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   Chapter 165 The Hell Will Break Loose

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Going to Milan was Sophia's decision.

But she meant it when she said she wanted to study fashion design for Colin. She had the opportunity to be with the man she loved, but she let it slip through her fingers. To repay his kindness, even if he'd never forgive her again, she would do everything she could.

She would work in the SL Group and help out as much as she could when she came back.

Aaron's words brought her back to her senses. "Okay, take good care of yourself, sister. I have to go. Class is about to begin."

"Sure, bye."

After ending the call, Sophia gazed out the window and looked at the plane taking off from the runway. She suddenly realized that the lunar new year was coming up...

It reminded her of the last lunar new year, the one she would never forget, the one she had spent together with him.

Plucking up all the courage left in her, Sophia called Wendy.

The Li's House.

Wendy placed the baby on the sofa and said, "Stay still, my dear. Grandma needs to change your diaper."

Colin silently stood at the corner, watching the little boy wave his arms and legs, with no emotion in his eyes.

"Colin, are you going to help me or what? I need to change his diaper, " Wendy resigned herself with a sigh.

Colin glanced at the giggling baby, "He is not my son. I have no obligation to nurse him."

If Wendy didn't insist keeping him, Colin would've sent the baby away.

"I don't like hearing those words from you, Colin. I believe Sophia. If she said the baby is yours, then it should be yours." Not expecting him to help, Wendy went back to the sofa with a new diaper.

She liked her grandson; he looked just as cute as his mother. Ever since the boy was brought to the Li's House, she had been personally taking care of him, not even allowing the servants to help.

But Wendy's happiness dwindled when she thought about Sophia. Colin had forbidden Wendy to call her on the phone.

"Don't mention that woman's name. She's a liar. How can you trust her words?" Colin shot an irritated glance at Wendy.

"You think she lied about the baby? Then, why don't you have him get a paternity test? Do something about it, instead of just moping around." Wendy threw the dirty diaper into the trash can, wiped the baby's butt with a wet towel, and put on a new one.

"Why should I waste my money on a bastard? Give it to me. I wil

threw it away at a window, which bounced and landed on the floor.

So... Sophia had an affair with Levi?

Outraged, Colin clenched his fists so tight that his knuckles turned white.

Standing beside him, Wade hardly dared to speak. He had never seen Colin this angry.

Colin suddenly stood up and kicked his office chair down. He walked to the paper ball, picked it up, and sped out of the office. On his way, he took out his phone and dialed Levi's number.

As the call put through, Colin burst out before Levi spoke, "Where are you?"

Levi was puzzled by his sudden temper. He answered, "I'm at home." He was accompanying Selina because Lola had sent her to the Li's House to bring some gifts.

"Good. Wait for me at home!" Colin clenched his hands into fists as he fought the urge to smash his phone.

Levi was at a loss. He had no idea why his brother was angry at him.

"What happened?" Wendy shot him a curious look, as did Selina, who also sat on the sofa.

"I don't know why, but brother sounded really angry..." said Levi.

Indeed, Colin was angry at him. Levi racked his brains, trying to remember how he had offended Colin.

But he couldn't think of anything. His only recent interaction with Colin was regarding Sophia's scandal. But he was a victim of the whole issue. Plus, he had never said anything against Sophia, even though his social position was undermined...

Before long, they suddenly heard a car accelerating out on the streets, moving closer. Then, the brakes screeched outside of their house. Startled, they all looked at each other.

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