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   Chapter 180 I Will Run Away With Sophia

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"Yes!" Ambrose answered dauntlessly.

Colin found himself utterly speechless. He paused for a while and then tried to put his idea across the table. "Okay. There are two options for you. First, you can make her your girlfriend. And that will be easy for everybody. Then the second thing is I can make her... your mother."

... Pondering about what is happening and what will happen, they both stayed silent for a while.

Finally, Ambrose broke the silence and shouted as loud as he could, "Grandma! Your son is coming after my girlfriend!"

Colin hissed at him, "Shut up! You're ruining everything!"

Ambrose knew everybody was already asleep. Yet, it didn't stop him to say it loud. He did that on purpose.

Ambrose grabbed Colin's arm and turned serious. "Colin, I am telling you. Sophia Lo would be mine sooner or later. You know I could do that and I'll make sure I will. So stay away from her!"

The son sternly warned his father. But the father had other plans in mind. Suddenly, Colin got hold of Ambrose, laid him down on his legs and spanked his bottom three times...

Pak! Pak! Pak!

"Nooooo! Waaaa!" Ambrose seemed to burst into tears and spitefully blurted out, "Colin... you are my enemy now! You stay away from me too! Huhuhu..." Ambrose felt very sad and blue. Never in his life had he imagined that his beloved Daddy would want to grab from him the woman he loved.

Colin put Ambrose down on the bed and said, "So, do you really want to have a fight with me over a woman? You know, it will end badly for you, Ambrose."

Ambrose pretended to be weeping as he tried to wipe the tears that hadn't even come down. He nodded heavily and said, "Yes! I think you should give up, or I will fight you through the bitter end. You are 34 years old already! You are an old man now! How can you compete for a girl with a young man like me? Aren't you too old for chasing girls? Young men always triumph over old men in this sort of thing.

... Why were they both falling in love with that woman? What did he see in Sophia that prompted Ambrose to fight against his father rather than giving up?

Colin tucked Ambrose into the bed again and said, "Just go to sleep!"

"No. I don't want to! "If you don't give up, I will run away with Sophia! And you will never see me again!" Ambrose tried to threaten his father. Ambrose was thinking about running away with Sophia. If only he could be with Sophia, he would not fear anything at all. He was not afraid of what Colin would do to him because he knew that he can survive any challenges.

Colin playfully pointed at Ambrose's nose, fixed his eyes on his and said, "Go to sleep now, or I won't let you see Sophia again. You're in way over your head."

'Fine, but this is not over.' Ambrose bravely said to himself. Then he closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

For now, they will call a truce. But both of them knew that this truce was just temporary.

Colin was fretting endlessly over Sophia and Ambrose. When he got back to his room, he threw his phone on the

the meeting room. Then someone figured out who Jonas was talking about and everyone started to murmur. They kept looking and sneering at Sophia. Sophia was not angry at what Jonas said. At least that was how she portrayed herself in front of everybody. She smiled at him instead, and said, "Jonas, you must have some evidence showing that I'm stealing others' design, right? Show it then."

"Of course!" Jonas retorted quickly. He had thought about it thoroughly.

Now the whole thing had been reported by the media, and everyone has been paying so much attention on this issue. Three years after Sophia's divorce, she was once again under the limelight.

She was Eason's disciple. It would reflect badly on Eason's reputation.

In just a short span of time, her stature was diminished completely. Many people left their bitter remarks in her Weibo. Someone even said that he was glad Colin had given up on her and that she was a plagiarist.

"Okay then! Bring out your evidences. Let us see them." said Sophia. Sophia looked straight into Jonas' eyes, just like Jonas would fix his eyes on her.

Jonas withdrew his gaze and ordered the secretary to put the plagiarized designs on the screen.

There were 12 fashion designs presented on the screen. These were the alleged designs that Sophia was accused of stealing.

"Yuki, could you tell me when you finished these designs?" Sophia demanded to know. She looked at the woman standing in the corner, who seemed livid.

Yuki stood up straight and responded quickly, "I finished them in two days."

Sophia glanced at her boss' fierce gaze, and realized that Yuki was just following his order.

However, her computer was hacked by someone half an hour ago, and she lost all her files. So she could not use them to prove herself. She was at a dilemma. Luckily, she still knew how she could show them the truth.

"Jonas, please wait for a moment. I need to make a phone call." Then Sophia called someone despite hearing Jonas's loud protest from behind her.

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