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   Chapter 186 Pick a Gift for Mother-in-law

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Dorothy had come to check on Colin because she heard that he had come to the room with a woman in his arms.

And Colin answering the bell wearing just a bathrobe, made it hard for Dorothy not to think of anything else. Her discomfort made her clench her fists at her sides.

"I'm good, " replied Colin. "So what brought you here?" Colin firmly stood beside the door. He had no intention of inviting her in.

"Nothing much. Can I wait inside so we could leave together?" Saying so, Dorothy tried to step inside. She really wanted to find out which woman had the guts to seduce her fiance.

Colin understood her intentions. He solidly stood in front of her. "That won't be necessary. I have some other business to deal with. You do not need to wait for me, " he dismissed her.

"What about mom's birthday party tomorrow night?" Dorothy piteously looked at her fiance.

"I'll be there."

She could not think of any other excuse to continue talking to Colin. She could also make out that he was a little irritated, so she decided to leave. But had it been Payne standing in front of her just now, she might have already slapped him. But this man was Colin, tremendously superior than Payne in all aspects.

Dorothy put on a gentle smile. "Okay. I'll leave then. Be careful while driving."

Colin didn't bother answering. He closed the door before she had finished the sentence.

Looking back at the closed door, Dorothy felt wretched for herself. She knew she couldn't dare to be angry even when treated like this.

Although Colin and she had been engaged for three years, he still hung out with different girls. That Maeve, for instance, was one of them. And Dorothy could not complain even about this to him.

Therefore, she desperately waited for the end of the next month, when she would become Mrs. Li and have the right to stave off all these trollops.

As for now, she could only let Colin have his fun. She understood that a girl was always by Colin's side because he was a man of excellence. All the girls wanted to be seen with him.

The moment Sophia stepped out of the bathroom, she was surrounded by Colin's strong arms. He bent down and kissed her red, luscious lips.

She tried to escape, but couldn't. She did not want to do anything as she had just applied medicine on certain parts of her body that still hurt.

Besides, she had soaked in water, which must have inflamed her wounds.


with a functional fire-fighting system since it was located in a populated area.

"They have just called the fire station and are looking for possible causes, " answered Wade.

"I see. I'll be there soon, " he said and disconnected the phone.

When he looked around for Sophia, he could not see her. Assuming that she had left, he started walking towards his own car. He quickly got inside, drove out of the parking area and headed downtown.

When Sophia drove out of the parking lot and passed the mall, she tried to find Colin.

She was sure that Colin would run after her, but he hadn't.

Depressed, she pressed hard on the accelerator and drove towards the hospital.

She finally realized that it was just her fantasy. She had overrated the love he had for her.

By the time, she came out of the hospital, it was already 6. Sophia went to a pet shop before she went to meet Hugh.

She bought a black cat and had it wrapped. She then asked the owner to parcel it to a particular person at a certain place.

At the cruise ship

Sophia found Hugh sitting alone at the bar on the sixth floor. His cold temperament discouraged all the girls who wanted to get close to him.

A woman with heavy makeup was sitting next to his stool. But, when that woman saw Sophia sit next to him, she got up and shot Sophia an angry look.

Sophia carefully looked at Hugh. There was a slight flush on his face. It was evident that he had been drinking.

"Hugh, what happened?" Sophia asked. She ordered a cup of ratafee as she settled down to wait for his answer. She could sense that it would be a long night.

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