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   Chapter 161 For the Child's Sake

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Colin gestured to Grit, who quickly bowed and left.

Colin turned to Hugh. "When did you come back?" Putting away the documents and the pen in his hand, Colin took out a cigarette from the cigarette case and lit it.

Knowing that Hugh didn't smoke, Colin didn't ask if he wanted one.


"Did something happen?" Colin got up from his chair and sat down beside Hugh.

They still weren't on good terms. It was evident that Hugh paid him a visit him because of Sophia.

"The child is gone. Sophia has been suffering a mental breakdown since the tragedy. She's not doing well, and has been losing consciousness every now and then."

The office fell into silence. The smoke from Colin's cigarette hid the expression on his face. After a long while, he said, "That's none of my business."

Colin's tone was cold and apathetic.

Hugh realized that Colin had changed.

He had become a heartless person.

"It happened on the day you announced your engagement. She went into premature birth. After a long night, Sophia got the heartbreaking news, and lost consciousness when she heard about your engagement to Dorothy Lien. The person who signed off on her surgery was someone called Justina. I have no idea who she is. But Colin, the child was yours. How could you connive with your fiancé to do that to Sophia? Don't you care about her?"

Hugh's question rang in Colin's mind.

But the expression on his face remained blank.

"No." Colin flicked the ash off the cigarette as he replied harshly.

Outraged, Hugh suddenly grabbed Colin by the collar. Colin sneered when he saw Hugh's face distorted in anger.

It was Colin's first time to see Hugh so angry, all because of that woman.

"Colin, do you have any idea how hard it was for Sophia to go into premature birth, only to have her baby die? She loved you so much, the child was her last hope. I'm not asking you to forgive her, but you should at least pay her a visit. The only thing she wants now is you. Your comfort weighs more than anyone can give."

Colin put out the cigarette, and suddenly pushed Hugh away. They were on the verge of breaking into a fight. "Why should I comfort a lying hypocrite? I admit I was wrong, I should've abandoned her when she cheated on me and got pregnant with that bastard's child. But I couldn't drive her away. Even when she asked for a divorce, I tried my best to keep her by my side. Do you know how that felt like?"

Colin's eyes were red with anger. The horrible feelings engulfed him as Hugh's words brought him back to the past. "And what did I get? Nothing! Only her determination to leave me!"

Hugh was at a loss of words. Colin hadn't changed at all. He wasn't heartless and indifferent, but deeply hurt...

"If you ever dare to mention her name again, I'll break off all relations with you." Colin stood up in rage. He straightened his coat and returned to his desk.

But Hugh didn't give up. He followed Colin to his desk. "Just pay her a visit. I'll take her away as soon as she has regained her spirit, and I promise we'll disappear from your sight."

Let Sophia regain her spirit and have Hugh take her away? Disappear from his sight? Colin felt a sudden heartache overwhelm him.

"I'll visit her." Colin suddenly relented.

When Hugh shot him a questioning look, Colin added, "For the child's sake."

Hugh was skeptical. Before he could say anything, Colin headed out of the office.

At the Lien Group Deputy CEO's O


The phone rang several times, and a woman with delicate makeup picked it up. "What is it?"

"Miss Lien, Mr. Li and Mr. Hugh Pei just went to the hospital together."

"Hospital? What are they going to do in the hospital?" Dorothy's eyes narrowed.

"To visit Sophia Lo."

When the two cars stopped in the hospital parking lot, Hugh didn't get off the car. He simply sat there and watched Colin walk into the inpatient department.

The hospital was quiet at night. Colin's footsteps tapped on the marble tiles as he walked through the corridor.

He pushed the ward door open, and fixed his eyes on the hospital bed.

Under the dim light, the pale woman was frowning as she slept unsteadily.

They hadn't been apart for too long, but Sophia had lost a lot of weight.

Colin quietly closed the door and walked towards her.

As if she could sense his presence, Sophia's frown deepened and she suddenly opened her eyes.

Her eyes widened in shock.

They used to shine radiantly, but they were now dull with sadness. After a long while, Sophia finally realized that she wasn't dreaming. Tears filled her eyes as she reached out to him.

Despite the pain in her stomach, Sophia removed the blanket and jumped off the bed. Without stopping to put on shoes, she walked to Colin barefoot and held the expressionless man tight.

She buried her face into his chest and basked in his familiar presence.

She wanted to talk to him, but didn't dare say a word. She was afraid he would go away if she did.

"Put on your shoes." Sophia shuddered at Colin's words. She realized that she was standing barefoot on the tiles, and her feet were cold.

Sophia hurriedly put on her shoes, and quickly turned back to him. She wanted to hold him again.

When she boldly reached out to him, Colin surprisingly didn't push her away.

But Colin didn't respond to Sophia's hug. He kept his hands in his pockets the whole time.

After a long time, Sophia couldn't hold back anymore. "Colin, the child is gone. It was a boy... I thought I would have him forever... But..."

Sophia's voice got smaller and smaller until it trailed off.

Colin didn't say a word. He gazed at her long black hair while complicated feelings flashed through his eyes. In the past, Colin liked her long hair the most. Besides touching it, he enjoyed helping her dry her hair after they took a bath together.

Colin's indifference made Sophia feel like a knife was being twisted in her heart.

How could she forget... He was an engaged man, whose fiancé was the heiress of the Lien Clan.

Her hands fell from his waist as she took a step back. Looking up to Colin, Sophia forced a smile.

"Thank you so much for your visit. I'm so happy. Rest assured... I mean, please tell the people who still care for me to rest assured. I will thrive... For my child's sake..."

Sophia's face was still pale. Although her voice was small, Colin heard her clearly and silently listened to her every word.

When he turned away, Sophia's heart dropped. Before she knew it, she was calling him. "Colin!"

Is he leaving now? Why so soon? He must be particularly unenthusiastic to see her again.

Colin stopped, but didn't look back.

Sophia hugged him from behind, pressing her face against his back. "I... I deserve all this retribution for my sins. Since our child is gone, the last string binding us is now broken. Colin, you're free now... I will never bother you again..."

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