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   Chapter 189 Colin Had Long Known That She Was Innocent

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"Yes, of course, I'll play. Let's begin then..." Herring casually gave out a Bamboo One.

As soon as Sophia saw the image of a bird, she shifted her gaze at Hugh, who she thought was behind her. It was an instinct rather than a need. But Hugh had gone outside already.

She had to sound out Herring, "I have three birds here, could I... Claim a tile for a quadruplet?"

When he heard this, Herring exclaimed out loud, "Oh, little Sophia. How could you do this to me?"

As per the rule, he would lose money if Sophia did that.

Sophia slightly grinned, "Are you blaming me for your bad luck?" Then Sophia got a new card from the other side as June advised her to do. But it seemed useless. So she just gave the card out.

Looking at the Bamboo Three given out by Sophia, Herring glanced at Colin, who appeared very calm. "Don't you want it?"



While Hugh was having a conversation on the phone outside for half an hour, Sophia was playing inside the whole time. People say that newbies usually had better luck. Tonight, it was true. Sophia won a lot, nearly winning every round.

So she also became addicted to it...

Sophia was still immersed in the thrill and excitement of playing Mahjong when Patrick and June had to leave the table.

In the course of playing, she had eaten all the peeled macadamia fruits beside her. The waiter served two more dishes of dried fruits. Sophia kept eating until her stomach was stuffed with them.

At around ten o'clock in the evening, everyone left the No. 8 Cruise Ship.

Sophia tightened her coat when they got out. She asked Hugh, "Shall I send you back to your home?"

She sensed that Hugh would be unable to drive since he drank.

Hugh did not refuse and directly sat in the seat beside the driver in Sophia's car. Then, Sophia suddenly remembered one thing, "Wait for a moment!"

She rushed to Colin's car and called out to him, "Mr. Li!"

Colin turned around and looked at her rather indifferently.

Sophia took something out from her pocket, "Mr. Li, I want to give this back to you. The password is..."

The man got into the car and drove away without looking back or saying a single word.

The more cold-hearted Colin appeared to be, the more necessary Sophia felt it was to give the 50 million back to him.

The reason why he didn't accept it might be that he didn't care about it

ernet era. If Jonas fired Sophia for no reason at all, he was actually putting his company in great risk.

"Then resign by yourself! Otherwise, there will be consequences!" The two were really onto each other now.

Sophia smirked. She took a few steps forward and gazed at him, "What are you afraid of? I have nothing and I am nothing after my divorce with Colin. Do you think I can do something to you or the Pei Group on my own?"

Her words were reasonable. Jonas once agreed to that idea. But he thought it was not as simple as what it seemed to be. Sophia's recent behavior and acts would attest to that.

"Sophia, don't play with fire against me and don't blame me for not reminding you!" Jonas looked at the woman in front of him contemptuously. He really didn't believe that a powerless woman could play some harsh tricks.

He also believed that the chip was not in Sophia's hands, or she needn't have to work in the Pei Group at all!

"Shall I thank you, then? Is that what you're trying to say?" Sophia stared right into her enemy's eyes with a mocking look on her face.

"You don't need to do that. And stay away from my son!" Hugh seemed to be brainwashed by this woman. He had quarreled with him for several times already and even threatened to renounce him for this woman. Such ungrateful child!

Sophia twisted her lips, "You may get disappointed. As you have realized right now, I could get married with your son!"

She stressed "could" since she has not made a promise to Hugh at this moment. She told Jonas these words just to make him uncomfortable.

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