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   Chapter 190 I Don't Want to Meet the Lien Family

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Jonas banged his hands heavily on the desk. He got even more infuriated when he saw how calm and confident Sophia was in front of him. "What did you just say? That you are going to marry Hugh? I'm his father and I'll never agree to that!"

But when he finally thought everything out, what Sophia just said relieved him of his greatest worry.

He was uncertain and anxious if she and Colin still had feelings for each other. It was not a secret that Sophia went to Milan three years ago. He actually paid many people to observe and stalk on Colin and Sophia. It turned out that although Colin had been to Milan, he never went out of his way to search for Sophia.

But these were not enough to dispel his anxiety. Now that the two people were about to marry respectively and go their own separate ways, he was completely relieved that they would not see each other anymore.

"It's not your call."

Sophia was trying to point out that Hugh didn't listen to his father at all now!

Jonas rubbed his eyes and scratched his head, "Why are you becoming so bitchy?"

... How was she being bitchy? Sophia put on a cold expression on her face. "Since we have different opinions, there is no need to talk anymore. This is completely useless. I'll go back to work if you don't have anything else to say!"

When her hand was already on the doorknob to open the door, she turned back. "Jonas, was it you who handicapped my father three years ago?"

Jonas didn't have to lie this time, "Damn right you are! That was me and Gregary. It was Gregary who called!"

Sophia clenched her fists in so much anger. She knew it! It was either him or Gregary! "Then why did you ask me to divorce Colin?!" Did they do it just to force a relationship between Colin and Dorothy? She always thought that it was not so simple.

"Why? I'll tell you, but not right now." When he was sure that Colin would really marry Dorothy, he could tell her.

Sophia went back to her office. As she was going downstairs, she received a call from Hugh.

"I'll go to Marcella's birthday party on behalf of the Pei Group, could you... be my partner? Please?" Since Hugh knew her relationship with the Lien family, he hesitated before calling her. But he actually didn't want to find another woman. That's why he called Sophia to try his luck.

As expected, Sophia refused, "I don't want to see them! You know that, Hugh."

"Sophia, you

ere fixed on Sophia but she turned to Hugh to smile slightly, "Thank you, Hugh. You are getting more and more handsome!"

"Thank you for the compliment! We know you're both busy so we won't keep you in this conversation. Have a good party!" Then Hugh took Sophia's hand, who was putting on a very lovely and alluring smile, and led her to the other side.

Then warm greetings came from behind them, "Mr. Li, welcome!"

"Hello, Mr. Li!"

"Mr. Li, you are here! This is wonderful!"

"Wow! It's Colin. He is finally here!"


When Dorothy saw Colin, she knew that she had the advantage. She rushed to Colin and gave him a sweet greeting. "Colin, you are here! We've been waiting for you for a long time! Let's go and meet my mom!"

Colin forced a smile and slowly walked over to Marcella and Gregary. It was obvious that Colin does not look excited nor happy right now. He said in a faint voice, "Uncle, aunt, I am sorry I was late."

Seeing her good-looking and famous son-in-law, Marcella smiled like a blooming lovely flower, "It's all right. I am happy as long as you can come!"

"Yes, Dorothy has been talking about you for a long time. She has said many good things about you." Gregary smiled at his embarrassed daughter, "It's really hard to keep a grown-up daughter! She dumps her father as soon as she finds a fiance!"

Dorothy stomped her feet, "Dad! You're embarrassing me!"

Her shyness and childish gesture shocked and surprised Sophia. She had never seen her like this before when she was dating Payne! That would mean only one thing. She was deeply in love with Colin.

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