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   Chapter 171 The No. 8 Cruise Ship

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"Hugh! Don't test me! If you push me, Sophia and his brother will end up dead!"

Hugh sneered, "I'll go to the police and report you!"

"You!" Jonas raised his right hand again, but this time, Hugh blocked it before he was hit.

Hugh shook off Jonas' arm, making Jonas stagger a little. He held onto the table to keep himself from falling down. "Bastard! Get out!"

Hugh left without turning back, only to find Hermosa standing outside the room in tears.

Hugh looked at her worriedly. "Mother..."

Jonas heard Hugh's call from inside the room and immediately felt his heart drop. Hermosa was surprised at the sight of Hugh storming out the room, but then, her surprise turned into deep disappointment at her husband.

The man she had been living with for over 30 years turned out a murderer! If Hermosa hadn't heard the fight, she would've never known.

"No wonder Lucy doesn't go home anymore, and our son doesn't want to see you... Jonas... It turns out you're a horrible person!"

Jonas felt slightly stunned as he stared his wife. "Hermosa, stay out of it. Go to the room and get some rest!"

"Jonas, the death of Sophia's mother... Did you really cause it?" Hermosa held onto the last glimmer of hope as she looked at her husband.

After hesitating for a while, Jonas said harshly, "Hermosa, go back and rest!"

Hermosa looked at him heartbrokenly.

"No." She took Jonas' hands anxiously. "Jonas, you should surrender yourself to the police and apologize to Sophia..."

"How is that possible!" Jonas looked at Hermosa in shock. He pushed her off so hard, that Hermosa crashed directly into the wall.




Both father and son quickly helped Hermosa up. Hugh flung off Jonas' hand in anger. "Mother, are you alright?"

Hermosa's head immediately started to swell. She shook her pale face. "I'm fine. Just help me to my room."

Hugh supported his mother in his arms as they walked back to the room.

high membership fee, the number of gold members has grown to tens of thousands.

There are only few premium members, including Colin, Herring, Patrick, and two businessmen. Including the number of overseas members, the number would reach up to a thousand.

The number of platinum members reached about 10 thousand.

Despite being open for only 2 years, the No. 8 Cruise was the most profitable one among its competition.

When Sophia was about to leave the office, a driver sent by the No. 8 Cruise came to pick her up. Since she was a woman, the driver of the red Ferrari was also a woman.

The driver invited Sophia to the Ferrari with great respect, surprising Sophia with the extraordinary service that the No. 8 Cruise provided.

After Hugh's name was taken upon arrival, two tall waitresses brought Sophia into the dining area.

The resplendent and magnificent interior stunned people into a daze.

"Miss Lo, we've arrived at Room 88. Please come in!" The sweet voice of the waitresses pulled Sophia back from her reverie.

Sophia smiled at her. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome. It's our duty!"

Stepping into the private room, Sophia found about a dozen people sitting at the table.

At her entrance, everyone's eyes fell on her. Hugh walked over from his seat. "Sophia, come in."

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