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   Chapter 177 Waiting for You to Call Me Mom Again!

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"Okay! Sophia, do you want steak? How about we order one?"

"Well, okay..."

Sophia then asked Wendy, "Aunt, have you decided what you want to order?"

Wendy casully waved her hands, "I can eat anything. Just order what you want. I will eat whatever you get!"

"... Fine, then what would you like to drink? How about Brody? Milk?"

"I don't want milk. I want fresh juice. Grandma will also have some juice!"

Wendy praised him with a smile, "Brody is really smart. You know exactly what grandma likes."

Sophia and Ambrose played with the toy yacht after ordering. Sophia had never met a kid who talked as much as Ambrose did.

He had already explained a lot about the yacht before they actually played with it.

Moreover, he answered all her questions.

She had to admit that Colin and Dorothy had raised a well-educated child.

But... It didn't seem like Ambrose and Dorothy were in a good relationship, judging from what she saw. Was she thinking too much?

Sophia cut some squid and put it on Ambrose's plate. Then, she added juice to Wendy's glass.

"Sophia, don't worry about us. Go eating!" Wendy sliced a piece of pizza and put it on her plate.

"It's okay. I am eating quite a lot!" Seeing Ambrose eat happily, Sophia felt full.

It was quiet at the table beside them. Gregary looked at Colin and broke the silence, "Colin, when do you plan to hold the wedding ceremony? You are getting old. It is time to settle down."

Sophia listened intently. Hadn't they gotten married yet? However, she felt extremely sad with Colin's response.

"Umm, at the end of next month!"

The three members of the Lian family looked at each other with excitement. Marcella quickly followed, "Okay, I will help prepare for the wedding after we get back."

"No need, Aunt. My mother can handle it. Dorothy doesn't need to do anything."

Looking at Sophia awkwardly, Wendy didn't expect that Colin would make such

t her to be my girlfriend!" Ambrose didn't hide his affection for Sophia at all.

Sophia nearly choked by a mouthful of water, "Brody, I am your aunt. I cannot be your girlfriend!"

"You can be my girlfriend if you are not my aunt anymore!" Ambrose said sternly, making Wendy and Sophia laugh a lot.

Sophia squeezed his face. "Well, okay, eat first. Then, let me think about it."

"Okay, Sophia, please be my girlfriend!" Ambrose went back to his seat and began to eat fast.

Sophia's eyes gleamed as she smiled. If Ambrose was her child, she wouldn't want anything else.

On the contrary, the other table wasn't in such a happy mood. Colin ate quietly and occasionally discussed work with Gregary. Dorothy clenched her hands into fists.

Sophia and Wendy chatted casually after dinner while waiting for Ambrose. "Are the grandparents doing well?"

"Yes, they are perfectly fine! When will Aaron come back?"

Aaron? Sophia remembered that it had been half a month ago since she had talked to her brother. "In a year or so..."

Aaron had already known that she divorced Colin two years ago through the news networks.

As Sophia had expected, Aaron immediately wanted to give up his studies and go to Milan to find her. But Sophia convinced him to continue his studies.

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