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   Chapter 188 Replacing Grit as Secretary General

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"Excuse me! I need to answer the phone. Please continue playing, " Sophia stood up with her phone in her hand. Her face was still pale.

Hugh raised his head and told her, "There is a lounge inside. You can answer the call there."

Sophia saw the door he was pointing at and nodded. "Okay, " she said and started moving towards the lounge.

The waiter, seeing her walk towards the lounge, hastily opened the door. Sophia thanked him and closed the door behind her.

Inside the lounge

Sophia hung up. She sank into the sofa, feeling tired.

She kept thinking about Herring's words. 'So Colin knew that the woman on the video was not me and that I didn't have any affair.

But still, he hasn't contacted me even once since I left three years ago.

... What does this mean?

It only means that he doesn't love me anymore.

He really doesn't love me anymore...'

It took Sophia a lot of time to accept the reality.

She tried hard to keep the tears back. Gradually she calmed down and called Aaron back.

"Sophia, were you busy?"

Sophia lightly answered, "No. I had to deal with another thing just now. What's the matter, Aaron?"

"Sophia, I will soon be back home!" Aaron said with confidence. His voice was filled with excitement.

Sophia froze for an instant. She was happy that Aaron would be back.

She smiled and said, "That's great, Aaron. What's the plan?"

"I'll replace Grit as the secretary general of the SL Group, " he replied exhilarated.

Ah! Sophia was amazed. "But Aaron, you have no experience of working as a secretary general. How will you justify your selection and would you be able to do the job well?"

She didn't look down on her own brother, but she had worked as a secretary in the SL Group, and knew that the role was very demanding. Therefore, the requirements from a secretary general would be stricter and tougher.

"Sophia, I worked as the driver for the company leader in Britain. And a year later, in the summer vacation, I concurrently served as his secretary. So I do have some experience of this role, " he explained. Aaron had been as amazed and worried as his sister when Colin had first offered him this job.

But Colin had decided and he believed in Aaron. Seeing Colin's faith, even Aaron was determined to try and give it his best shot.

"Hm...I think you should ask Colin to change the role for you. Else you might face criticism and this would cause problems for him, " Sophia reasoned with Aaron.

"Okay, Sister. I'll do as you say, " Aaron reluctantly agreed to talk to Colin. Their father wasn't with them and Sophia was practically the only family he had. So he did not want to upset her.

Sophia was a little relieved. "Aaron, work hard and accumulate some work experience. Get slowly promoted and then you will be successful. Understand?"

"Got it! And tell me, Sophia, how are you doing? Is anyone bullying you in A Country? If so, let me know. I can find people to help you." Aaron knew that his sister had divorced her husband.

'My sister and her husband seemed to be in good relationship, but why they suddenly got a divorce?' However, no one told him the reason.

Sophia lightly smiled. "You're an adult now. You know powerful men, " she joked with her brother.

Aaron smiled, but then his tone turned serious. "Sophia, let me protect you from now on. I am quite capable now, " he assured her.

"Sure. But for that, you will have to come home fast. I'm waiting for you, brother, " Sophia said. She was glad because she could feel that he had changed a lot.

"I need to hang up now, Sophia. You should also go to bed early. As a girl, you shouldn't stay up too late. Understan


"I know. I know. You've said this many times before. I'll go to bed in a minute!" Sophia promised.

"Okay, bye!"


After hanging up, Sophia continued sitting on the sofa. ''Why does Colin believe in Aaron so much? He has even asked Aaron to replace Grit...'

She finally took out her purse from her bag, removed a card and placed it in her pocket.

She had carried the card with her since she last met Colin. She wanted to return the card to him and tonight seemed to be the best opportunity.

By the time, she left the lounge, the game had progressed far.

Hugh saw Sophia return from the lounge. He waved her over and said, "Sophia! Come and help me play. I need to return a call."

Uh... Sophia was stuck. She didn't know how to play.

She had never played Mahjong before.

Hugh pulled her to sit down. "It doesn't matter. You can play as you like. The chips are in the drawer, " he said.

... "I'll lose the game, Hugh, " she warned.

"It doesn't matter, " he said. "Okay, let me tell you the rules first, " he said when he saw that she was confused. Hugh stood behind her, put his arms around her and explained the rules of the game to her.

They were very close to each other. The others looked at them and then they turned to look at Colin.

Colin merely played the Mahjong tile in his hand, without even looking at them. ...

While Sophia was listening to the rules, someone suddenly kicked her foot.

She thought that it might have happened accidentally, so she didn't pay attention to the incident...

Until she got kicked again.

Sophia looked at Herring. He was busy talking with Shelly and bragging about his Mahjong skills.

It was impossible that Patrick would do such a thing. So there was only one suspicious person left.

She looked up at Colin. Their eyes met as he pretended to glance at her unintentionally. Sophia saw that he was upset.

... But why was he upset? She wondered.

Hugh seldom talked as much as he did today. Finally, he asked Sophia, "Do you understand?"

Sophia came back to reality. ... She hadn't listened to a word. Still she looked at Hugh and lightly said, "You can go now. I'll give it a try. But, if I lose the game, don't blame me."

Hearing her words, Hugh smiled and ran his fingers through her long hair. "I believe in you, Sophia, " said he.

... His words seemed to have deeper meaning.

Herring stopped talking with Shelly, coughed and said, "Don't worry, Little Sophia! We will go easy on you."

Sophia raised her eyebrows and said, "Thanks. Mr. Huo!"

Herring looked at Sophia unhappily and said, "Why do you call me Mr. Huo? I allow you to call me by my first name. What do you think?"

Sophia curled her lips, looked at Shelly with a smile and said, "No, Mr. Huo! Sister Shelly, you may ask him to go down on his kneels as a punishment once you're home!"

Sophia had divorced Colin. But if one counted by years, she could call Shelly sister, because she was older than her.

"Sophia! How could you be so nice to him. Kneeling on the ground isn't enough for him! He should kneel on durian, " Shelly intentionally joked.

Hearing his wife speak like that, Herring loudly protested, "Shel, I'm your husband! Please stop."

Sophia and June couldn't help laughing. The atmosphere had relaxed quite a bit.

Hugh stared at Sophia's face. He hadn't seen her laugh so happily for a long time.

What Colin saw was Sophia happily laughing and Hugh staring at her. Suddenly, Colin's face became dark with anger.

He interrupted in a deep voice, "Do we play or not?"

... His sullen look confused everyone. 'What's wrong with him?' they collectively thought.

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