I was here the other night!"

Hugh wasn't an idiot, he definitely knew what Colin meant.

He gritted his teeth in anger. "Why are you treating Sophia this way when you're getting married?"

Sophia tried to pull herself together, but she was so drunk that her legs wobbled and she fell down to her knees after taking a few steps.



The two men rushed to Sophia at the same time, but Colin pushed Hugh's hand aside and took Sophia in his arms.

Sophia rubbed her aching knees and pushed Colin away. "I'm fine. Hugh, let's go home!"

Colin's eyes were full of anger. He couldn't believe Sophia dared to do this to him!

"Okay." Holding Sophia, Hugh moved to bring her to her house.

Colin peered up at the sky irritably with his hands on hips, and closed his eyes tightly. In a few seconds, he quickly caught up with them, pulling Sophia away and striding to his car.

"Let her go! Colin!" Hugh immediately followed.

Colin pulled Sophia behind him and confronted Hugh. "It's between the two of us. You and Herring know me better than anyone else. No one can take her away from me. Don't make unnecessary trouble!"

His words held a lot of meaning. While Hugh was puzzling over his words, Colin arranged Sophia in the backseat of his car.

Sophia shook her head as she tried to wake herself up. "Colin, let me go. I want to go home!"

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