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   Chapter 156 Herring's Confrontation

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Herring was speechless. "Since you've already divorced, is it necessary to lie?"

"Yes, since we've already divorced, is it necessary to lie?" Sophia gently asked him back.

Herring was momentarily stunned. What did Sophia mean? "Even if the baby is Colin's, you still cheated on him. If I hadn't seen the video on Colin's computer, I would've been deceived by you again!"

When Herring used Colin's e-mail account for work yesterday, he accidentally saw an e-mail from Dorothy with the subject, "Sophia Live!"

If he hadn't opened it, he wouldn't have known that such a video existed. Colin had angrily shut off the computer within half a minute. But it was enough time for him to recognize Sophia! The man she was with was definitely not Colin!

Sophia knew the video he was referring to. She helplessly said, "I'm not the woman in that video..."

"Bah, do you think I'm too old to see clearly? Do I have eye problems? Come on, Sophia. If you had any shame, don't stay at my brother's place and take advantage of what he's given you!"

Sophia was dumbfounded. She thought that she had become strong enough to accept all kinds of harsh words after adjusting her mentality for so long. But in that moment, she found herself completely wrong.

One strike from Herring immediately made her want to die... "I... Please ask Colin, can I leave?"

Actually, she wanted to wait for Colin to come back. But she knew that he would never come back again.

Herring smiled. "You make it sound like my brother doesn't want you to go. But you are very much mistaken here. Now, whenever Colin hears your name, he gets furious. He hates you so much."

"I know..." She replied falteringly.

"Then leave, don't stay here anymore!" Herring couldn't understand how Sophia could become such a woman.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have recognized Sophia's true nature.

"Fine." Sophia entered the villa and went back to her bedroom.

She had nothing to pack because all things in the house belonged to Colin... Everything.

But looking at her stomach, she left her bedroom with her own bag.

When she approached the door, Sophia went back. She found a pen and paper and wrote a promissory note, "Sophia owes Colin 50 million. I will return it as soon as I have the money."

There was still a lot of money left from Colin. But considering the baby, she couldn't work now.

So it had to remain a loan for now.

She also included all the cards he gave her along with the promissory note. Sophia took a look at the luxuriously decorated bedroom and left in silence.

Downstairs, Justina was anxious to call Colin. But she was stopped by Herring.

Seeing Sophia come downstairs, Herring told Justina, "Don't bother calling him. If you get any trouble, tell Colin to find me."

Justina looked at Sophia anxiously. "Sophia..."

"Justina, thank you for taking care of me all these time. I'll see you around!" Sophia smiled gently at the girl, who was on the verge of tears.

Eudora held Sophia's hand and looked at her sadly. "Sophia, where will you go with the baby?"

"Yes, don't leave, Sophia. Wait till the baby is born!" Dorry also came to persuade her.

Sophia smiled gratefully. They were all good people. "It's alright. I have a home, I can go there. You can visi

t if you have time."

Although no one was at home, she could wait for her dad and brother to come back.

The three women wanted to say more, but Herring stopped them again. "Go on, Sophia. Leave now!"

Sophia left the villa with mixed feelings.

After staying there for a few months, she was finally going to leave...

Walking slowly on the road in the Ninth Villa District, Sophia left looking like a lonely shadow. Herring suddenly felt a little regretful...

After a long walk, Sophia finally found a taxi. She gave the driver her address and found the house key in her bag.

At the SL Group President's Office.

Colin answered the phone with a blank expression. Justina told him sadly over the phone, "Mr. Li, Sophia left after Mr. Huo came..."

"Is there anything else?"

Justina startled for a moment. She had forgotten that Colin instructed them not to tell him anything about Sophia. "Mr. Li, where shall we go?"

"I'll pay you liquidated damages and you can leave tomorrow." With that, Colin immediately hung up the phone.

Somebody knocked on the door and Grit came in. "Mr. Li, here's this month's financial statement. The stock market is performing better than last month..."

"Okay." Taking the report, Colin put it aside and kept on working.

Night gradually fell.

Colin massaged his sore eyebrows and put away all the documents when it was midnight.

When he went to the lounge as he usually did, he remembered Justina's call. He put his coat on and left the office.

At the Ninth Villa District.

A black Lamborghini stopped steadily. Instead of getting off the car, Colin remained sitting in the driver's seat and quietly lit a cigarette.

He didn't get off the car until he was done smoking.

He went to the innermost bedroom on the second floor of the villa and silently pushed open the door. As expected, the room was empty.

He turned on the lights. Everything in the room was neatly in place. Only Sophia and her bag were missing.

The room was filled with her scent. The clothes and shoes in the wardrobe were also neatly in place.

When Colin walked out of the wardrobe, a bank card on the bedside table caught his attention.

Under the card was a promissory note...

It would seem that she really wanted a clean break from him.

After a while, he threw the note and the bank card into the drawer of the bedside table.

Without looking back, he turned off the lights and the left the room, as if no one had been there.

The potential marriage between Colin and Dorothy was all over the news on the Internet. Neither side did anything to stop the media from speculating about it.

At the Lo Family House.

Sophia had gone to the supermarket to buy some ingredients after breakfast. Then she followed the recipe on her phone and started making soup.

She turned on the stove. Her phone began to ring the moment she washed her hands.

It was an strange number. She quickly picked it up. "Hello."

"I heard that you've moved out of Colin's villa. Good! I'll send your father back on time."

It was indeed that person!

"I have nothing to do with Colin anymore. Please release my father earlier!"

"No! You must've heard that Colin and Dorothy are going to get engaged. I'll send your father back after their engagement!"

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