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   Chapter 167 Slapped for Nothing

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In fear, Selina tried hard to push him away, but he was too heavy. "Levi, listen! If you dare touch me, I'll... I'll kill you!"

"I want to establish our relationship. How do you like the idea of becoming my woman?" Levi was dead serious.

Shaking her head, Selina struggled to get up. "I don't want it. Levi, let me go!"

Levi lowered his head and kissed her, leaving no room for her to resist.

After a long while, Levi whispered to her, "I'm innocent. How could I fool around with my sister-in-law? I like you, Selina. Please be my girlfriend!"

With his sudden confession, Selina was taken by surprise and hesitated.

She didn't know whether she could trust him, especially after what happened. "Let me think it over."

It was evident that Selina didn't trust Levi. Furious, Levi punched the seat right beside her. Selina was terrified, so she closed her eyes and curled up her seat.

Levi sat up and calmly said, "How can I make you trust me?"

"Let me go!"

Levi didn't make it difficult for her this time. He unlocked the car, and Selina immediately got off the car.

Selina turned around to make sure that Levi wasn't following her. Then, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She needed some time alone because she didn't know whether she could trust Levi. Moreover, there was no denying the paternity test result that Colin had shown them...

Selina's phone rang. It was Levi; he sent her a message. Upon reading it, Selina's heart beat faster with each word. It read: "I am a soldier, and as a soldier, I vowed never to do anything that goes against moral ethics.

When it comes to the matters of love, soldiers bear the utmost responsibility for the society, for other people, and for ourselves. We, as soldiers, are prudent in making decisions by taking various factors into consideration.

Loyalty and dedication are two of the most important principles that we, soldiers, have to uphold. To be loyal is to remain faithful, and to be dedicated is to fully devote oneself to another. And I will follow these principles in our relationship. Will you accept my love, Selina?"

His earnest and sincere message made Selina cry and la

Sophia. She is the last disciple of Eason, an international fashion designer..."

"Our sources say that she is the ex-wife of Mr. Colin who is the regional president of the SL Group. They divorced due to irreconcilable differences. Now, they are both thriving in different sectors of the economy. But who's better between the both of them... Oh, look! There she is. Let's ask her a few questions, shall we?"

With a trophy in hand, a lady in a stylish chamomile-colored coverall jumpsuit stepped down from the stage in her 7-centimeter high heels.

The media rushed toward her and surrounded her.

"Ms. Lo, nice to meet you! We would like to ask you a few questions. Would you please tell us how you feel now?"

"Ms. Lo, how are you feeling at the moment? Would you please tell us?"

"Among all the designs here at the Golden Tripod Awards, yours is not only the brightest, but is the most sophisticated. Ms. Lo, could you please elaborate on your inspiration for this design?"

Facing the journalists, Sophia said with a smile, "Thank you for your support. All the praises I have received today should be dedicated to my master. I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to his unending guidance..."

"Ms. Lo, what are your plans for the future? Will we be seeing more of your designs?"

"It has been said that you have stayed in Milan for three years. After winning this award, will you continue to stay in Milan?"

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