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   Chapter 170 Unaffected Colin

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The Lien Group was much weaker than the SL Group. How could it help the SL Group?

"Just take care of Ambrose. Don't worry about anything else." Colin went to his bedroom with these words.

"Um, I just want to tell you that a real mother is always better than a stepmother!"

"It's useless to have a mother like her!"

Wendy was speechless. Taking a deep breath, she went back to her room.

Colin was used to working on his computer every day when he came back to his bedroom. But he didn't open his computer today. Instead, he poured a glass of red wine and went to the balcony.

Thoughts of a woman filled his mind. Sophia seemed to have advanced herself after all these years.

A self-mocking smile appeared on Colin's face. Everyone used to say that he changed Sophia. But it seems that Sophia was better off without him.

The hand holding the glass of red wine gradually tightened until the glass made a crisp sound and fell to the ground in pieces...

At the Lien House.

Dorothy hurriedly ran to her parents' room and pulled her mother's arm. She was applying skincare products when Dorothy barged in. "Mom, something bad has happened!"

Marcella looked at her daughter in confusion. "What is it?"

Seeing that his daughter was distressed, Gregory put down the newspaper he was reading. "What happened?"

"Dad, mom, that bitch has returned!" Dorothy grit her teeth in anger.

When her parents didn't understand her vague outburst, she had to add, "Sophia Lo!"

"What! Sophia has come back?" Marcella put the cream down in shock. She stood up from the chair. "Didn't she leave? Why did she come back? Is she jealous of your good relationship with Colin?"

"I have no idea. I heard that she went to Milan for three years and got the top award as a fashion designer. Now, she returned for career development. You didn't see how arrogant she is now! A lot of men were attracted by her. They completely forgot that 3 years ago, she was shamed as a woman of loose morals!" Dorothy didn't know that her face had twisted in jealousy.

Marcella didn't care about this. She was concerned that Colin would be taken away. "Your should speed up your marriage with Colin. I will pay Mrs. Li a visit one of these days."

Gregory set aside the newspaper, walking over to his wife and daughter with furrowed eyebrows. "Sophia hasn't done anything, yet you're both already a mess."

"Dad, you didn't see her! Without even lifting a finger, she has become the envy of every woman and she is coveted by every man!" Dorothy didn't know what Sophia did in Milan to greatly improve her appearance.

Gregory glanced at his daughter. "Your mother is right. You should marry Colin as soon as possible. I don't know what Colin is thinking. Why hasn't he mentioned your marriage for such a long time!"

Dorothy looked thoughtful. "Actually, we don't have to worry. Colin knew Sophia was in Milan these past three years because she was reported as Eason's student several times on TV. He never went to Milan to find her. That means he doesn't love her anymore!"

When Colin saw Sophia tonight,

he was unaffected. Although his eyes fell on her for a second, it seemed like he was looking at a stranger.

Gregory shook his head. "Everyone knows that Sophia and Colin love each other. As you young people know, love cannot be forgotten easily. The calmer he seems to be, the more cautious you should be!"

"But Colin is always calm these days, he seems indifferent to everything." He was only kind to Sophia's fatherless bastard.

"Your father is right. Colin hides himself so deep that he's incapable of manipulation. Everyone thinks that the boy is your child with Colin. Don't correct them and let it be." Marcella calmed down and continued applying the cream.

Dorothy nodded. The three family members were occupied with different thoughts.

When Dorothy left, Gregory said, "Pay attention to Sophia and Cora. It seems many people are looking for Cora. Hide her well!"

Three years ago, Cora had given birth to a girl with harelips, and the girl had been sent to the orphanage by Dorothy. They continued to imprison Cora.

Since Sophia had come back, Dorothy needed to hide Cora well. She was the key to Colin and Sophia's reconciliation.

At the Pei House.

Jonas glared at his indifferent son. "Did you need to introduce Sophia to the public? What's your purpose for doing this? You want announce to everyone that you support her?"

Hugh glanced at the table casually. "What about it?"

"Hugh! You're my son! I'm warning you, don't even dream about marrying a second-hand woman!"

"Second-hand? So what? If I want to, do you think you can stop me from marrying her?" The two men glared at each other.

Jonas sighed heavily. His unfilial son would ruin him one day!

"Sophia better behave herself, or I'll have 10 thousand reasons to drive her out of the company!"

"Dad, you don't like Sophia because you feel guilty, don't you? Weren't you the one who sent someone to kill her foster mother?" Hugh had found out everything. He felt ashamed for having such a father!

Jonas' face changed slightly. But since it was impossible to hide the truth, he confessed, "What of it? If I didn't find the chip, we'll always be controlled by the Qiao family!"

Hugh sneered, "For that chip, you killed Sophia's foster mother, drove her father insane, and sold Aaron to a foreign country... Jonas, you don't deserve to be called human!"

"You..." Slap! Jonas' slap fell on Hugh's face heavily.

A red mark instantly appeared on Hugh's pale face. He clenched his hands in his pockets into fists.

Hugh coldly looked at the man he called his father. If not for his mother, he would cut all ties with him!

"How did I raise such an ungrateful son! If I hadn't done that, I'd be constantly worrying about our family and our company. Everything would disappear in a second!" Jonas regretted that his son did not live up to his expectations.

Hugh calmly said, "After killing someone and driving someone insane, have you gotten what you wanted?"

Jonas was speechless. Hugh continued, "No! You will never sleep or eat well again! Jonas, and that's the price you have to pay!"

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