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   Chapter 169 Ambrose's Identity

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Looking at Colin's back, Herring asked thoughtfully, "Shel, did aunt tell you whose child Ambrose is?"

To tell the truth, he was furious when he saw the video of Sophia being unfaithful.

But he felt he had gone too far when he drove Sophia away, she was still pregnant at that time.

Finally, when Sophia experienced the loss of her child after Colin had taken the baby away, Herring began to show sympathy for Sophia...

"Hush!" His words frightened Shelly, who nervously glanced at the woman surrounded by a crowd nearby.

Herring helplessly looked at his wife. "What's wrong?"

"Don't you know that my brother won't let me mention Ambrose? And you also mentioned Sophia! If somebody heard you, my brother would get angry again!" In the past few years, Colin would not only lose his temper if someone mentioned Sophia, but also quarrel with the offenders for saying something wrong...

No one was allowed to mention her at all!

"Do you know the saddest thing about all this?" Herring held his wife's arm.

Shelly knew. "Since you drove Sophia away, your relationship with Colin hasn't been as good as before."

Herring shook his head helplessly. "Why did Colin care so much about that woman?"

He cast his eyes on Sophia. He had to admit that she had changed a lot. She had become more outstanding and elegant.

He wondered what Colin would do. He was looking forward to see Colin's next move.

Surrounded by many men, Sophia shot the nearby man glances from time to time. When Colin went to Gregory's side with Dorothy, she turned pale.

That's right, since Colin got engaged with Dorothy, he had become Gregory's son-in-law. According to the news, Colin has been preparing for their wedding recently...

"Sophia, Sophia..." Hugh's voice interrupted her thoughts.

Sophia snapped out of her daze and smiled at Hugh. "Sorry."

"It's all right. I invited you here right after you came back. Where will you stay tonight? Do you need me to arrange accommodations for you?" In the three years Sophia had been away, she only contacted Hugh.

Hugh was also the only person she told about her return.

"It's fine, I can stay at my house. Have you heard from my father recently?" She looked at Hugh anxiously as she mentioned her father.

Hugh shook his head. "No. Your father may have gone into hiding. I have many people look for him, but haven't gotten any result."

Sophia frowned. Aaron once called to tell her that father had found him in England a year ago. After that, he disappeared again...

She could do nothing but to let it be for now.

After all, her father always called her using different phone numbers to tell her that he was alright.

The banquet ended soon and Sophia walked out of the hotel with Hugh's escort. When she was about to get into the car, a nearby scene made her face fall.

A black Cayenne steadily stopped at the front entrance of the hotel. Dorothy and Colin walked to the side of the car. And a boy around two or three years old came out and jumped to Colin. "Dad, I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

It was too dark and the boy moved too fast

into Colin's arms for anyone to see his face.

Sophia was dumbstruck. Both Colin and Dorothy looked at the little boy with kind smiles. Finally, Colin hugged the boy and the three sat together in the Cayenne.

Was that Colin and Dorothy's child?

The Cayenne slowly left, leaving Sophia completely pale. Hugh followed her gaze and saw the scene.

Something complicated flashed in his eyes. It took him quite a while to suppress what he wanted to say. "Sophia, it's time to get in the car."

Everyone knew the boy's identity except for Sophia...

Sophia didn't know how she got back home. When she turned on the lights, everything inside was exactly the same as the day she left.

It seemed her father hadn't come back in the past three years...

Sophia sat on the sofa in distress. Did Colin and Dorothy have a baby? Did they get a marriage certificate in secret like she and Colin did in the past?

Did she come back too late?

She had only planned to stay abroad for two years. But since Eason valued her a lot, he took her under his wing and taught her a lot of things. She spent another year in Milan to study.

The boy seemed to be three years old, and she had been away for three years. Had Dorothy been pregnant before she left?

After all, the day Sophia went into premature birth was their engagement day. It is also possible that Dorothy had been pregnant before she gave birth to her baby...

Had she lost Colin forever?

She was so upset that she buried her face between her legs. She remembered her child. If he didn't die, he would be three years old...

It was already midnight. Sophia felt a little tired. She decided to stay in a hotel for the night and clean the house the next day.

At Colin's Home.

After coaxing Ambrose to sleep, Colin closed the door and headed to his bedroom.

Suddenly, the door of Wendy's room opened. "Colin, wait."

"Mom." Colin stopped.

Looking at Colin's sad face, Wendy realized that what she heard was true. "I heard that... She's back."

Wendy didn't need to point out who she meant, since they both clearly knew.

When Sophia made an appearance tonight, those gossipy ladies immediately called her.

While some sincerely cared about Sophia, others just laughed at her and wanted to know the truth. Wendy didn't care, she just wanted to know if Sophia had come back.

Colin glanced faintly at his mother, whose face was filled with expectation. "Yes."

He didn't know why his mother, a woman at the age of more than 50, firmly believed that Sophia didn't betray him.

He could've shown his mother the video, but he didn't want to make her sad.

Wendy held her smile back and asked him, "Are you going to marry Dorothy?"

Compared to Dorothy, she liked Sophia more.

Colin knew his mother's intention. He dashed her hopes with a single word, "Yes."

"Colin, I've told you many times. Since your company has overcome the economic crisis, you don't need the help of the Lien Group anymore. Why are you still going to marry Dorothy?" To be accurate, his company didn't need the help of the Lien Group from the very beginning.

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