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   Chapter 179 Being a mistress was not what she wanted.

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"Don't you dare try to see him again! Understood?"

"..." Why did he hate her so much? Not only did he get engaged with the daughter of her enemy, but he also forbade her from seeing his son.

As she gasped for air, she whispered, "I get it, and I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience I had caused. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

"What? Do you feel wronged?" His voice stopped her from turning back.

As much as she was tempted to get close, Sophia stepped back to keep her distance from him. "No, " she said.

She wanted to leave so badly, but Colin clearly wasn't letting her leave. He gripped her wrist and pressed her against his car.

Their two bodies touched; the strong smell of tobacco went into her nostrils.

She was overwhelmed by his sudden move, so she stuttered, "Colin, I swear I will never, ever get anywhere near your son... I..." The rest of her words drowned in his mouth.

Sophia's mind became blank, and she couldn't think about anything at the moment, except the fact that Colin was kissing her, the man she loved kissing her.

As their passion grew stronger, Colin pulled open the door to the back seats and pushed her inside.

Suddenly, Sophia came back to her senses. She grasped his greedy hand, breathing delicately, and said "Please, I am not ready to..."

It had been three years since she dated someone. She even turned Hugh down.

He cast a glance at her red lips and said, "Don't tell me you haven't had sex with any man in past three years."

Sophia nodded. Having no idea how to explain it, she could only come up with an excuse, "... I haven't met a decent guy..."

She knew it wasn't true. During her three-year stay in Milan, she had encountered men of different backgrounds. Handsome guys, successful guys... But none of them had made her heart pound.

He drew himself closer to her and approached her small face. "What if you had met a decent guy?"

She found herself intoxicated by his low, sexy voice. It was a feeling that she had always yearned for in the past. Lost in his words, she said, "I don't know..."

He sealed her lips with his and rose on top of her, despite Sophia's resistance.

"Wait, wait..." Will you use a condom, please?" She surrendered under his charm, but she also wanted to be safe.

"That's not necessary!"

"Sure it is. Dorothy has syphilis, so you might have it, too. Have you tested for it yet?"

Red with rage, Colin stopped and stared at her, "What the hell do you mean?"

Intimidated by his glare, Sophia couldn't do anything but narrow her shoulders, saying, "Well... I am just worried... That I might also get infected..."

As Colin swayed his mighty fist, Sophia closed her eyes in fear.

The punch landed on the seat next to her. "Do you think that Ambrose is Dorothy's son with me?"

Now he realized why she mentioned "your son", instead of "our son".

Sophia opened one eye and met Colin's eyes. She nodded. Wasn't it the truth?

Colin's anger grew. Since it didn't seem so, Sophia guessed, "Is it with... Maeve?"

Restraining the urge to take her by the throat, Colin moved off her body and got off the car.

Sophia was relieved. She couldn't imagine what would've happened if he continued to be on top of her...

Her composure regai

ned, so Sophia got out of the car and stood in front of him. "Colin... The baby I had was also yours. I wonder if maybe someday you can... visit him. Will you please?"

Visit him? No way! It was not his son after all. Who the hell knew where that baby came from. "No!"

She was almost suffocated by his indifference. Tears rolling down her face, she bit her lips hard and said, "He was yours. I know you hate me... But he doesn't deserve your hate. Now that he is gone, would you for God's sake... pay him a visit?"

Oh baby, my poor baby... Sophia sobbed in silence.

"That wasn't my baby!" Colin unintentionally swept off the tears on her face.

Sophia then gritted her teeth and said, "That was ours! He was our precious baby, born after my 10-month pregnancy." She drew a deep breath and restrained her tears. "Maybe I had expected too much of you. After all, you now have a wife and son, don't you?"

She was in great loss.

"That's not true..." Colin felt pity and was about to say something, but Sophia stopped her and said, "Since you are going to marry another woman, I will keep my distance from you."

Nobody else was to blame but herself. Even if things were already messed up, being a mistress was not what she wanted.

Wiping her tears away, Sophia tenderly smiled at Colin. "If, in the future, I were to hurt the people you love, I hope you would understand my reasons for doing so."

Then, she turned around and went away.

Two months passed since she had come back, but she hadn't taken any action yet. Soon enough, she would.

She was no saint to forgive and forget what Dorothy had done to her.

She was waiting for the right time to take her revenge on her. Jonas and Gregary... She would even jump off a cliff if she had to... She was not afraid.

Throwing herself on the bed after coming back home, Sophia gazed at the ceiling.

She whispered in the air, "My poor baby, I am sorry that I had failed to persuade your dad into visiting you. My baby..."

At Colin's place.

Colin walked gently into Ambrose's room. It was almost 11PM; the child was already asleep.

As he did every night, he tucked his sleeping son in.

Suddenly, a small hand grabbed his muscular arm. He found Ambrose looking at him with sleepy eyes, "Daddy."

The child looked exactly the same as... Sophia, the woman he constantly recognized in his son. He said in a soft tone, "Yes?"

Ambrose got up instantly. "Daddy, do you like Sophia?"

"... Why are you asking?" Keeping his composure, Colin sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the serious-looking boy.

The next words that popped out of his naughty little kid's mouth startled him. "Daddy, I want Sophia to be my girlfriend. I hope you can let her be your future daughter-in-law."

"..." Colin placed his own palm on his face, speechless.

"Daddy, please say something. What do you think?" The boy moved his father's palm out of his face and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

Colin looked at him and said, "No, I disagree."

The boy angrily responded, "You are against it because she is older than me. Don't worry. She will wait for me to grow up and marry her. She likes me, and I like her!"

"You really do?" He asked.

Ambrose nodded, "Yes."

"Very much?"

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