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   Chapter 182 What Did You Do to My Son

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Hugh pretended to be thinking about it seriously. The truth was that he thought about this a thousand times over. Then he said, "How about marrying me?"

Sophia looked at him, obviously stunned. Hugh spoke once more, "Sophia, you should think about it. We would make a good couple and I believe you know that."

"… Hugh, what I believe is that you think too highly of me. To be honest, you deserve a better woman for a partner. Look at me. I am already divorced, and I also... have given birth to a baby. Why do you still want to love me

Everyone looks down at me." Sophia kind of expected this from him but she has always rejected the idea. In the past three years, Hugh had expressed his love for her every Valentine's Day. But time and time again, she would reject him.

Hugh picked up the goblet with the red wine in it. He clicked the goblet to hers and said, "Sophia, why do you think I care about those things? Those things are in the past already. What I care for is the person right in front of me. As long as you stay with me in the future, everything that happened in the past will be forgotten!"

Sophia was feeling a bit uncomfortable now. Thinking that Colin was going to get married at the end of next month, she didn't say anything to reject Hugh completely. But later, she thought it was wrong. "You know that I love Colin. Although he is going to get married at the end of next month, it is true that I still love him. You… had better give up. I don't know if I could ever move on from him, and I don't want you to spend your life waiting for me."

Realizing her dilemma, he smiled rather bitterly, and then he turned to another topic. "Recently, I went to a dinner party and met Miss Hang. She said a lot of things about you."

Miss Hang? Oh! Sandra.

Hugh's words diverted Sophia from thinking further about Colin. She said, "What did she say, then?"

For Sophia, she felt doubtful about Sandra. She didn't know whether Sandra is really to be blame. She had mixed feelings about that woman.

"She said June will be holding a birthday party at the middle of next month. Patrick will hold the party for her at home, and he invited me to bring you along."

June? Since coming back, she hadn't seen the gentle and sweet June. She got very excited at the thought of that so she nodded and said, "Okay."

Oh no! On the other hand, Lien must have attended the party!

After paying the bill, they went out of the stylish and luxurious restaurant. Sophia and Hugh were walking towards the parking lot when her mobile phone suddenly rang. The screen displayed Wendy's name. She answered the phone eagerly, "Hi auntie."

"Hey, Sophia! It's me!" A boy's sweet voice came through the phone.

Thinking of the lovely Ambrose, Sophia cannot help but smile, "Brody, why are you calling me?"

Seeing that Sophia was smiling happily, Hugh's mood turned a bit sour. Will Sophia ever belong solely to him? It seemed like he would always compete for her attention.

As he was thinking of this, his mobile phone suddenly rang too. He answered the phone and said, "Mom."

After listening to his mother for a while, Hugh seemed to become unhappy. "I'll come back later."

Sophia heard Hugh so she told Ambrose, "Brody, hold on, please."

Then Sophia told Hugh, "You can go back first if you have something to deal with. I will take a taxi. Thank you for the food!"

She rode in Hugh's car to come here. But she didn't want Hugh to delay attending an important matter just because of her.

Thinking of his mother's urgent voice, Hugh agreed. He hailed a taxi for Sophia, and rushed home after making sure that Sophia was safe in the taxi.

In the taxi, Sophia was smiling even more as he was listening to Ambrose. "Okay. When you have spare time, that is... But, as for your father… Can we just go outside? I think it is not appropriate for your father to see me right now."

"Yes, I know a good, cozy place with quite a large swimming pool. Let's go there. Sophia, tomorrow is already Saturday. Shall we go there tomorrow?" Ambrose was waiting for her answer and was expecting a favorable response. He had thought of going out with her so many times already.

Sophia chuckled and said, "Okay. It depends on you. I'm free tomorrow." As for the work that had been arranged the next day, she could try to finish them in advance today. She would just work overnight then.

"Okay, S

ophia. That's a deal! I will call you tomorrow!"

"Well, Okay!"

"Sophia, let's have a kiss. Right now." The little guy spoke like a spoiled child. He was always like this with Sophia.

Sophia kept smiling all the time. When she heard his request, she did as what he just said, "Mua…"

"Sophia, that's sweet… Mua! Brody will love you forever! Did I say it right? On television, men would always say that to women."

Sophia was utterly speechless. What a naughty little guy! "Well, Sophia will also love you forever!"

Before hanging up the phone, she can still hear the excited voice of Ambrose. He said, "Oh, yes! Sophia is truly in love with me! I'm so happy!"

Sophia shook her head helplessly and put the phone inside her handbag.

Because of the phone call from Ambrose, Sophia was in a good mood. She was still smiling as she got out of the taxi. Ambrose never failed to brighten up her mood.

However, she stopped smiling when she walked downstairs and saw a familiar figure.

The man smothered the cigarette he was holding, came up to her and lifted her chin. "What's with that lovely smile? Do you feel so happy that you are with Hugh now?"

Her lips slightly trembled, but Sophia managed to reply honestly. "No. It's not what you think it is."

"Then why are you so happy?"

"… Well, does my good mood trouble you? Why? My personal life is none of your business anymore."

Suspiciously raising his eyebrows, Colin said, "Yes, I am very unhappy when I see that you are happy."

Sophia became so furious when she heard that. "It's good that you are not happy. I am very happy to see that you are unhappy!"

Did he come here late at night just to argue with her?

The mobile phone in Sophia's handbag rang. She answered the phone, "Hugh."

Hearing the name, Colin stared at Sophia in dismay. This woman always attracted and flirted with other men! How dare she even do this in front of him!

"Have you gone home now?" Hugh just got out of the car and was about to enter the house.

"Yes, I have. I'm just downstairs right now. I will go back up right away."

"Okay, go back and have a good night of rest."

"Well, the same to you. Thank you!"

As she was hanging up the phone, Sophia felt that the man's gaze was going to kill her. Colin's eyes were fiery. But she pretended to be indifferent and planned to change the topic.

When she got close to him, Colin grabbed her arm. Sophia cannot help but blush, and her heartbeat accelerated once again!

Taking a deep breath, Sophia demanded, "Is there anything that Mr. Li came here to do? What are you here for?"

"What did you do to my son?" His questions made her feel so uncomfortable.

"I haven't done anything to him. Why would you think like that?" They just played or chatted with each other. It was just a friendly relationship. What could she have done to Ambrose other than that?

Colin pulled her back to face him. "Why did Ambrose want you to be his girlfriend? And he even wanted to fight with me because of you!"

... Sophia really felt helpless right now. "Mr. Li, why do you want to argue with a kid. Don't you think that you are being a bit childish?"

The truth was Sophia can't believe that she can still put up with this man considering their last disappointing and infuriating conversation.

"I am here to warn you to leave my son alone!"

"... I see. Anything else? Because I really have work to do." Her voice sounded a little upset now.

Colin's tone turned indifferent as he blurted out, "I am hungry!"

"... Well, this place is not a restaurant! Eat somewhere else!"

"Cook a meal for me!"

… He didn't eat the dishes that she cooked before. Why did he ask her to cook for him now? She had delivered the food for him for many times and he always refused them. What was going on now?

She stared at Colin right in the eyes. "Colin, you are getting married. It's not appropriate for us to act like this. Please stop playing around."

"Then what is appropriate for us to do? Like this?" He suddenly grabbed her into his arms, and kissed her on the lips hard. Sophia didn't even have the chance to think.

After a long while that their lips were locked into each other, Sophia pushed him away and gasped, "I won't be your first mistress!"

She loved Colin, but not like this!

"Oh, you're not the first mistress. You are at most, the third, or maybe the fourth."

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