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   Chapter 164 Study Fashion Design in Milan

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Patrick came to her and pulled her cheeks, "Don't you dare to get rid of me. Even if you are gone, I can still have your beautiful and lovely sister... ha-ha..."

He laughed loudly, vigorously and lasciviously.

"Patrick, you are a bastard!" June's heart withered like cold ash. How had she managed to get trapped in this monster den?

But... Patrick had not been like this in the past. What had caused him to become so different now?

Why was this happening?

Flustered and exasperated, June could no longer breath easily. Suddenly, she began to spit out blood!

The red blood stained the white bed sheet as well as Patrick's white shirt.

Patrick was overcome with terror, "June... You OK?"

He rushed to wrap her in a quilt, carried her out of the bed and rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital.

The doctor looked at Patrick coldly, "You should have taken good care of your wife. Instead, you hurt her badly and made her anxious enough to have her spitting blood. You have to stop doing that and start taking good care of her. Make sure to keep her happy and always in a good mood."

Patrick said nothing, staring blankly at the pale face of June. The doctor was not even sure if Patrick had heard him at all. He shook his head helplessly and walked out of the ward.

Patrick had fallen in love with June at the age of sixteen.

When they met again, about seven or eight years later, Patrick couldn't hold back his passion for June and raped her.

June was the daughter of a prominent family who were desperate to suppress this news of disgrace. Thus, it was arranged for Patrick to marry her.

At the day of their grand wedding, he saw her rare smile.

Almost a decade had passed since. To be exact, they had been married for 8 years.

Two years after the wedding, it was found out that June was permanently sterile.

Quite frankly, Patrick did not mind this at all, although his mother did. To prevent his mother, Marcella from insulting June, as if she were a hen incapable of laying eggs, he found another woman to give his family a child.

Obviously, something as ridiculous as this could not be kept a secret for long and soon, June found out all about it. And yet, she never cried or caused any trouble.

Only her smile disappeared. For a while, she went away to live with her parents. It was only after Patrick's incessant persistence that she was forced to come back to his house.

When the child was born, the baby's mother came to their house several times, kicking up a big fuss.

Concerned about the Ji Family's reputation and influence, Marcella had to push that woman out. However, after this incident, she never treated June amicably or kindly.

She often muttered to herself, "If June wasn't Patrick's wife, York would certainly have lived with his biological parents."

Patrick did not want to quarrel with his mother. But, watching June suffer from all the wrongful and unfair conducts made him feel terrible; eventually, he made a plan to move out with June.

For some unexplainable reason, June refused this proposal. As time went on, their relationship got worse.

Nonetheless, it had never occurred to him that June would bring out a divorce agreement. When he first laid his eyes upon the agreement, he wanted to devastate her!

With passage of time, however, he tried hard to keep her involved but her heart had disappeared.

As she woke up now on the hospital bed, she only saw his familiar face. Heartbroken, she decided to better keep her eyes shut rather than see him.

Patrick grasped her hands tightly, but she made no protest. "I'm so sorry."

Tears ran down her face. But the apology meant nothing to her any more. All this was of no use now.

Her heart had died when he had decided to sleep with another woman. She would never forgive a man cheating on his wife.

He sat beside the bed, understanding her angst. He explained, "I want you to know that we got the baby through IVF. I never touched that woman. But why do

you care so much?"

Hearing those words, June suddenly opened her eyes and saw the sincerity in Patrick's overwhelmed eyes.

"Why did you never tell me that before? Did you think I don't deserve to know the truth?" She asked in an overwhelmed, throaty voice.

Since she was permanently sterile, if only Patrick had asked her to try the IVF, she might have agreed. These days, there were many couples attempting to conceive their babies this way. She also didn't want the Lien's family to have no heir.

She felt hurt and offended at the fact that Patrick found another woman without telling her the truth beforehand.

Finally, Patrick realised his mistake. He helped June up and embraced her firmly. "No more divorce papers... I promise I will never hurt you again!"

Patrick still saw some confusion in June's eyes. "If you don't want to raise York, my parents will take care of him. We can move out. Do you want that?"

A woman can never fight against the sweet words of her lover.

June, being a woman, melted at these words. Although she seemed strong on the outside, she also longed for love.

"I want to live with you, just the two of us. Of course, York can live with us, if that is what you wish." Living with Marcella had been a nightmare. The relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law had been far worse than expected.

However, she liked living and playing with York. It felt good to have a child around when she had free time at hand.

Patrick kissed her red lips. "We will move out as soon as you are discharged from the hospital."

Patrick was completely aware of the nature of his parents. On the other hand, June did not make those mistakes.

"Ok." June wrapped her arms around his waist, and for the first time, in a long time, a big smile appeared on her face.

Patrick couldn't see her smile enough! He hadn't seen it for a really long time.

At the airport, Sophia passed through the airport security check, and called on her brother's number. "It's me, Sophia."

"Sophia, aren't you busy now?" Since she hadn't met or heard from her brother in a long time, his voice seemed deeper than she remembered.

"I will be living in Milan for two years. I hope you will be happy and safe in England." Sophia sat quietly in a corner of the waiting hall.

Aaron was confused. "Why are you going to Milan all of a sudden? What will you do there for two years? Where is Colin?

Sophia chuckled, "I will study fashion design in Milan. Colin is very busy. Don't call him if you don't need his help."

"Didn't you study in a regular school? Why are you suddenly studying fashion design?" Something was wrong with Sophia, he could sense it.

"Don't think too much. Several companies in A country are in urgent need of fashion designers. If I can study and become a designer... I can help Colin." She spoke a mix of certain truths and lies.

It was actually revenge that was driving Sophia to study fashion design.

In A Country, SL Group, the Pei Family's Company and the Lien Family's Company, among other smaller companies were all short of fashion designers.

It had been primarily Janet's assistance that helped her make the final decision. A few days ago, Janet had called Sophia, asking about what had happened between her and Colin.

Towards the end of their conversation, Janet had inquired about her future plans. Sophia had told her that she would apply for the position of a designer's assistant.

Janet suggested Sophia to study fashion design at the university and made a proposal, "My sworn father is an internationally-renowned fashion designer. You can learn from him if you wish."

Sophia could never miss such a wonderful opportunity! She sincerely appreciated Janet's proposal and requested her to make necessary arrangements for her.

Eason, Janet's father, worked for some international companies, including those in Milan. Besides, Milan was a much better place for learning. And Eason flew to Milan quite frequently.

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