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   Chapter 166 Where Do You Get That Damn Report

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Bam! The door pushed open. Colin strode in, glanced around the room, and rushed toward Levi.

"Bro!" Luckily, Levi was alert. He was able to evade Colin's blow in time.

But Colin didn't stop. Another blow came toward Levi's face. Wendy quickly put Ambrose into Selina's arms and tried to pull Colin away from Levi.

Selina was scared, so she held the baby tight.

It was actually her first time to carry a baby in her arms. She was curious about how it felt whenever Wendy held him, but she dared not ask.

"What are you doing, Colin? Levi is your brother!" Wendy grabbed Colin's arm.

Colin's eyes were red with anger. He glared at Levi and sneered, "My brother? What sort of brother would have an affair with his sister-in-law?"

What was that supposed to mean? ? ? ?

The living room went quiet. Everyone gazed at Levi.

Levi was stunned. He was too startled that he didn't even notice a punch flying to his face. Bam!

Selina was shocked too. Holding the baby, she watched them both with teary eyes.

Did Levi really have an affair with Sophia Lo?

She thought Levi only liked her... It was the only reason why Lola had sent her to go to Wendy and why she had accepted the errand.

But now her world was collapsing, her mind swirling in such heartbreaking chaos.

"What the hell was that supposed to mean, Brother?" Levi nursed the bruise on his face and angrily asked.

"Oh, you want an explanation? I'll give you an explanation." Colin took out the crumpled DNA test result from his pocket and threw it right at Levi's face.

Levi caught the ball, opened it, and read it. But he grew more and more confused. He asked, "Brother, what does it mean? Ambrose and you..."

63.45% probability?

Colin sneered, "Are you trying to play dumb with me? If I am his birth father, the probability of paternity will have to be 99.9%! But now the result is a mere 63%, which means I am his uncle, and he is my nephew!"

Levi choked back and said, "You mean... Ambrose is my son? With Sophia?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Livid, Colin grabbed Levi by his collar. He had never imagined that his brother would have betrayed him, along with his unfaithful wife...

Levi hurriedly shook his head, "That's impossible! Nothing happened between me and your wife!"

Still shocked, Wendy gasped, "Colin, do you mean that Brody is not your son? But

ordered, "I'll send a phone number to you. Locate this number, and text me its location."

Twenty minutes later, Levi found Selina at a hotel.

Levi saw her, carried her into his car, put her onto the rear seat, and got into the car.

"What do you want? Who do you think you are?" Shouting at him, Selina struggled to get away from him.

But before she laid her hand on the handle, Levi pulled her back. Pressing her down to the rear seat, he kissed on her lips to stop her from leaving.

"Hmm!" Selina struggled under his arms. When he finally stopped, she pushed him hard and slapped him.

Slap! Levi got another big red slap mark on his cheek.

He had rarely been slapped this much in his life, not even by his parents. But today, he received three blows on his face... All within an hour.

Selina flinched as she saw his face fall, but anger quickly took over. She shouted, "Who do you think you are to kiss me? What am I, your sister-in-law?"

Levi's face turned darker, but he didn't rebut. The slap swelled on his bruised cheek as he gazed at her.

Selina swallowed and quickly turned to the car door next to her.

Before she opened the door, Levi locked the car up.

"Don't you want to hear my explanation?" He asked in a calm tone, despite his swollen face.

Selina shook her head and said in anger, "No, thanks. I don't think there's any misunderstanding. Besides, you have no obligation to report anything to me. After all, I don't mean anything to you."

"Really? Is that what you think?" Levi grabbed her, and pressed her down again.

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