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   Chapter 192 She Dumped Me

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"Mom! What's the matter? You are shaking." Dorothy followed and anxiously looked at her angry mother.

Marcella said nothing. She didn't even have the strength to speak right now. She was thinking who might have known about the fact that she was afraid of black cats. She rarely told that to someone.

"Mom, do you think it was the bitch Sophia Lo who sent you the black cat? My instinct tells me that she was behind this." Dorothy's words reminded her mother of something. It seemed that Sophia Lo knew her secret fear about cats.

"I'll investigate into this and if I find out that Sophia Lo did it, I will kill her!" Marcella gnashed her teeth in anger as she was blurting out these words.

Dorothy sensed right away that her mother was extremely exasperated. So she became angry too. "Mom, I'll go find her at once. I won't let her slip away!"

Marcella hurriedly grabbed her daughter by the hand and said, "Stop it! Today is my birthday! It is not the right time. I want this night to be happy and joyful."

"Mom, you don't have to be afraid of her now, for she and Colin have got divorced already. Thus, Colin won't help her anymore. She has nothing! At present, she can only get some support from Hugh. You know Hugh is the son of Uncle Pei and he has always had a good relationship with us." At that moment, the only thing Dorothy wanted to do was to give Sophia Lo a lesson. A really harsh and brutal lesson.

Damn it! How dare Sophia Lo come to her home and steal her thunder?

"listen to me! Don't cause any trouble right now. Do this for your mother. These things should be planned carefully. I don't want our image to be ruined." Marcella was older so she was more mature than her daughter, especially in handling pressure and issues.

But Dorothy still insisted. After letting go of her hand, she made a promise to her mother, "I got it. Mom, please quickly dress yourself up again. The dinner is about to begin."

Meanwhile, Sophia knew she has already succeeded in her mission. She asked Hugh, "Can we go before the party ends?"

Hugh took a look at the people in the hall and said, "Of course we can. Let's say goodbye to Mr. Lien. Do you want to go home already? Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

Gregary was talking something about business matters with Colin and some other CEOs at that time. It was a good chance for him and he must grab it right away.

Hugh walked next to Gregary and said, "Excuse me, sir! I must go now because I need to handle some important affairs. I had a very good time and this party really relieved me of my stress this week!"

Gregary took a quick glance at Sophia, then finally fixed his eyes on Hugh. "Of course. Let me do the honor of walking you out the gate. I hope both of you had a good time."

"No, don't bother, Mr. Lien. Thank you! Please do enjoy the rest of the night."

With Colin standing beside him, Gregary didn't insist anymore. He just watched Hugh and Sophia Lo walk towards the gate of his villa.

When they were about to get out, Sophia was stopped on her tracks by a yell. "Sophia Lo!"

She turned back and found Dorothy rushing towards her in anger.

Sophia turned around and tried not to have her emotions affected by her. Then she calmly looked at Dorothy and thought, 'Well, they are pretty good! Smart girl! She has guessed that what happened earlier to her mother was my work!'

Dorothy originally planned to lash out her anger at Sophia right here and right now. But when she saw so many distinguished guests near them, she said in a low voice. "Follow me to the backyard! Now."

Sophia just smirked. "I am busy! Sorry for not keeping you company. I have to go right now. Enjoy the rest of the party." Then she held Hugh's arm and continued to make their way outside.

As they were about a step outside the gates, Dorothy screamed, "Sophia Lo, you bought that cat, didn't you?"

Sophia didn't respond but just gracefully continued walking.

"Sophia Lo, you are such a bitch!" Dorothy was so angry that she did not hesitate to use such abusive word. Upon hearing what Dorothy just said, several women were filled with bewilderment.

Hugh stopped and coldly looked at Dorothy. In an attempt to clear out Sophia's name, he said, "Miss Lien, how can you make such a gaffe?.Your behavior would bring disgrace on your family!"

Dorothy was surprised as she did not expect Hugh to be this protective of Sophia. It was not until then did she notice the distinguished guests were talking beside them.

She changed her ex

pression and walked to Sophia once again. For the sake of saving face, Dorothy whispered, "Sophia Lo, today is my mother's birthday. How can you cause trouble here?"

"What? I kindheartedly sent a gift to her. How can you tell I was the one causing trouble? Are you sure about this? In fact, a pet is a thoughtful gift, right?" Sophia Lo was not trying to hide what she did.

After hearing Sophia's words, Dorothy was so angry that the expression on her face turned sour. She impulsively raised her right hand and intended to slap the woman in front of her. But Hugh stepped in between them right at that moment and he coldly warned Dorothy, "Miss Lien, please control yourself. Don't compel me to do something offensive to you! Stop this right now."

Hugh's face was so close to Dorothy right now, and she thought he was really a handsome man! In order to compete with Sophia, she paid all her attention on Payne in the past. Maybe she was wrong on doing that. It didn't work. It was not until Payne left did Dorothy realize that there were so many excellent gentlemen who were more handsome than him.

Such as Colin and Hugh... Why should both of them love Sophia? What did they both see in this ugly and stupid woman?

Her face got even uglier because of the jealousy she was feeling. Despite of the crowd around them, she told Hugh in an eccentric tone, "Mr. Pei, don't be cheated by this woman. She simultaneously had sexual intercourse with two men before she got divorced. Colin dumped her for a reason. Please don't turn a blind eye on her past. You'll regret being with her, I'm telling you."

Her real meaning was easy to get. That was to warn Hugh not to choose Sophia as his girlfriend. Another war was set to begin between Dorothy and Sophia.

Before Hugh could even say a single word, Sophia chuckled and retorted, "Miss Lien, as for Payne and Colin, please keep in mind the fact that I actually dumped them. Only when I dumped them did you get the chance to have a relationship with them. What does that say about you? Plus, I am the one who dumped Colin, not the other way around!"

It was her who first brought up the subject of divorce, and Colin never wanted it that time. Anyhow, she understood it that way. She glanced at the man behind Dorothy. Then ignoring Dorothy's unhappy face, she continued, "I think I must correct you about one more fact. That is, before I got divorced with Colin, I never had any affairs with other men. Instead, I was really worried about you. You know why? For you had been infected with syphilis at such a young age!"

"Sophia Lo!" Dorothy sputtered in utter dismay and frustration. As soon as her private life was exposed in public, Dorothy completely lost her patience. She threw herself upon Sophia in a harsh attempt to physically teach her a lesson.

But before she could hurt Sophia, Hugh shoved her, showing no mercy at all for the woman. Because she was wearing heels, Dorothy failed to keep her balance and stumbled to the ground. She could hear some people laughing at her.

It was precisely under that circumstances when Dorothy saw Colin ready to leave the hall. At that moment, Dorothy immediately changed her expression into a pitiful one. She sadly looked at Colin and said, "Colin, This woman right here has bullied me and my mother!" She exclaimed while pointing a finger at Sophia.

With a hint of irony in his eyes, Colin reluctantly walked to Dorothy and gently helped her up.

With Colin's help, Dorothy stood up and coyly looked at him. Surely, there was no doubt that the woman Colin loved was her! It was such a sweet gesture!

Before Colin could speak up, Dorothy arrogantly pointed at Sophia and said, "Colin, she bullied me and also boasted that she dumped you..."

"Well, that's the truth. She was the one who dumped me." Colin replied casually.

All the people were surprised at his words. Dorothy felt embarrassed and stunned as she stood still, utterly speechless.

Sophia was also surprised. Her heart was beating rapidly and her mind was running in circles. How could Colin still care about her? He just saved her integrity and in the process, he tarnished his own image.

But just a moment later, all the deep emotions in her eyes vanished because of what Colin said...

"Only after she dumped me did I have the chance to meet you, Dorothy. The love of my life." He looked affectionately at Dorothy, which made every woman present in the hall envious and jealous. Sophia was deeply hurt as tears welled up in her eyes.

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