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   Chapter 153 My Best Love

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Apparently, Cora and Payne had been captured on video and Colin had seen it. No wonder he wouldn't believe her.

Now, Sophia knew the consequences of hiding the truth from Colin and acting on her own.

"Is this Payne?" Sophia asked resentfully.

The person seemed offended by the thought. "Definitely not! The idiot couldn't even figure out who he was sleeping with. How could he plot all this?"

He was right.

"Whatever you say. I won't divorce Colin!" How could she hurt a man who loved her? Even though he had an affair, it wasn't his fault. After all, he thought she had betrayed him.

"Then, we'll chop off your father's hands and send you the video." The person let out a cruel laugh.

"What do you want? Aren't you afraid that I'll tell Colin everything?" Sophia raised her voice in desperation.

"I'll still chop off your father's hands. And plus, there's no way he'll believe you. After every call, I hack into your phone to delete all the call records."

The man continued, "Just make him hate you. I don't care how you do it. You can even tell him you love Payne. I'm sure a proud man like Colin can't stand his wife loving another man."

Sitting on the bed, Sophia clutched her hair helplessly. In that moment, she really wanted to die.

Sophia didn't speak and the man on the other line waited patiently for her response.

It took a while for Sophia to ask, "What if he won't divorce me?"

Sophia held onto the hope that Colin still loved her.

"Divorce Colin or let Jay Lo die. Make your choice."

"How can I trust you? What if you won't release my father after I divorce Colin?"

The man laughed. "Sophia Lo, you don't have a choice but to trust me."

"Aren't you worried I'll remarry Colin once I have my father back?" Sophia looked out of the window in hatred. She'll kill this person as soon as she discovers his identity!

"Then your father will be taken away at any time and spend the rest of his life in captivity." The voice was cold and ruthless.

Tears fell down Sophia's face. Did she really have no choice? Sophia wanted to buy more time. "I'll divorce Colin after my baby is born."

"Do you think I'm an idiot? If he wants to, Colin would have found your father by then." He'll release Jay Lo before Colin figured out anything.

Being forced to choose between the two men she loves, Sophia really wanted to die... But she can't.

She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Enduring the pain, she replied, "I'll give you my response in two days."

"Fine." The call disconnected. Sophia immediately took a screenshot of the call record... But the call log had already been deleted.

Sophia huddled herself up because of the pain. It really hurt. Was her mood affecting the baby?

'Sorry, little one. Mommy isn't angry anymore, please calm down...'

Sophia used her phone to call Justina. "My stomach hurts. Please call the doctor."

Justina called Colin immediately. "Mr. Li, My Lady has a stomachache. Please call the doctor!"

"What? Alrigh

t, I understand!" Colin personally arranged for a doctor to go to the villa.

Did he hurt her this morning?

Sophia was pregnant. He shouldn't have been so rough to her. Colin felt deeply guilty and remorseful.

If he hurt her because of his actions, he would never forgive himself.

The doctor soon arrived at the villa. After examining Sophia, he prescribed some medicine for her.

"My Lady, it seems you experienced some mood swings. Take this medicine on time, have a good rest, and keep a light mood." The doctor advised her.

"Thank you, doctor." Sophia leaned back against the headboard, feeling better.

Her mood had affected the baby. 'Sorry, little one...'

The doctor explained to Colin that Sophia either suffered from mood swings or was triggered by a huge shock. Did she get emotional because he forced her this morning?

Or did someone else aggravate her?

He called Sophia, who quickly answered the phone. "Hello?"

This is the first time that Colin called after so long.

"What happened?" Although his voice was cold, Sophia felt warm.

She realized that Colin's bark was worse than his bite.

From the moment he thought she was pregnant with Payne's child, Colin was filled with intense rage. He told her to abort the child, but she didn't want to and he never forced her.

Instead, he brought her here and arranged for three servants to take care of her. All the maternity clothes and skincare products he bought for her were of the best quality.

All these efforts made by Colin was really confusing. Perhaps it was because last time when he came to check on her, the doctors had told him that she was in low spirits. Although he said that he was happy to see her upset, he didn't look pleased at all.

Sophia can't help bursting into tears. "Colin, I... I want to die."

Only in death could she get rid of all this pain and hatred caused by a terrible misunderstanding. She wouldn't be forced to divorce Colin.

Sophia's confession tugged at Colin's heart painfully. "I... I won't touch you anymore..."

Did she want to keep herself for Payne?

Sophia shook her head violently as she cried. "No, no, no... It's not because of you. You are my best love... How could I not let you touch me? But if I die, I'll be free from everything..."

'You are my best love.'

Colin felt puzzled after hearing those words.

Should he believe her? Colin has always been decisive, but he kept hesitating every time Sophia was involved.

He asked in a hoarse voice, "What on earth are you thinking?" Fine, he would let her go. As long as she's safe...

No matter what would become of them, she was pregnant and her health came first now.

"Colin... I want... I want a divorce."

Colin could hear nothing other than the sobbing sound from Sophia. After a long silence, the call disconnected.

Colin had thrown his phone against the wall...

It didn't take long for Colin to arrive at the villa. He stared intensely at Sophia, whose eyes were swollen with tears.

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