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   Chapter 158 The Hope of the Lo Clan

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"Dorothy, did you hide my father and Cora?" Controlling her feelings, Sophia ignored Dorothy's ugly face in favor of carefully watching her reaction.

Dorothy looked down to the ground. "What's wrong with you! How would I know the whereabouts of your father and some Cora? Don't frame people!"

Sophia clearly saw something flash through Dorothy's eyes.

But Dorothy didn't admit it. Taking a deep breath, she calmly asked, "How's the second-stage syphilis that Cora indirectly gave you?"

Dorothy's expression immediately changed. "You bitch, what are you talking about! I'll smash your fucking mouth!"

Letting go of Colin, Dorothy stepped in front of Sophia on her high-heeled shoes. Before she could do anything, Sophia had already thrown the bags she was carrying on the ground. She pulled Dorothy hard, causing her to fall on the ground in embarrassment.

Having gained some weight from the pregnancy, Sophia was stronger than the flimsy woman.

Losing face, Dorothy criticized Sophia more frantically from the ground. "Sophia, you're such a bitch! You dared have an affair with another man during your marriage. Don't you feel ashamed going out in public? If I were you, I'd kill myself along with the bastard you're carrying!"

People started to gather around the scene. Considering that Colin was still present, Sophia picked up the bags and walked towards him. "When you touch Dorothy, remember to use a condom."

Colin's indifferent face turned dark before going back to indifference. "Stop!"

Sophia stood still, but didn't dare to turn around.

"Don't ever show yourself to me again. You disgust me."

The bystanders have already recognized them. At Colin's words, everyone started shooting Sophia judgmental and disdainful looks.

Sophia walked out of the mall in a daze. She only came to herself when she was almost at the entrance of her neighborhood.

The sun was scorching on her face, but her heart hurt a lot more...

Far away in the UK, Aaron was absorbed in his studies. He was ignorant of the chaos happening in A Country. Aaron was thinking of coming back on National Day, but Sophia refused.

"Aaron, study hard and don't let Colin down. Find a job when you're free during the New Year. You can come back after you graduate. There is no rush."

Aaron didn't think much of his sister's words. After promising Sophia, he asked, "Sister, is there any news about father?"

"Yes, they send me a video of father once a week. He's currently alright. We just have to wait until... They get what they want. Then they'll return father to us."

"What do they want?" Aaron was shaking in anger. Why did they kill their mother and drive their father into insanity!

Sophia didn't know either. Their parents never told them anything. Even when their father was lucid, he didn't tell them what he knew.

"Don't worry about it. Aaron, as the hope of our family, you must do well!"

Aaron's anger gradually disappeared. "Don't worry, sister. I'm doing good here. Brother-in-law gives me a lot of living expenses every month, so I saved a lot! Don't worry about me!"

Hearing that Colin sent Aaron monthly living expenses, Sophia's eyes turned red. was he taking

care of Aaron because he still had feelings for her? Or does he just have expectations for Aaron?

"Okay, let's stop now. The fees for international long-distance calls are pretty expensive!" Sophia wiped her wet eyes.

She didn't expect Aaron to tease her. "You're Mrs. Li. My brother-in-law takes good care of you and lets you live comfortably. Why are you fussing over small long-distance call fees? Don't you miss me?"

His words almost made Sophia cry. "No, I... Well..."

Sophia couldn't say a word. Afraid that she'd break down if she replied, she hung up promptly. She immediately sent Aaron a message afterwards. "I have poor signal. Message me on WeChat if anything happens!"


'Aaron, forgive me for lying to you. Forgive me for hiding everything, including... The fact that we're half-siblings. Forgive me for letting you live in ignorance...'

Sophia knew her brother well enough to know that if Aaron found out the truth, he would come back from the UK and refuse Colin's money despite everyone's protests...

She was a huge disappointment. Despite knowing who her enemy was, she had no choice but to do nothing.

Not having an opportunity to strike back, she fell into this situation because of the enemy's strength...

When the doorbell suddenly rang, Sophia looked at the door in surprise. Who could it be?

After calming herself down, she walked to the door and asked warily, "Who is it?"

"Sophia, it's me!" Hearing the familiar voice made Sophia quickly open the door.

The man standing outside was truly Hugh!

"Hugh!" Sophia choked with sobs at the sight of her brother figure. She still had someone to depend on.

Hugh took off his sunglasses and walked several steps forward. He gathered the pregnant woman tightly in his arms. "I'm sorry, Sophia. I'm late."

Sophia closed her eyes and shook her head with smile. "Hugh, come in!"

Hugh released her and they entered the living room together.

"Sophia, how many months have been pregnant?" Hugh sat down beside Sophia and looked at her in worry.

"About 6 months." Sophia gently stroked her round stomach, looking radiant in her pregnancy.

Remembering the horrible rumors, Hugh hesitated to ask, "The baby's father..."

"Colin!" No matter how many times she was asked, she would give the same answer.

Pain and sadness filled Hugh's eyes. "Why did you divorce Colin?"

Knowing that Sophia lived a happy life, he traveled all over the world constantly. Why did it suddenly turn out like this?

Because he never paid attention to entertainment news, he only heard of their divorce from his assistant.

When he got the news, he immediately called Colin to verify the truth. But Colin replied coldly, "Stay away from that liar, or she'll deceive you as well!"

After a long silence, Hugh replied, "I believe in Sophia."

Hugh was not convinced.

"Why did you divorce?" Sophia muttered the question to herself. Should she tell Hugh the truth?

What if Jonas kidnapped her father? It wasn't impossible.

"I told Colin that the baby I'm carrying isn't his because I was threatened with my father's safety. Later, I was forced to divorce Colin... That's how I end up like this."

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