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   Chapter 172 Old Friends

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Following Hugh to the dining table with a smile, Sophia was relieved to find that she wasn't the last one to arrive. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Hugh got Sophia acquainted with several managers, introducing them to each other.

Among them was the president of the Ji Group.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Ji!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Miss Lo." After exchanging greetings, Sophia sat next to Hugh.

Ten minutes later, the door opened again. People stood up to greet the newcomers.

"Mr. Li, hello!"

"Mr. Li, over here!"

"Mr. Li and Mrs. Li have arrived!"

The title 'Mrs. Li' imprinted on Sophia. It seemed Colin and Dorothy had gotten married in secret after all.

Having worked with one another before, everyone was quite familiar with each other.

Colin sat down on the seat reserved for the main guest, while Dorothy sat next to him with a smile.

Nearby sat Hugh and Sophia.

Sophia had no idea what the dinner was for, so she sat quietly during the whole affair. Since no one spoke to her, she kept silent.

After they had some cold dishes, eight waiters dressed in black uniforms began to serve some hot dishes.

The large table was filled with luxurious dishes that were tantalizing to Sophia's eyes.

It smelled so good... A dish of steamed Chinese sturgeon was directly sent to Colin by a waiter.

The general manager, deputy general manager, and restaurant manager of the No. 8 Cruise came over in person to make a toast to Colin. When they left, the eight waiters stood at the preparation table to serve them.

While Sophia was enjoying her dinner, Mr. Xu of the FW Group came by with a glass of wine. "Miss Lo."

Putting down the chopsticks and wiping her mouth promptly, Sophia took the glass in front of her. "Mr. Xu."

"Miss. Lo, long time no see. You've reached the top position among fashion designers in A Country. Congratulations!" Mr. Xu's praise made the room fall into silence and drew everyone's attention.

Sophia didn't remember when she had met Mr. Xu, but she smiled in response. "I'm flattered. But there's still much I need to learn. I have a long way to go to reach the top."

Mr. Xu smiled kindly. "You are too modest. Well, may I make a toast to you? I hope we'll get more opportunities to work with each other!"

After they clinked their glasses, Sophia drank the fiery liquor.

She thought that was it... However, Mr. Xu didn't plan on leaving. He took the alcohol on the turntable to fill in their glasses with more wine.

When he handed her the glass, Sophia had no choice but to accept it.

"Miss Lo, it's an honor to dine with you today. I'm so delighted. Allow me to make another toast!"

Sophia felt tired...

When Sophia reluctantly took the glass to her mouth, Hugh said, "Mr. Xu, Miss Lo still has to go back to work tonight. She's always been a lightweight. Let me drink on her behalf."

Mr. Xu chuckled as he refused Hugh. "Are you worried about her, Mr. Pei? Fine, just one more glass. After that, I'll go!"

Sophia said to Hugh softly, "It's okay, I'm fine."

She just had two glasses earlier, she could drink a little more.

After the toast, Mr. Xu went back to his seat as he promised.

Hugh used the servin

g chopsticks to put some steamed fish into Sophia's plate. "Are you alright?"

Sophia gave him a sidelong glance. "I'm fine. Since I've eaten a lot, I won't get drunk easily."

The man nodded with a smile in his eyes, which was noticeable to many people.

After Sophia had several bites of fish, Hugh told her gently, "You have to make a toast to Mr. Ji. He specifically selected you for the job you have been given."

Sophia was surprised. Mr. Ji selected her?

Perhaps Sandra or someone else had asked him to do so.

Waiting until the people around Jacob went back to their seats, Sophia picked up her glass and went over to him.

Colin was sitting next to Jacob. In spite of the distance, Sophia could still smell his familiar scent...

"Mr. Ji, thank you for your help during our partnership. I'd like to make a toast to you!"

Standing up from his seat, Jacob smiled mysteriously. "It's so kind of you, Miss Lo. Following seniority, you should call me 'Uncle' like Leila does."

Suddenly realizing the connection, Sophia said brightly, "Yes, Uncle Ji! Thank you for your help. Let me make a toast to you!"

After Sophia finished the wine in her glass, she put the glass down. "Uncle Ji, I'm done. Please enjoy yourself."

Jacob laughed, finishing the wine in his glass. They chatted with each other for a while before Sophia brought her glass back to her seat.

Later, whether on purpose or by accident, someone suggested, "Why won't Miss Lo make a toast to Mr. Li? Since the Pei Group and the SL Group have a lot of projects together, it would be much more convenient if Miss Lo and Mr. Li are acquainted with each other."

Sophia was pretty sure that she had no idea who was speaking.

After several drinks, everyone was a little drunk and followed the person's lead, "I heard that Mr. Li and Miss Lo are old friends. Miss Lo, you should make a toast to Mr. Li."

"More than old friends, they are..." The man's voice paused abruptly.

Some people didn't know the story and looked at him questioningly. He laughed awkwardly. "I think I've drank too much. I'll go to the restroom first."

When the attention shifted to Sophia, Dorothy immediately felt tense. She chuckled nervously. "It seems Miss Lo has already drank a lot. Can you drink more, Miss Lo? If you can't, you can make a toast next time!"

Sophia hesitated before emotionally picking up the glass in front of her and walking towards Colin.

She looked at Dorothy calmly. "Thank you for your concern, Miss Lien. I'm fine."

No one knew how hard it was for Sophia to hide her feelings and behave so calmly.

Ignoring Dorothy's angry look, Sophia added some wine to Colin's nearly full glass. "A little wine, a lot happiness. It's my honor to meet you tonight, Mr. Li. I'd like to make a toast to you! I am glad to make your acquaintance."

Glad to make your acquaintance? Was there an implication behind her words?

Picking up the glass in front of him, Colin swirled the contents and remained seated. "Drink 10 glasses, and I'll be your acquaintance."

Sophia was speechless. She felt her stomach rumbling uncomfortably. Ten glasses...

One glass was about 3 ounces, so 10 glasses would be about 2 pounds...

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