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   Chapter 154 The Divorce

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"Is it because of that box? I can explain. I never slept with another woman! Herring stuffed it in my pocket. If you don't trust me, I can call Herring to prove it!" Even if he had to ask someone to dig out Herring's used condoms, he would do it!

Sophia looked at Colin in shock. Colin didn't touch another woman...

Although she trusted him, she couldn't show him the truth because this was her only excuse to divorce him.

"Don't lie to me. It's pointless." Her voice had become hoarser from all the crying.

Colin broke down. He kicked the console table nearby. "I can bring Maeve over! You can confront her yourself!"

Sophia clenched the quilt in her hands. "Don't bother. It's pointless."

Colin was furious. "You say you want a divorce. Even if you don't care about me, what about my family? They love you so much. Do you want to repay their love with our divorce?"

Sophia was the one who had an affair with another man. Why did he have to scramble for a reason to convince her to stay? He couldn't understand it.

Maybe he was too... pathetic.

"I..." Sophia's lips trembled as she spoke. "We don't have to tell them."

'Colin, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry...'

Without saying anything, Colin kicked over the console table and stormed out of the villa.

Sophia didn't know if Colin agreed to the divorce or not...

Sophia dialed Payne's number but he kept hanging up. She tried to reach him several times but couldn't get through.

Finally, she sent him a message, "Payne, where's my father?"

But she didn't receive any response.

Since that day, Colin didn't come back to the Ninth Villa District.

A month later, Sophia was pressured further by her father's kidnappers. She had to ask Justina to draft a divorce agreement.

After affixing her signature, Sophia asked Justina to bring it to Colin.

Sophia didn't sleep that night. She sat on the balcony and stared at the dark sky in despair.

On the afternoon of th

ile you were gone, a crazy rumour went around that you eloped with Payne." After all, the Li Family was the top family in A Country. A lot of people paid attention to the family's affairs.

"Additionally, Colin's company was affected by the scandal. The stocks fell dramatically. All the board members are calling for Colin to step down.

Your affair brought shame upon the Li Family. Even Levi's senior colonel position has also become unstable!"

Sophia stood still at the news. She hadn't read anything about it online...

"Currently, Colin has only one solution to fix the situation. It's to marry the daughter of either the Pei Family or the Lien Family. A marriage between two strong families is a common strategy in the business world. But the daughter of the Pei Family is abroad, and Perla doesn't want to come back. The only option is the daughter of the Lien Family, Dorothy!"

Dorothy's name was like a bomb, petrifying Sophia on the spot.

Before Leila could continue, Sophia exclaimed, "Dorothy doesn't deserve him! She doesn't deserve Colin!"

How could such a malicious woman deserve her beloved man?

Struck with an idea, Sophia came over and pulled Leila's hand. "Don't you like Colin? Isn't the Hang Clan on your mother's side also influential? Why don't you marry Colin?"

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