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   Chapter 178 Your Purpose

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"That's good. Let him study well abroad, so when he comes back... He will be successful." Wendy had wanted to invite Aaron to work for Colin's company, but she couldn't say it out loud because someone might have been eavesdropping on them.

Ambrose finished his meal soon. He wiped his mouth and said, "Sophia, let's go!"

Standing up from her seat, Sophia took Ambrose in her arms. "You've become heavier after eating. I can't carry you anymore!"

She pinched Ambrose's smooth face.

"It doesn't matter, Sophia. I'll eat more so that I can grow up quickly and carry you!" Ambrose looked so serious that Sophia was rendered speechless.

Wendy pulled Ambrose over and said, "Come on. Let's say goodbye to your Daddy."


When the two of them went to say goodbye to Colin, Sophia headed toward the cashier and paid the bill.

She had also planned to pay for Colin's table, but she didn't because she wasn't his guest.

After paying, Sophia waited for them outside the restaurant.

Then, Wendy came out with Ambrose. She asked Sophia, "Sophia, how did you come over?"

"I rode the subway. Why do you ask?" Sophia looked at Wendy in embarrassment.

"How about using our driver to take you back?" When she saw that all the people in Colin's table followed Wendy out, Sophia understood that Wendy had probably wanted to ride with Colin.

Sophia shook her head and said, "No, Auntie. It's okay. Thank you. I have to go now. Bye, Brody! See you next time!"

Ambrose waved at Sophia with sadness in his eyes and said, "Sophia, please come to play with me when you have time."

"I definitely will." Sophia then entered the lift with a smile.

Just before the lift doors slid shut, her eyes met Colin's...

This one glance made Sophia's heart beat fast.

Coming out from the shopping mall, Sophia walked to the metro entrance.

If her and Colin's child didn't die, it would have been the same age as Ambrose's.

However, she didn't know that Colin was this fickle. Not long after their divorce, Colin had slept with Dorothy and had a

moke out. "Tell me, why did you approach my son?"

"I didn't approach him on purpose..." She refuted.

Collin sneered. "You didn't approach him on purpose... But you still approached him, right?"

Closing her eyes, Sophia lowered her head and said, "If this bothers Mr Li so much, then I won't see Brody again."

He raised her face from her chin. With a cigarette in his mouth, Collin narrowed his eyes and said, "You haven't changed after all these years. You were able to coax my son."

Both his mother and his son seemed to like her. Sophia was good!

"No, Mr Li. You seemed to have misunderstood. Brody and I just... hit it off."

"If a three-year-old child and a woman in her twenties hit it off, then the woman must have done something to attract the child!"

Sophia was speechless.

Colin was getting aggressive, hurting Sophia deeply.

"I wish you and Dorothy happiness, Mr Li. I have to go, " said Sophia, her head still lowered. She wanted to leave, but the hand on her chin gripped tighter.

"Mr Li, I really didn't approach your son on purpose. Maybe... I miss my child too much... If Mr Li and Mrs Li want, I won't see your son again, " she pledged earnestly.

His face suddenly softened. Colin let her face go and stubbed out a cigarette butt. "Do you like my son?"

"Yes." How could she not? She was even in love with the boy's father.

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