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   Chapter 184 A Romantic Accident

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"What right do you have to scold me? It is you, Jonas Pei, who has caused all this mess! Don't think that I don't know what the fuck you've done! Why won't my sister come back home? Why has my mother decided to become a nun? Jonas Pei, are you even human?" Hugh screamed at Jonas. His eyes were red with anger. How he wished he had nothing to do with this evil man.

Hermosa pulled Hugh aside. "Hugh, go to your room. I'll talk to you later, " she ordered him.

Hugh gave Jonas a cold glance and reluctantly left the room. Jonas was also infuriated by Hugh's behavior.

Hermosa visited Hugh's room twenty minutes later. It pained her to see his son's lonely figure in the balcony.

She had always been very proud of her son and, before knowing what Jonas had done, of her husband.

But now...

Hugh was looking down at the backyard and the gloom enclosed him. "Mother, if you're not happy with father, divorce him. I can take care of you, " he said in a sad voice without turning to face his mother.

Hermosa felt aghast at Hugh's words. She had never thought of divorcing Jonas. Even though she had overheard what he had said today, divorcing him had never come to her mind.

"I have no idea... Hugh, I've made up my mind. I'll go to the nunnery. Although I don't know what the future would be, I will figure it out as I go along, " she firmly said. Hermosa had divorced once. She didn't want another one.

"But, Mother..." Hugh wanted to say more, but stopped when he saw the sadness in his mother's eyes.

"Your father wants to kill Sophia. Tell her to be careful, " Hermosa whispered.

Hugh was horrified. He could not believe what he had just heard. The rage, that had ebbed inside him, now swelled into a full blown fury. He really wanted to teach that devil a lesson. But Hermosa pulled him back.

She understood that Hugh was very upset. "Don't! If your father knows I told you this, he won't forgive me."

Hermosa had overheard Jonas talking on the phone, and what he had said was the reason for her decision to go to the nunnery.

She wanted to stay there and pray every day for her two children and Sophia and her family.

Hugh tightly held his mother's hands, wondering why he had such a cruel father.

It's a shame! He thought.

Jonas Pei had wounded his

es, Mr. Li." The lifeguard called the manager of the 12th floor through the wireless intercom and asked him to open Colin's room.

On the 12th floor

Colin carried Sophia, who was still dripping wet, to the bed and covered her with all the available quilts. He then ordered the manager to send a woman's suit and hot soup to his room.

"Yes, Mr. Li. What's the size of..."

The manager left the room after Colin had told him the detailed measurements.

"Sophia, are you okay?" Ambrose asked in a concerned voice. He was standing at the bedside nervously holding her hand.

Sophia had meant to "play dead" out of embarrassment when she heard Colin accurately tell the manager her measurements, but she didn't want to worry the little boy. So she adjusted her breath, opened her eyes and softly answered, "Yes, I'm fine." Then Sophia began to cough violently.

Colin handed her a glass of water so she could soothe her throat.

"Sophia, let daddy teach you how to swim, alright?" Ambrose spoke his mind, though he was a little unwilling.

He wished he could grow up quickly so that he could protect Sophia.

Not expecting such a statement from Ambrose, Sophia choked on the water that she was drinking. "No... It's okay, Ambrose. As it is, I don't swim a lot, " she spluttered. She stole a glance at Colin and saw that there were no expressions on his face.

"All right, Sophia. Do you feel better? Here, let me help you." Ambrose lifted his small hand and gently rubbed her chest to help her breathe smoothly.

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