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   Chapter 163 Find the Chip

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Nobody was around. Jay Lo, who should have been in the bathroom, was gone.

The bathroom door was ajar, the air, now free to flow.

Sophia searched all the rooms frantically, but Jay was nowhere to be found.

Contemplating whether Jay was taken by those people, Sophia suddenly saw a piece of paper on the table, the writing indicating that it was written by her father.

Sophia, I'm going. No need to look for me. During my imprisonment by those people, I figured out that as long as I wasn't in Country A, any other place would be safe for me. I'm really sorry that Colin and you got divorced because of me. I'm so sorry. I hope that you get to live a happy life in the future.

I feel like a loser. Although I know who our enemy is, I can do nothing about it. I have been nothing but a burden on you.

The Lien and Pei Families must not be provoked. I hope that, if possible, both Aaron and you can drop all this hatred and live a stable and happy life. Can you promise me that?

Sophia, I have to tell you that you are wrong in thinking that I have deliberately keep that secret from you. Honestly, I don't know where the object is. You mother had planned on telling me. Unfortunately, her plans were too late. She was murdered before she could reveal the secret to me.

That secret will help you dominate the Lien, Pei and Ji Families. A long time ago, your grandfather had been the adviser for all these three companies, as well as the key witness to the truth. He had witnessed the dark history first hand, the bad debts and some gruesome scandals going around in those three companies.

When he died and that item disappeared, they turned to your mother and me. They even forced your uncle and aunt out of here because of their unspeakable wickedness and brutality.

Furthermore, I am sure you know by now that Julia isn't your biological mother. Sophia, I am burdened with this guilt towards you and your biological mother, Adelaide.

However, your adoptive mother, did nothing wrong. She was a good woman, who loved you as her real daughter through all those years.

The love and hatred shared by the previous generations should not be your concern. Sophia, can you live a good life with your brother?

Jay Lo, a father who loves you.

Tears trickled down the white paper, soaking it and blurring its words.

He threw the woman aggressively on the bed, and tore apart her expensive skirt.

June no longer held any illusions. She held Patrick's hand and declared,"You can do whatever you want with me. But, can you sign it after you fuck me?"

Patrick raised his eyebrow, glaring a piercing look at her,"What? Do you feel wronged that I asked you to take care of York?"

York, was a five year old child born by one of Patrick's mistresses. Because June was sterile, Patrick had needed another woman to birth an heir for him.

"Not at all. After our divorce, you can marry another woman. Isn't that good for both of us?"

"Fuck you!" Patrick kissed her mouth forcefully and began to torture June as though turning into a psycho.

There came a point when June thought she was dying. Suddenly, Patrick stopped and released her.

"Will you be satisfied if I send that woman away?" Patrick put on his clothes and asked the woman as she gasped for air.

Still stubborn, June replied,"I want a divorce."

Although her voice had been low, Patrick had heard what she said.

"Fucking divorce! June, remember this, you will be my wife forever." Patrick grabbed the divorce agreement from the table, tore it into pieces and threw them into a trash bin.

June turned around and looked at him with a wry smile,"Is that true? What if I were dead?"

Her words made Patrick panic. "June, if you dare to kill yourself, I will give your dead body to a dozen rapists and thugs. Then, you would rot in hell!"

"Patrick, you are a monster!" June shouted hysterically.

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