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   Chapter 155 Revelations and Regrets

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If Colin had to marry someone else, Sophia hoped he would take Leila as his wife.

But Leila didn't agree, she wanted Sophia to get back with Colin. She had heard another piece of distressing news. "Colin has chosen to marry Dorothy Lien."

Sophia's world shattered. The shock was too much for Sophia to bear. Feeling her legs weaken, she fell to her knees.

Leila and Justina quickly caught her in time. Leila frowned and raised her voice. "Sophia Lo! Don't you want to avenge your parents? How can you avenge them if you're so vulnerable! You let me down, Sophia Lo!"

"Please don't, Miss Ji... Sophia's condition isn't good. There have been signs of a possible miscarriage." Justina gently persuaded Leila. She couldn't bear to see Sophia suffer.

Taking a deep breath, Leila continued,"I didn't mean to hurt you, Sophia. But you have to know that your name is taboo in A Country. Colin forbids everyone from mentioning it in his presence. Do you have any idea how much he hates you?"

Everyone in A Country knew that Sophia Lo had disappeared, so had her ex-boyfriend, Payne Tai.

Rumour had it that they eloped together.

"What can I do? Everything seems beyond repair..." Sophia grabbed the handrail beside her to steady herself.

Leila revealed her purpose for coming over. "When the baby is born, seek the Hang clan's help. We'll do everything we can to get you back with Colin."

"The Hang clan? Why would the Hang clan help me?" Sophia was puzzled.

"Do you remember my mother? Sandra Hang, she's actually your aunt. Your mother was also a member of the Hang clan. I'm your cousin, Sophia." Leila always had a feeling that she had seen Sophia somewhere before. Now she realized that Sophia looked a lot like her aunt.

Sophia's eyes widened in shock. "Miss Ji... Did I hear it wrong?"

"No, you heard me right. My mother had a little sister called Adelaide Hang, and she was your birth mother. She passed away when you were one and a half years old. After her death, your father married Julia Qiao, your foster mother."

Leila's words sounded familiar. It reminded Sophia of the story Colin had told her when they met Sandra...

"You're saying that... your mother had a sister, who was disowned by the Hang clan for eloping with someone for love. But the

al. She nodded politely in greeting. "Mr. Huo."

Herring raised his eyebrows. He stood in front her and put his hands in the pockets of his trousers.

"I heard you were the one who filed for divorce."

Sophia nodded despite her confusion.

"How could I have not noticed that you were such an ungrateful wife? Colin did everything for you. He used a lot of manpower and resources to find the culprit who ripped your family apart.

To please you, he kept calling me every day to ask me how to please a woman. He personally bought and arranged the roses he had given you, because he wanted to give you something he made by himself. Even when you betrayed him, he was willing to endure what no man could stand, just to stay with you.

Sophia Lo, how could you betray him after everything he's done for you? How could you be so heartless? How could you be so ungrateful?"

'How could you be so ungrateful?' Herring's words made Sophia's nonchalant mask suddenly collapse.

But she didn't say anything. Sophia remained quiet as her face turned pale.

"I'm sorry, did I offend you? I haven't even started yet. I have no obligation to consider your feelings. I know you're pregnant, but the bastard you're carrying has no relation to me or my friend. Because of you and that bastard, my friend is suffering great difficulties alone, and you have the nerve to do nothing about it. If not for him, do you really think I'd come over and talk to you?"

After a long pause, Sophia finally replied. "It's not a bastard."

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