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   Chapter 185 You Love Me, Not My Dad

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Touched, Sophia looked at the little boy. She had thought that he would be scared, but here he was, acting as courageously as he could.

However, Colin pulled back his son's hand.

.... Ambrose speechlessly stared at his dad. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I'm helping her breathe. She just choked on water."

"You don't need to do that. She's okay now!" Colin said in a voice filled with exasperation. As they gazed at each other, the flame of anger in their eyes became conspicuous.

Seeing Ambrose getting upset, Sophia instantly sat up in bed. "Brody, you don't need to worry about me. I'm okay now!"

Sophia's soft voice erased the anger Ambrose felt. He lovingly looked at her and said, "Sophia, once we get married, we will move out."

... Sophia was flabbergasted. She did not know what to say.

Frowning, Colin ignored his son's words and turned to Sophia. "Take off the wet clothes!" he ordered her.

... "All right!" Sophia agreed.

Colin intended to stay, but he didn't want his son in the room while Sophia changed her clothes. Therefore, he dragged Ambrose out of the room.

But Ambrose struggled and squirmed in his father's grip. "Where are you taking me? I need to be with Sophia!" he said, kicking about his little hands and legs.

"Men should not watch a lady changing clothes!" Colin's voice sounded very serious.

Ambrose argued, "But I'm not a man yet. I'm just a kid!"

"One day you will be!"

"But I'm not a man now, which means I can be there!"

"I will not allow it!"

"I don't need your permission. She is my girlfriend!"

Hearing this, Colin pinned his son against his lap and raised his hand to hit him. Ambrose immediately shouted, "Sophia, help. Dad's gonna hit me!"

Sophia instantly put on the clothes she was taking off and dashed out.

When she saw that Colin's palm was merely inches away from his son's tiny butt, her heart ached. She plucked Ambrose from Colin's lap and said, "Colin, he's just a kid. Why are you being so hard on him?"

Putting his arms around Sophia's waist, Ambrose pretended to be frightened. "Sophia, please take me with you!" he wailed.

Sophia pulled Ambrose away from her since she was still drenched from head to toe and hadn't had the opportunity to change her clothes. She turned to Colin and said, "Look what you've done to poor Brody!"

Colin took an unsympathetic look at his son. He was sure that Sophia was the only one who could still be tricked by his naughty son.

However, he found the scene somehow... homely. A mother protecting her son, who was about to be punished by his dad.

Without thinking too much, Sophia took Ambrose inside the room. She sat him on the couch. "Sit here, " she gently said.

"Okay." Ambrose sat on the sofa as he was told and turned his back around like a gentleman. "Sophia, you can change your clothes now, I promise I won't look, though I really want to. But if I did then I would be responsible for you. And I'm too young to take up these responsibilities now, " Ambrose painstakingly explained his position.

Sophia could not help laughing as she listened to what he was saying.

She tucked herself in the bed after she had taken off the wet clothes. She then called out to Ambrose. "Brody, I'm done."

The little boy got up from the sofa and briskly walked towards the bed. "Sophia, indeed you love me!"

... "Okay. Why did you say that?" asked Sophia.

"Because you only informed me when you were done changing your clothes. This means you love me, not my dad. I feel so happy now." Colin, who was outside the room, was disappointed when he heard his son's words.

Sophia flushed. Then she suddenly recalled that Colin was still waiting outside. "Mr.Li..." she called out.

... The man walked inside the room and sat down on the sofa.

"Your clothes are wet as well. Why don't you take a shower first?" When Colin saved her, he had also got wet.

Colin's anger subsided a little. "Is this an invitation?" he asked.

Sophia became speechless. But

she soon recovered. She then put on a big smile and said, "Of course it is. Now will Mr. Li go to the bathroom?"

She was sure that Colin wouldn't dare to cross the line since there was a kid in the room.

But Colin knew what she was thinking of. He stood up and took out a robe from the closet with an alluring smile on his face. "Do you want to join me?" he asked again.

... "Thanks. But I still feel cold. I can wait till you finish, " she replied. Colin humphed and walked towards the bathroom.

However, it was not until then that she realized that there were bathrobes in the closet.

After Colin had shut the door to the bathroom, Sophia tenderly looked at Ambrose. "Brody, could you close your eyes for a moment?"

"Okay. But you got to tell me why, " he said, placing his little hands on his eyes to close them.

Sophia sat up in the bed and said, "Because I have to wear a bathrobe!"


Once Ambrose had closed his eyes, Sophia briskly got up from the bed, took out the bathrobe from the closet and hurriedly put it on. "Brody, you can open your eyes now!"

As Ambrose opened his eyes and was about to speak, the doorbell rang. Sophia went to answer it.

It was Wendy. She worriedly stared at Sophia. "I heard that you fell into the pool. Are you all right now?" she asked.

"Yes. I'm fine now. Please come in!" Sophia moved aside to allow Wendy to come in.

"Thank god you are safe now. I was really scared! So was it my son who saved you?" she tentatively asked. Wendy's face suddenly turned allusive as she looked at Sophia.

Feeling awkward, Sophia scratched her head and said, "Yes. I should thank Mr. Li for it."

"Stop calling him that. You can just call him Colin as before!" Wendy tapped the back of Sophia's hand.

"Um... Okay, " Sophia said.

Wendy had also asked the manager to bring some soup and dry clothes. She then took a glance at the bathroom, from where the sound of running water could be clearly heard. "Sophia, I still have some business to deal with. I'll take Brody home then, " she said while taking hold of Ambrose's hand.

"Grandma, I want to be with Sophia. I don't want to go home, " protested Ambrose. Sophia tried to convince Wendy to let Ambrose stay since he really wanted to, but Wendy was reluctant. It took great effort on her part to coax him into going home with her.

Once she had convinced him, she quickly left.

When Colin walked out of the bathroom, Sophia was talking to Hugh on the phone. "Tonight? Where? ... Okay, I'll call you later tonight, " Sophia said into the phone.

When she took a look at Colin walking out of the bathroom with merely a robe on, her heart started doing somersaults.

Sophia flushed though she had seen his body several times before.

"I gotta go. See you tonight!" She instantly hung up the phone, under his stern gaze.

Sophia put her phone into her purse, which the housekeeper had brought, and trotted towards the bathroom with a robe in her hand.

But Colin stood in her way, "Where are going tonight?" he asked.

"I am having dinner with a friend, " she replied. Her voice was honest.

"Which friend?"

... "Hugh"


"There's no 'and'." Sophia winked. Hugh had sounded upset on the phone and had wanted Sophia to be there with him, and Sophia agreed.

Colin probed again in a cold voice. "A date?"

"What's it to you?" She looked into his eyes.

However, before she could hear Colin's answer, someone knocked at the door again.

Sophia tightly wrapped herself in the robe and walked past him into the bathroom. "I should take that shower now, " she said, closing the door behind her.

After Sophia went into the bathroom, Colin answered the door. But he frowned slightly when he realized who was standing outside.

"Colin, you're really here! I was in the spa downstairs with my friends when I heard that you're up here. So I thought maybe I should come up and ask you how things are going." Dorothy tried hard to make her smile as bright as ever.

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