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   Chapter 176 I Want to Buy Aunt Sophia Dinner

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Hearing these words, Sophia felt a surge of gratification; it turned out that Colin had done a good job raising his son. He was such a little gentleman.

"I don't have anything particular in mind now. Why don't you choose a restaurant?"

Ambrose thought for a moment and said, "Daddy once took me to a Western restaurant on the top floor of this building. Let's go there."


Standing on Ambrose's left side and right side, Wendy and Sophia held one hand each, and they all proceeded to the elevator.

As they were about to go to the top floor, Sophia saw a toy store. She stopped and said, "Brody, would you like Aunt Sophia to buy you a toy?"

Wendy wanted to turn down the offer because he already had too many toys at home. But then she remembered that it would be the first gift from his birth mother, so she didn't say anything.

Ambrose, on the contrary, was thrilled to hear it. "Yes! Aunt Sophia, what are you going to get me?" he jumped with joy and asked.

"Well, how about we go inside and pick one?"

"Okay! You are so nice, Aunt Sophia! Come on, let me give you a kiss!"

"... Hahaha! You are so adorable!" Sophia bent down and kissed Ambrose on the cheek.

To her surprise, Ambrose didn't seem very happy about the kiss. "I am supposed to kiss you, not you kissing me, Aunt Sophia, " he pouted.

"All right, all right!" Sophia bent over and let Ambrose give her a kiss on the cheek.

Wendy was very pleased to see that the mother and her son were getting along so well. She had been taking care of the kid since he was born, but seldom did she see him get this happy.

In the toy store

Sophia soon got lost in the sea of toys for little boys. However, it didn't take Ambrose long to pick out something he liked. "Aunt Sophia, I want this one!"

Looking over to where he pointed, Sophia saw a glossy white racing yacht with light blue accents.

A saleslady stepped forward and gave an overview of the toy. She said, "This is a high-speed remote control racing yacht. It is made of glass fiber. Baking varnish was used to treat the surface of the material, same as what one uses for cars. It can reach a maximum, constant speed of 90 km/h. Moreover, it's equipped with a 2.4G transmitter and has a solid waterproof protection..."

Sophia had no idea of what those technical terms mean, but when she saw the way Ambrose's eyes glowed as he listened to the description of the racing ya

xt table and sat down.

At first, Wendy didn't know what to do. Then, she decided that she might as well sit with her grandson. In an attempt to lighten the atmosphere, she added carelessly, "Brody, you are being naughty again."

Marcella looked at Sophia with a scowl. 'What a cunning woman, ' she thought, 'She is smart enough to know that to win a man's heart is to win over his family first.

No wonder Dorothy said Sophia is now a strong competitor.

Also, the plain sky blue suit she is wearing does look good on her.

But I won't worry about it. All her efforts wouldn't make any difference.' "Dorothy, Colin, come on, let's get seated, " Marcella said, as her thoughts switched back to reality.

The four of them sat at their table. Both by the window, their table and Ambrose's were next to each other, so whatever was said at one table can be heard clearly at the other.

"Colin, you have been very busy lately. Dorothy had cooked some chicken soup for you. Have you been having it everyday?" Marcella was very happy with her son-in-law. She couldn't get enough of him because he had far exceeded her expectations.

Colin nodded slightly and said, "Yes, I did. But Dorothy doesn't need to do that. She married me to be my precious wife. I don't want her to overwork herself."

Dorothy flushed and said, "It's nothing, really."

Sophia didn't hear the rest of the conversation because Ambrose was bombarding her with questions of what she'd like to order.

Sophia gathered her thoughts and replied, "This one looks delicious. Let's have the Pan-fried Codfish Fillet. It's good for children."

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