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   Chapter 168 Future Sister-in-Law is Here

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"Ms. Lo, can you tell us more about what happened that year?"

When the security guards blocked the journalist for her, Sophia heaved a sigh of relief. Not far from Sophia, Eason looked at his disciple and smiled, "Well done!"

These two simple words made Sophia proud of what she had become.

She had suffered a lot to get Eason's recognition.

"Master, let's have dinner with Selina tonight!" Sophia said, with gleaming eyes.

Selina had become a model, and Eason was not happy about it. He couldn't understand why Selina didn't pursue her studies after graduation, but had decided to work as a model instead...

But since her fiancé, Levi, didn't care, Eason could only look the other way.

Eason shook his head. "You and Selina can go. I have a dinner party tonight."

"Okay, Master. Let me wrap up a few things before I call Selina." Both of them, then, talked and walked toward the backstage lounge, with their hearts filled with pride.

A month later.

At the Minwax Five-Star Hotel of A Country, the Pei clan was having its 33rd Family Anniversary Celebration.

Last year, Hugh was promoted to general manager. He was responsible for the supervision and operations of the hotel. He had dedicated much of his time and effort in organizing this anniversary event.

Hugh, who had gone from the entertainment sector to the business industry, was appointed as the new general manager. This was just the icing on the cake for the Pei clan. The Pei clan had already surpassed the Ji clan, now becoming the second largest family in A Country, second only to the Li clan.

Tonight, many VIPs and top executives of A Country would be attending. Therefore, everything should be perfect down to the smallest detail.

At 8 p.m. sharp.

Everyone had arrived. Hugh entertained people in his designer black suit. People at the scene were socializing with each other.

"It's said that the Pei Family had paid a lot to invite a certain designer. Did you know that?"

"Yeah. I heard that this designer's annual pay was mo

w is here. Watch your mouth."

Herring seemed not to have noticed Dorothy until now, "Oh, Dorothy, hello there." Without giving Dorothy a chance to reply, Herring looked at Colin again and said, "Several years have passed. Sophia had not only won a prestigious award, but also became this famous. How unbelievable..."

Shelly glared at Herring. It was Herring who expelled Sophia out of the villa that year. How could he say such thing?

Colin gave him a cold look and took a sip of the wine. "Does it have anything to do with me? Or do you want to leave Shelly and get together with her?"

"Hey, don't put it on me. She is your..." Before speaking out the word "ex-wife", Herring shut up when Colin glared at him.

Even though Dorothy hated Herring, she still forced a smile. "Colin, Dad is waiting for us. Let's go, shall we?"

Colin followed Dorothy and headed toward Gregary.

Shelly pinched Herring, "What are you trying to do? Colin wasn't the only one who hated Sophia. You did, too!"

It was Herring who banished Sophia for Colin's sake.

Herring who had dyed his hair black shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "Didn't you see how Colin had become so unhappy since he divorced that woman?"

"Of course, I did!" Shelly had been in A Country for two whole years now. She had never seen Colin smile. He was almost as cold as Daniel.

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