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   Chapter 181 Kill Sophia Lo

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Several minutes later, Hugh showed up in the meeting room with several reporters following behind him.

Hugh had known about what was going on in the meeting before he even came here. He had thought of what he would do and prepared for it. He walked inside and directly connected the screen to his computer.

The reporters were getting ready to shoot the scene, and they aimed their cameras at Sophia and the screen.

Hugh opened his computer under everyone's confused gaze. They did not know what he was planning to do. He opened the Wechat For PC, and clicked on the chat records between him and Sophia.

Most of them were voice messages, so the others would not know what they had been talking about.

Actually, most of it were sweet messages of concern from Hugh. It was a bit embarrassing, but he continued scrolling through it so he could show these people what truly happened.

Hugh kept going through the messages and finally found out what he was looking for. He then had the page enlarged and people clearly saw the time stamp indicated on the message and it was clear as crystal that the conversation happened half a month ago.

Sophia had sent him two files. Hugh opened one of them, and it displayed twelve pieces of design drafts.

The crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

Hugh closed the file and then kept rolling up through the pages. Then he opened another file which was sent by Sophia just ten days ago. It was a PowerPoint presentation.

The designs in the presentation file were exactly the same as Yuki's. Yet, Yuki said that she had finished the designs just two days ago. Everyone in the meeting room was shocked as they started discussing with each other.

The reporters all took photos of the designs on the screens. Hugh and Sophia have presented a very concrete evidence.

Hugh looked at the crowd and said coldly, "Sophia Lo has already informed me about the concept of her design about a month ago. We all need evidence, don't we? We cannot just blindly believe the mere words that people would say. The truth is in front of you. This chat records indicate that Sophia sent me the design draft and designs many days ago. Sophia is innocent, and these evidences back her up on that."

One of the reporters curiously asked, "Is there any chance that Sophia Lo has stolen Yuki's design before she sent them to you?"

"That's possible. Maybe she has been lying to you since the very beginning." Someone also raised suspicions.

Sophia and Hugh took a glance at each other, and then Sophia smiled and said, "That's easy. We can alway pull up CCTV footage."

Then Jonas acted up on it and ordered the CCTV footage be showed on the screen. Judging by the footage, no one has come into Sophia's office.

Sophia realized that the video footage had been revised since the timeline was not accurate. Then she walked to Yuki with her phone, and whispered, "I can see that this video has been tempered with. Luckily, I know someone who is specializing in video recovery. I can call him to get it recovered in no time. Your call, Yuki."

Sophia saw Yuki's face go pale, and said sharply, "If eventually I find out that someone went into my office and looked through my computer, I won't hesitate to call the police and sue that person! I won't just stand here and have my design career ruined because of a false accusation!"

Three years ago, her life was ruined by a video which showed that she was having an affair with another man. Back then, she could do nothing but put up with it.

Now, she was capable of defending for herself. Her experience three years ago has toughened her up. She would not give up now.

Unlike Jonas, Yuki was clearly on edge now. Sophia sensed Yuki fidgeting with her hands. Yuki got into a panic when she heard what Sophia said to her, and replied hastily, "Sophia Lo, please don't call the police. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. Someone threatened me and forced me to do it. I'm really sorry!"

Jonas's face went pale when he heard Yuki's words. 'A worthless piece of shit. Coward!' Jonas remorsefully said to himself.

"Who threatened you, and why?" Sophia stared at Yuki with a stern face. She wanted to press this up on her even more.

To the shock of everyone in the room, Yuki lifted her hand and started to point in Jonas' direction... Then she paused, changed direction and pointed to the assistant standing next to Jonas. "It's him, Mr. Li. He threatened me into doing it."

Jonas sighed with great relief, and reprimanded Mr. Li. "How can you do something like that? Are you out of your goddamn mind?"

Mr. Li did not know what just hit him. He looked at Jonas who kept winking at him, and replied, "Mr. Jonas, I..."

Before he could say anything else, Jonas looked into the ca

mera and solemnly declared, "We are very sorry for what just happened here. Sophia Lo is indeed innocent. This is just a misunderstanding. Please trust that Pei Group will handle this matter very well. Thank you for your support."


Sophia immediately realized what Jonas was doing. The way he responded dissolved the accusation real quick. He was indeed a smart, cunning man. Then Sophia asked Yuki again, "Why would Mr. Li ask you to do something like that? Do you know anyone else who could be behind this?"

"I... I really don't know... Please stop questioning me. I just want to save my brother! That's all!" Yuki burst into tears and fixed her eyes at the place where Jonas was standing.

Jonas tried to calm himself down, and replied with a stiff, forced smile, "Thank you all for coming. We will hand over the rest to our internal investigation department. We assure you that we will find out what has happened and clear the name of Sophia Lo. We will bring whoever did this to justice. Again, thank you."

After Jonas managed to send all the reporters out of the room, he gave Hugh a rather intimidating look and immediately walked out of the meeting room with Mr. Li. Hugh could tell that Jonas was furious. He saw him doubled up his fists in anger in the elevator, and his eyes turned red.

Li was standing behind Jonas and looked at his fists. He did not dare to say a single word.

They walked back to his office in mere, uncomfortable silence. Jonas kicked a potted plant out of his way. The impact broke the pot, and the expensive potted landscape was destroyed.

After a long while, Jonas turned around and said to Mr. Li, "You stay at home for a while, and wait for it to be over. I will still pay you your salary, but you need to stay low for a while."

Mr. Li had nothing to say anymore. He knew he could not change the decision of his boss. He had no choice but to just turn around and walk out of the office.

As soon as Jonas was alone in his office, he dialed a number on his phone. "Find a desperado and kill Sophia Lo! I'll pay a handsome fee!"

Jonas was so engaged in this phone call that he did not notice that someone had opened the door of his office and closed it quietly.

Later, Mr. Li, the assistant of Pei Group, admitted that he had planed the whole thing by himself because he hated Sophia Lo.

In the press conference, Mr. Li was dismissed by Pei Group and he apologized to Sophia Lo for setting her up. Truth be told, Li's image was damaged all because he had to stay loyal to his boss.

Many netizens apologized to Sophia in her Weibo for mistrusting her.

In the CEO office of the SL Group

Colin was watching the video on his computer. He froze the video and stared intently at the screen. His face turned livid. He was looking at the chat records between Hugh and Sophia and could not help but cringe at what he was seeing.

Most of the voice messages lasted almost 1 minute*. It seemed that they were getting closer and closer to each other...

(*TN: The maximum length of the voice message in Wechat is 1 minute.)

They were brought up together, and now they chatted with each other so often. It was hard to believe that there was no romantic involvement between the both of them.

In a private restaurant.

Hugh put the delicious steamed fish in front of Sophia and said, "Have some. It's really tasty, you'll like it."

"You should have some too, Hugh." Sophia's voice was sweet and caring whenever she was around Hugh. Sophia did not hesitate and picked up some fish meat with the chopsticks.

"Eat well!" said Hugh. They were having a small, relaxing talk and the atmosphere was cozy and warm.

Sophia picked up her glass and said, "Hugh, thanks for your help today, I was able to walk out of the room safely. If not for you, I would not be here. Here's a toast for you. Cheers!"

"Oh, don't mention it." Hugh casually replied, but deep down, he was overjoyed. They clinked glasses and sipped some wine.

After they put down their glasses, Sophia looked at Hugh embarrassingly and said, "Hugh, Your father today... I just can't help but be wary of him."

Hugh was very kind to her, sometimes too kind to her. But She could not say no to his kindness. She did not want to be rude to a person who cared for her.

But Jonas was her enemy, and he was Hugh's father. It will spell trouble not just for her, but also for the man in front of her. It must be very hard for Hugh to be caught up in this dilemma.

Hugh did not want to cause her more pressure, and said reassuringly, "Stop thinking that way. Don't worry about me. I always stand by the side of what is fair and just."

After a while, Sophia replied in a soft voice, "You are very kind to me, Hugh. How can I ever repay you?"

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