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   Chapter 191 Chop It!

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"Well, I'll keep my mouth shut then. Dorothy, you can stay with your mom. I'll have a gentleman talk with Colin first." They seem to be a real family. Their interaction was admirable and it was obvious that they knew each other very well.

Colin handed over the present to Marcella and then went with Gregary to meet several businessmen.

As Sophia and Hugh were talking rather seriously with the general manager of Ji Clan, Colin and Gregary came over to them. They stood together in a circle.

"Are Mr. Pei and Mr. Li old friends? Looks to me as if you know each other pretty well." A new general manager from A Country asked them. Since he was new to the area, he doesn't know about their history just yet.

Colin and Hugh took a glance at each other. There was nothing but innocence in their eyes. "Yes. We've been friends for many years."

Hugh draped his arm around Colin's shoulder and said in a friendly way, "Yes. We're good friends!"

Deep down both of them, they were still good friends. Sophia was the only issue that separated them.

With a glass of red wine in her hand, Sophia lowered her head in embarrassment. She knew that she was the reason why Colin and Hugh had developed a gap from each other.

The general manager naively asked Hugh, "Mr. Pei, I find Miss Lo so brilliant and beautiful. She must be your girlfriend."

Well... Everyone in the circle were taken aback with the manager's words as they fell awkwardly silent. When Sophia raised her head, Hugh responded quickly, "Not yet. But I'm pursuing her!"

His response defused the awkward atmosphere. All of them burst into laughter. The general manager said in a more cheerful tone, "Mr. Pei, you should step up your game. Since Miss Lo is so beautiful, there must be many men pursuing her! That I'm sure!"

Sophia moved closer to Hugh and looked at the general manager with her signature lovely smile. "I'm flattered. Since Hugh has been so kind to me, I would probably be with him in the near future."

Her humorous yet ironic reply made people laugh again. People did not dare to mention anything about their past. Seeing that Sophia and Hugh have already developed an intimacy with each other, Gregary heaved a sigh of relief.

He would no longer worry about his assumption that Sophia would still pursue Colin.

Hugh grinned from ear to ear. Although he knew that Sophia was just making a scene, he was still very happy as he believed that his

llect yourself together! That was just a cat, for God's sake!"

His sharp and fiery eyes made Marcella sober. She suddenly realized that they were in a public place. In an instant, she felt completely ashamed. She hurried to gather her senses and issued a heartfelt apology to everyone, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. That was not like me at all."

The black cat was caught by a security guard. Someone shouted from the crowd, "Please don't kill it!"

"Totally! Mrs. Lien didn't get hurt, did she? It's too malicious to kill it! Too vicious!"

"Oh my god, how bloody and cruel this woman is!"


Hearing everyone criticizing her actions, Marcella's face turned red. Embarrassed as she was, she still tried to convince everyone, "Sorry for my actions. It was just the heat of the moment. How can I kill such lovely creature? Mr. Liu, please take this cat away and be careful in handling her."

"Yes, madam."

Hearing her words, people stopped discussing about it. After the black cat was taken away, Marcella went upstairs to dress herself up and the hall returned to its lively atmosphere.

Sophia looked at the scene at a distance and heaved a sigh.

If Marcella did really kill the cat, she would be forever known as a vicious woman.

Luckily, she gathered herself up in an instant.

On the second floor.

Sitting before the dressing table, Marcella held the corners of the table tightly. She had never been so disgraced before!

What's worse, today was all about her. How humiliating! Who was behind this?! Who sent the cat to her? That person must have known her because cat was her greatest fear!

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