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   Chapter 159 Lost the Baby

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He could sense her air of deep alienation and sorrow.

Holding Sophia in his arms lovingly, he said, "Sophia, I am sorry. I haven't been able to find out who took your father away!"

"It's OK. My father is safe, despite being held captive."

"Why don't you talk to Colin about these things?" Hugh was clearly confused.

Sophia smiled bitterly. "I have no evidence. After they called me, the records of our chat and videos were automatically deleted and..."

She told Hugh everything about Cora.

Jonas and Gregory already knew about these facts. She was not afraid of Hugh's letting on.

"I am sorry about Colin, nonetheless!"

She wanted to make up for it. But Colin wouldn't give her a chance.

"Don't blame yourself, this was not intentional." It was hard to judge this thing. In fact, there was nothing wrong with Colin. It was impossible for a man who saw a woman who looked the same as his wife having sex with other men to keep calm. In addition, Cora disappeared. Sophia had no evidence to prove that she was innocent.

"Well, it's OK. I am waiting for my father to come back. I hope there is still a chance to take Colin back." She had made up her mind. When her father came back, she would hide him first. Without her father as their leverage, those people won't be able to threaten her again. She could then explain to Colin about all these things.

Hugh said with difficulty, "I suspect that these things are related to Jonas and Gregary."

In fact, Sophia agreed with him. But she did not say anything.

After Hugh left, he secretly arranged many people to protect Sophia.

Sophia had no choice but to accept it.

A month later, people saw the news about Hugh on Weibo where he was telling the media that he planned to return to A Country next year.

He planned to shift the focus of his career into A Country.

Later, Sophia went to the company's underground parking lot several times, waiting to meet Colin. No matter what she brought to him, the man only received the items and then threw them directly into the trash can nearby.

This happened once, twice, thrice... On the tenth time, Sophia was stopped by the security officer at the entrance of the underground parking lot. She was no longer allowed to come close to the SL Group. The message was clear, if she harassed the president again, they would call the police right away.

By November, the weather was no longer very hot. Sophia went to Z Country alone.

She stood in front of Collin's villa for a long time.

At that time, Sophia was nine months pregnant, with a massive belly. She smiled gently, knowing that she was lucky to have their baby to accompany her.

"Baby, pray that your dad comes back to us soon. OK?

I really miss your dad."

It had been half a month now since Sophia had returned to A Country. One night, she was suddenly brought to the hospital by her neighbour. Because of what happened with Dorothy, Sophia had experienced a great pain in her belly, turning her face pale.

It is said that a young man, who used to run at night in the vicinity, found Sophia. He saw the pregnant woman fallen at the stairs, faintly crying "Help!"

After reaching the hospital, Sophia suffered in pain for the entire night. Even at dawn, there were still no signs of her coming into labour.

Her cervix had opened up to about 4 centimetres. While tossing and turning in the bed, she heard the two nurses who were assigned to deliver her baby gossiping, "Mr. Li and Miss Lien's engagement ceremony is being held at the five-star hotel today! Oh, what a luxury!"

Sophia got so anxious after hearing this that her cervix opened up to about 6 centimetres. Just as Dorothy had said last night, she was getting engaged to Colin today.

With the rising excitement of body, Sophia's blood pressure started to rise gradually. She called out to the nurse weakly, "I can't make it..."

And then, there was darkness

before her eyes.

Sophia had lost consciousness. Unfortunately, her cervix had not completely dilated. She would now need caesarean section. But she had come alone. The doctor was fretting about a consent signature for Sophia's operation just when Wade appeared in the hospital...

Sophia had no idea about how long she had slept for; She only knew that by the time she woke up, it was already dark outside. Inadvertently touching her belly to find it flat, she felt panic rising inside her. Where was her baby?

Sophia jolted up in the bed, and in doing so, she accidentally touched the wound on her lower abdomen. The pain she felt almost caused her to faint.

She was the only person in the ward. When she somehow managed to ring the bell, two nurses hurries to her "Miss Lou..."

Following them was a woman, wearing a royal blue coat, with her long hair set fastidiously on the top of her head. It was Sandra.

Without paying her any attention, Sophia anxiously asked the nurses, "Where is my baby?"

The two nurses turned pale instantly. Glancing at each other, they didn't dare to speak.

Sophia suddenly had an ominous intuition. She asked anxiously again, "Where is my baby?"

Sandra walked to her bedside and spoke sadly, "Sophia... You need to take good care of yourself right now. You will have another baby in the future."

"What...What are you talking about?" Sophia looked at Sandra, colour draining from her face. Sandra also looked extremely sad.

One of the nurses built up courage to tell Sophia, "You gave birth to a boy. But because of the cord wrapped around his neck, he had already died in the abdomen. So..."

The baby was gone. He was already dead..."

"What did you just say?" She tried to clear her head. She was sure she must have heard it wrong!

The little nurse struggled to repeat her words...

Sophia shouted in angst, "impossible!"

How could that be? She had had a physical examination only last month and the baby had been fine. In fact, last evening, she had even seen the baby naughtily kick her belly.

"You must have been sent by Dorothy. I am ordering you to... hand over my baby immediately!" Sophia looked crazy, shouting loudly at the nurses.

The nurse was scared. Timidly, she said, "Miss Lou, it's true. We can understand your pain. But when you were brought here, there was already something wrong with your baby..."

Yes. She remembered. Before being sent to the hospital, Sophia had been pushed by Dorothy, she had missed her steps on the stairs and fallen down.

"Ah…" Sophia screamed in distress. Her baby... her only hope!

Sandra wanted to comfort her. But she didn't know what to say. "Sophia, you are still in recovery from the childbirth. You need to calm down."

It seemed as though Sophia couldn't hear her. She hurriedly unplugged the needles on her wrist and jumped out of bed. She began hysterically shouting at the nurse, "I don't believe you! I must see his corpse if he has died! Where is my baby? Bring him to me! Bring my baby back to me... Ah…!"

All through that night, many people heard Sophia screaming and crying...

Finally exhausted from all the strain of her stress and the delivery, Sophia passed out, leaving the whole world quiet again.

Sandra stood by the hospital, looking seriously at Sophia whose face had turned pale. She has seen the dead baby. His face had turned black. Indeed, he seemed to have drowned...

Sophia had a dream again. Ever since her divorce from Colin, she had been dreaming day and night...

These dreams made Sophia shiver in the bed. She was suffering from the pain caused by her loss.

In her dream that night, the cute little baby sweetly called out to her "Mom. Mom..."

But in the end of the dream, she was pushed by Dorothy and her baby was gone.

Her baby...

"Baby... I'm so sorry..." She was a sinner. Yes. She was a sinner! She had also gotten her baby into trouble...

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