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   Chapter 174 Colin's Grievance

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Before Sophia returned, she had planned everything out.

Sandra shot her a resigned look. "Focus on your work. We'll talk about Colin later."

Currently, Sophia's career was flourishing. Her top priority should be her self-improvement. Love affairs could wait.

At the Li House.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Colin came back from work. As usual, he visited the sleeping Ambrose before quietly returning to his own room.

Colin closed the door behind him and took out a cigarette. Walking through the room, he stopped at the balcony, deep in thought.

Long after the cigarette burnt out, Colin took out his phone and called Wade. "Any news about the Lien's?"

"Yes, we've discovered some of their grey incomes. The company's accounts had been manipulated, but the tampered portion was done in a hurry. We've found a loophole." Wade answered.

"What about the Pei's?"

"There are suspicions of money laundering, but we're still looking for evidence."

Knowing Colin's intentions, Wade could only hold back a sigh.

Just as Colin was about to hang up, Wade quickly added, "Mr. Li, there's also some development in Z Country."

"What is it?"

"We've found a woman who works in the red light district. She said she spotted Miss Lo earlier and confirmed that Miss Lo was looking for a woman. As she recalled, the time she saw Miss Lo was about 30 minutes before the incident with the drunkard. According to the witness, Miss Lo was seeking a woman named Cora, who had also disappeared. Our men are looking into her whereabouts."

"I see. Keep investigating." Colin ended the conversation.

A knock sounded on the door. Colin put away the cigarette butt, and went to open it. As expected, it was Wendy.


"Colin, Marcella called me today. She asked when the wedding ceremony would take place."

Colin frowned. "I see."

Wendy paused. "What will you do about it?"

"I'll talk to Dorothy."

Wendy shot him a questioning look. "About what?"

Colin glanced at her. "What do you want me to say?"

Wendy hesitated for a while. "I want you to call off your engagement." Wendy was a little anxious. Since Ambrose was proved to be Sophia and Colin's child, she didn't know what Colin was still angry about.

But Colin was exceedingly calm. "Do you really believe in Sophia, mother?"

"You don't? If you care so little for her as you claim, why are you having people investigate her?" The way she saw it, her son was being childish.

Colin shot her an intense look. "Who told you that? Was it Wade? I'll fire him!"

That traitor!

"No, he didn't say anything. I overheard Wade's conversation with your father the other day, and I assumed the rest. It seems we're right."

Colin was silent. As the saying goes, aged ginger was spicier, and elders were a fountain of wisdom. His parents had outwitted him.

"Mother, I have to sleep now." Colin moved to shut the door, but Wendy kept it open.

She wasn't done talking. "Colin, why didn't you investigate earlier?"

"What, you think I should've investigated when the scandal occurred? That I should've had the video looked into? It's pointless, the video was obviously a fake."

Wendy was rendered speechless. She glared at him for a long time and spat, "Then what was the whole drama about? What's wrong with you?"

She accidentally heard Colin and Herring's conversation about the video. As Colin had confirmed now, she was finally certain.

Colin didn't answer her question. He bid Wendy good night, and locked his door shut.

Leaning against the door, he let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. The day before Sophia filed for divorce, he realized that the video was fake.

While rewatching the video, he suddenly noticed that the woman's body was unmarked. Sophia had a red birthmark on her left shoulder. When Sophia visited him in America, they made passionate love in the kitchen, and he saw the birthmark amidst their love-maki


With that, he was certain that the woman in the video wasn't Sophia.

Despite knowing the video was fake, he agreed to Sophia's request for a divorce. He didn't think Sophia loved him anymore.

Whether the affairs were real or not, Sophia had done a lot of things behind his back and kept him in the dark. She clearly never regarded him as a husband she could rely on.

Earlier, he ignored her when she tried her best to please him. Because he hated her... He hated her for her indifference and distrust.

He got engaged with Dorothy Lien not because he wanted to take advantage of her family's power. Although the SL Group was effected by the scandal, the company was by no means at the edge.

Everyone had been mulling over his intentions, but he was the only one who knew.

For the DNA test, he didn't care whose child Ambrose was. But everyone besides Wendy was skeptical of the child's father, so he decided to have the test. With the test results, perhaps he could finally forgive her.

He was shocked at the test results. According to the test, Ambrose's father was Levi.

Colin was outraged at the report. However, when he threw the report to Levi's face, he saw from Levi's stunned reaction that something had gone wrong.

It was all his fault, he never should've lost control. But everything about Sophia made him impulsive. His rage and jealousy had blinded him. He nearly forgot that as a trained soldier, Levi would never betray him...

When he calmed down, he took the child to the testing facility himself. After getting confirmation that the child was his, he almost forgave Sophia.

But she didn't deserve his kindness...

Later, Sophia's departure completely caught him off guard. When he found out that Sophia went overseas to study fashion design from the renowned designer Eason Bo, he felt relieved.

He wasn't certain whether the supposed death of her child was the last straw, or if she had truly left all the hatred behind.

Maybe with Payne and her father gone missing, coupled with the fact that her little brother was abroad, there was nothing left in A Country for her.

But what about him? Did she ever think of him when she decided to leave?

Of course she hadn't...

Another cigarette burnt out. Colin dusted the ashes that had fallen to his chest as he contemplated. In the future, he needed to make a better plan.

He called Wade again. When the line went through, he said, "Pay a visit to Sophia Lo on behalf of Dorothy and me."

Wade was speechless. "Yes, sir."

Wade didn't know how exactly Mr. Li wanted him to behave. Three years have already passed... Did they still love each other? Or was it one-sided?

Thinking Colin and Sophia still loved one another, Wade wished they would forgive each other and get back together soon.

At the Hospital.

Sophia drank the last gulp of medicine with tears in her eyes. With a sullen look on her face, she looked around for sweets. Amused by her reaction, Hugh handed her a candy. "I knew it. You always hated taking medicine."

For Sophia, taking medicine was a painful ordeal.

As she put the candy into her mouth, a knock sounded on the door of the ward. It was Wade.

Sophia's eyes brightened. "Mr. Ji."

Nodding to them, Wade put down a basket of fruits on the bedside table. "How are you, Miss Lo? I'm here on behalf of Mr. Li... and the future Mrs. Li to pay you a visit."

Wade didn't want to say that, but Colin had explicitly told him to.

Sophia's happy mood faded away at Dorothy's title. She put on a professional smile. "They're too kind. Please send them my gratitude."

"Of course. How are you feeling today, Miss Lo?" Wade asked politely.

Sophia nodded. "I'm feeling much better now. Thank you, Mr. Ji."

"I hope you recover soon. Mr. Pei, please contact me for any loss to your company. Mr. Li will compensate for any damages." Wade was referring to what had happened last night.

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