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   Chapter 175 She Smells Like His Mother

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Hugh's face fell. He answered, "Tell Colin that we don't need his help."

Wade smiled, "All right, Mr. Pei. I will relay the message to Mr. Li. I'll leave you be then, Mr. Pei and Miss Lo. Take care, Miss Lo."

"Thank you, Mr. Ji. Take care, " Sophia returned a smile.

Hugh showed Wade out. As they left the ward, Sophia's indifferent expression collapsed. She felt a sudden ache spread from her left chest.

After so many years, she still felt heartbroken whenever she was reminded of Colin, especially when he did things like sending Wade over.

In the afternoon, Sophia left the hospital. Hugh escorted her to the Lo's House, and left her alone as she requested.

A Country was big. One could hardly come across people he or she knew, but it wasn't big enough for such encounters not to happen.

Four weeks after the dinner, Sophia hadn't met Colin again.

However, when she went to the clothing shop in her company's shopping mall for work, she ran into Wendy and... Colin's son...

Inside the shop, Sophia was carefully placing her designs on the mannequins. Suddenly, a familiar voice spoke, "Sophia."

In excitement, she quickly turned around and saw Wendy smiling at her.

Right beside her, a cute boy caught Sophia's eye.

She stared at the boy, as he and Wendy approached her.

After a closer look, Sophia was certain that the boy was Colin's child because he had Colin's features.

The boy was staring at Sophia, too. His big eyes looked directly into hers. Somehow, Sophia's heart started to throb.

A strange feeling took over her. Sophia crouched down in front of the little boy, gazed into his eyes, and said, "Hello there..."

"Hello, auntie. Have I met you before?" The boy greeted back.

Sophia's heartbeat quickened. She flashed a smile, "Have we? You seem familiar, too. I must have seen you somewhere before."

But Sophia knew it was her first time to see Colin's boy.

Wendy stood aside quietly, watching their interaction with amazement. It must be the natural connection between a mother and a son that was pulling them together.

"Auntie, why are your eyes turning red?" Ambrose curiously asked. The woman seemed so familiar, but he couldn't recall where exactly he had met her.

Hearing that, Sophia hurriedly blinked back her tears.

She snuffled, but tried to smile, "Really? Are my eyes red? It must be the lighting here. Don't mind it. Let's talk about you. What is your name, young man?"

"My name is Ambrose Li. What should I call you, auntie?"

Ambrose... What a beautiful name. Sophia smiled and said, "I'm Sophia Lo. You can call me Aunt Sophia."

"Great! Aunt Sophia, I like you! Could you give me a hug?"

That was a very straightforward request. Sophia was amused. She held the boy into her arms.

Ambrose was fit, but it was a little difficult for Sophia to pick him up. She praised him, "You are so strong, little one!"

"Of course! Grandpa and I go running every morning!" Ambrose wrapped his arms around Sophia's neck and buried his face into her shoulder. He sniffed her and was immediately drawn to her.

He felt like he had known her from a long time back. And she smelled so nice, unlike Aunt Dorothy...

"Sophia, do you like this child?" Wendy's voice brought them back from their thoughts.

Sophia hurriedly put the boy down. She hesitated before she spoke because she was not sure how she should address Wendy, "Umm...Aunt

Wendy, Colin's son is very cute."

Did her opinion even matter? This boy was Colin's child, more specifically, Colin and Dorothy's child. It didn't matter whether she liked the boy or not.

Wendy was not surprised. She said, "I know, right? if you like this child, you can visit us from time to time. Colin is busy with work. Ambrose always complains his lack of companions."

Sophia's eyes widened with surprise. Didn't Wendy hate her? Didn't she dislike her?

She had brought so many troubles to her son and so many scandals to the Li Clan...

Wendy smiled as she took Sophia's hand. "I am always on your side, Sophia. Will you pay us a visit?"

She couldn't tell Sophia the truth just yet, but she wished that they could spend time together.

"But Colin..." Sophia hesitated. And Dorothy. How could she allow Sophia to visit her child?

"It's alright. Colin is at work during the day. He comes back home after 9 o'clock in the evening. You can visit us during weekends. Little Brody here goes to kindergarten on weekdays."

Sophia was touched, "Sure. I will." But not long after, her grateful smile faded from her face. She murmured an apology, "I am so sorry... Auntie."

Wendy glared at her, "Why are you saying sorry? Did you ever betray Colin?"

Sophia quickly shook her head, "No, of course not. But I... I've brought shame to the Li Clan..."

"So did the gossipmongers... They are merely self-proclaimed braggarts."

Sophia wanted to cry. She didn't feel worthy of Wendy's kindness. Suddenly, she recalled something and asked, "Auntie... Why didn't you answer my call that night?"

"What? When did you call?" Wendy was shocked. Colin had forbidden her from calling Sophia.

Every time when she wanted to call Sophia, Colin would lose his temper, so she looked forward to Sophia calling her instead.

Sophia told her that she called Wendy but her call was rejected and her number blocked. Wendy remained silent for a while and cursed, "That brat! He told me it was a prank call!"

... After hearing that, Sophia felt a little sad. Colin must have hated her a lot...

"Sophia, don't give up. Colin still cares for you. I can tell from his behavior." Wendy held Sophia's hand and solemnly assured her.

Sophia shook her head. She was fully aware that Colin did not care for her anymore. And even if he did, he was already engaged to Dorothy. There was nothing she could do.

Ambrose didn't understand much of their conversation, but he knew that Sophia was sad. To comfort her, he held Sophia by her sleeve and asked, "Aunt Sophia, can I invite you to dinner?"

Hearing what he said, Sophia smiled. "Sure, but the dinner is on me."

After making dinner plans, they bade goodbye to each other. Sophia went back to work, and when she finished, it was already 6 o'clock in the evening.

Sophia quickly packed her things up and headed toward the amusement park. That was the meeting place Ambrose had chosen.

When she arrived at the park, Wendy and Ambrose were already inside. The young chap spotted Sophia as she appeared. He let out a cheerful yell, "Aunt Sophia! I am here!"

Sophia smiled and trotted to them. Wendy chuckled, "He couldn't wait to see you. How was work?"

"Pretty good, auntie. Now, Little Brody, what do you want to eat for dinner?" Sophia smiled and asked.

Ambrose hopped off the bumper car. He said, "What do you want, Aunt Sophia? Ladies first!"

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