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   Chapter 173 Like A Moth to A Flame

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Drinking two pounds of wine could lead to alcohol poisoning.

The private room became quiet. It seems that everyone was waiting Sophia's decision.

"Mr. Li, I'm a little alarmed by this joke!" Sophia looked at the man's profile with a smile.

In the past three years, time didn't seem to leave any trace on Colin's face.

He was still the same person. The familiar taste made her heart flutter as her heartbeat quickened.

Colin kept his gaze on the wine in his glass. He didn't even look at Sophia. "If you think I'm joking, you can refuse."

For a moment, Sophia was a bit embarrassed. To avoid further embarrassment, she smiled at him. "Okay!"

In the past, she lost Colin from her side. Now, he's asking her to drink two pounds of alcohol...

"Miss Lo is a real female hero!" People who didn't know about Sophia's situation were praising her.

Hugh stood up and walked to Sophia's side. "Sophia, this bottle of wine costs hundreds of thousands. If you drink 2 pounds, you'll cost me almost a million. I don't approve!"

His tone was relaxed, and everyone laughed. "Mr. Pei, when did you start caring about money this small?"

The person was clearly joking. Hugh also gave a rare chuckle. "Money is a small matter. But Miss Lo's physical health is of great importance. If she is too wasted to design during overtime later, the loss will be great. Who will I complain to?"

Sophia shot Hugh a grateful look. He was evidently helping her.

Colin also chuckled. Putting down the glass in his hand, he leaned back against the chair. "It's fine, Miss Lo. You can drink what you want. I'll bear the consequences."

Sophia really wanted to slap herself. Why did she say she was glad to make him acquaintance?

Look, how ruthless he was!

Taking a deep breath, Sophia looked at irritated Hugh. She shrugged and told him in a relaxed tone, "Alright, I will drink, but if I can't hand in the design tomorrow, I trust that Mr. Li will bear the loss."

One after another, the glass of strong alcohol was poured into her stomach. Sophia thought back

d Hugh to tell him that Sophia had regained consciousness.

Within half an hour, Hugh arrived at the hospital.

He looked at the pale-faced woman anxiously. "Sophia, you Ok? Are you thirsty?"

Sophia opened her eyes. "Thank you, Hugh. I'm feeling much better."

"Are you hungry? I can ask the nurse to send some food over." For the convenience of the patients, the hospital offered meals at any time of the day.

Realizing she was hungry, she didn't refuse Hugh's kindness. "Okay."

June went out and tell the nurse. Hugh took Sophia's hand. "Sophia, you're like a moth to a flame."

A moth to a flame? She smiled bitterly. Maybe she is. "But I still want to give it a try. I don't want our relationship to end this way."

Sophia loved Colin. At the beginning, Colin was good to her. She could also be good to him. She was willing to do anything to please him...

A trace of pain flashed through Hugh's eyes. "You should focus on getting better."

In the evening, Sandra had just come back from abroad and came to pay Sophia a visit. June had updated her on the situation.

"You've gone abroad to study for three years. Why did you come back?"

Sophia shook her head in confusion. "At first, I wanted to get Colin back. But now it seems that I was flattering myself." She was only testing Colin last night. As it turned out, Colin didn't even look at her.

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