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   Chapter 183 Throw Himself at Me!

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"..." Sophia Lo almost fainted when she heard him, but she pretended to be calm, and mocked, "You're right! Millions of girls would wait in line if you ever wanted a lover!"

Colin ignored her sarcasm and grabbed her purse to get the key. He unlocked the door and stepped in her house. He did this as naturally as if he was entering his own house.

Sophia followed him in as if she was the guest.

"Get dinner for me!" Colin ordered her. He sat on the sofa as if he owned this place.

Sophia rolled her eyes. She started walking towards the bedroom, complaining all the way. "What a fickle man!" If he is unhappy, he will push me away. And once he feels better, well..., he would throw himself at me.

He must be happy now as he is throwing himself at me."

Sophia reached her bedroom. She always wanted to give something back to Colin, and this was a good chance to do so.

She returned to the living room two minutes later with a bank card in her hand. She held out the card to him and said, "This is the fifty million yuan you gave me. I want to return these to you."

The room became silent, and Sophia felt an unknown fear creeping up her legs. She wondered why she was feeling scared. As far as she knew, she was doing the right thing by giving the money back to him.

"Do you really want me to get angry now?" Colin coldly asked her.

'Didn't you get angry with me three years ago?' Sophia murmured to herself.

Seeing his reaction, Sophia felt the need to explain. She said, "Please don't get me wrong, Colin. I really appreciate your help in the past years. Since you're going to get married again, I think it's only right that I give this back to you. Then I can start a new life... Ah!" Sophia screamed. The bank card fell to the floor and she was swept into Colin's arms.

"Playing hard-to-get, huh?" Colin stared at her with his narrowed, cool eyes.

Finding the man whom she missed day and night so close to her, Sophia realized that he was more charming and charismatic than she remembered. She shook her head and said, "No, I'm not."

She could not understand why Colin thought that she was playing hard-to-get. As far as she was concerned, she was maintaining proper distance from a man who had a fiancee.

While she was still in her thoughts, Colin said, "Fine. Now that you don't want to feed my stomach, I wouldn't mind being fed in another way!" He put her on the sofa and lay on top of her.

Sophia nervously looked at him. "Colin, please don't! I'm not prepared to..., " she pleaded.

"I am." He interrupted her mid-sentence and pressed his lips to hers.


y to Hermosa. As he reached closer, he noticed the tears in his mother's eyes.

Hearing Hugh's voice, Hermosa hurriedly took a tissue and hastily wiped her tears. Then she raised her head, looked at her son and said, "Hugh, Mom has something to tell you."

"Sure, Mom. What is it?"

Hermosa took Hugh's hands in her own. "From tomorrow on... I'll be a nun and will live in the temple. Please take care of yourself, my son, " she said. ...

A nun? Hugh was shocked by his mother's words. "But why?" he asked her.

He knew that Hermosa was a believer of Buddhism, but to be a nun... that was going too far. Something must be wrong!

Hermosa was not sure if she should tell Hugh the reason for her decision. So, she shook her head and gently said, "Hugh, you don't need to know the reason. Can you promise me that you'll take care of yourself?"

Hugh turned to look at Jonas. He seemed to understand the reason behind his mother's decision. He walked over to Jonas and violently grabbed his collar! Jonas was shocked. "Hugh, what the fuck are you doing?" he yelled.

"Can't you tell? I'm going to take your life, you old fuck!" Saying this, Hugh punched Jonas, but he ducked the blow.

Hermosa didn't want either of them to get hurt because of her. She anxiously ran over to stop them. She held on to Hugh's arms. "Hugh, please don't do this!" She pleaded.

"Stand back, Mom! It must be him, or you wouldn't have taken such a decision!" Hugh tried to push away Hermosa, but she held onto his arm.

"Hugh, please! Let him go."

Hugh hesitated but finally released Jonas, who adjusted his clothes. Angry at Hugh for punching him, he screamed at Hugh. "You little shit! Dare to beat up your old man, huh? How unfilial of you!"

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