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   Chapter 160 Renewed Determination

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The blanket was pulled off Sophia, exposing her to the light. She was trembling.

"Sophie..." A gentle voice came, but it wasn't the voice that could ease the despair in her heart.

Hugh pulled the blanket down, revealing her pale face and closed eyes. "Sophie, I'm here."

He pulled the distressed woman into his arms. Sophia didn't push him away, she was in desperate need of a warm embrace.

She needed to know that there are still people who cared for her...

"Hugh..." The simple word cost Sophia all her strength. "My child... is dead..."

Hugh already knew. Seeing Sophia suffer made his heart ache. He cupped her cheek with his hand. "Sophie, it will be alright. You'll have more children in the future."

Sophia shook her head. No, she wouldn't. It was her child with Colin, her last hope... She would no longer bear Colin's child...

In the afternoon, Sophia asked to see her baby.

Not long after, a nurse carried a little bundle to her.

Her small baby, whose face and lips were blue, had his eyes closed.

Sophia nearly went mad at the sight. She reached out her trembling hands to take the lifeless baby from the nurse's arms, hugging and murmuring affectionately,"I'm so sorry little one, I'm so sorry... My precious baby... Mom loves you very much..."

Sophia sat there for over half an hour, holding the bundle tightly, unwilling to let go.

After a long time, the worried doctors managed to coax Sophia to let go.

Sophia was very weak. When her child was taken away, sleep quickly took over. Someone entered the ward, and Hugh stood up to greet them.

Hugh greeted,"Aunt Sandra."

"Hugh, it's good to see you! How's Sophia?" Sandra laid her worried eyes on Sophia, who was frowning with her eyes closed.

Hugh shook his head. Sophia wasn't doing well. After the death of her child, she seemed to have lost the will to live.

June walked up to Sophia's bed, and placed the supplements she brought on the bedside table. She whispered quietly,"Sophie, I'm your cousin June. I've come to see you."

Sophia didn't respond, but June didn't mind. Sittin

er watching Sophia eat and fall asleep, they left.

In the Corridor.

June looked worriedly at her mother. "We didn't tell Sophia that the elders refused to accept her."

"We can't. She's already suffering so much. And don't mention Sophia to your grandparents. I'll deal with the rest." Although Sandra and June didn't believe the rumors, Sophia had gotten herself into a troublesome situation.

After the succession of scandals, the Hang Clan didn't have a good impression of her.

The clan patriarch and matriarch became furious and resolutely refused to accept Sophia as their granddaughter.

As they stepped into the elevator, June asked,"Did Gregary Lien take Sophie's father?"

June had long wanted to divorce Patrick Lien, but when she learned about Sophia's distress, she changed her mind. Deciding to postpone the divorce, she hid the signed divorce documents. She needed to stay with the Lien Clan to get information for Sophia's sake.

"It could either be him or Jonas Pei. But Jonas is very discreet, the people I sent still hadn't found anything." The elevator reached the ground floor. Getting off, Sandra and June exited the hospital.

At the SL Group.

Hugh went directly to the 88th floor. When he reached the CEO's office, he saw Colin discussing a contract with Grit. At the sight of Hugh, Grit paused before quickly flashing a professional smile. "Mr. Pei."

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