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   Chapter 152 How Can You Renege on Your Words

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Finally, Colin found Sophia in another room.

Looking at the woman sleeping soundly, he sighed with relief.

Thinking of the box, Colin got mixed feelings. She must have misunderstood him. Why else would she sleep here? Should he explain to her?

To prevent Sophia from thinking he was promiscuous like her, Colin woke her up.

In a daze, Sophia felt a pain in her chin. Subconsciously, she pushed away whatever was holding her chin. She turned over and continued to sleep.

Feeling her face being pinched again, Sophia realized that something was wrong. She opened her eyes to see Colin standing by the bed.

She was about to call him when she remembered last night.

"Why are you sleeping here?"

Even if it didn't hurt, Sophia felt a bit uncomfortable with Colin pinching her chin. Pushing his hand away, she said coldly, "I'm sleepy."

Then she turned her back to him and closed her eyes.

"Sophia, not everyone is promiscuous like you! Dispose of the box on the table. That isn't mine!" Colin said before heading towards the door.

"If it isn't yours, it must belong to Miss Duanmu*. Can Mr. Li return it to Miss Duanmu? I don't want to handle something like this for you!" (TN* Miss Duanmu is Maeve)

Turning around, Colin glared at Sophia. "I've told you, I'm not promiscuous like you! Do you understand?"

"If you don't take it away, I'll use it!" Sophia shot him a challenging look. Why did she have to deal with his belongings?

Colin approached the bed and casually asked, "Who will use it? Payne?"

Sophia choked with rage. She simply closed her eyes and said, "I see. You can go now!"

Within half a minute, she was suddenly trapped in bed. Sophia opened her eyes to see Colin glaring at her. "What? Feeling lonely?"

"You're thinking too much." She didn't want to explain.

Because of the pregnancy, all the skincare products Sophia used were for pregnant women. Her body was engulfed in the scent of milk, mixed with a sweet taste. Colin wanted to have a taste...

Colin kissed her. Sophia pushed him away in anger. "Don't kiss me with the mouth you kissed another woman with!"

Colin sneered, "Sophia, you're really good at putting on an act! How many times have you been kissed by Payne? How dare you scorn me?"

Colin was obviously furious now.

"Since the time Payne forced me, I've never been kissed by him again! Colin, if you don't believe me, piss off!" Getting up from the bed, Sophia raised her voice.

"Piss off?" Colin's eyes flashed dangerously. He got off Sophia and left the room.

Sophia heaved a sigh of relief. But within a minute, the door opened again. Colin came back!

She hurried to wrap herself up with the quilt, covering her entire body except for her eyes... Why was he taking off his coat?

Colin grabbed his phone from his pocket and dialed Wade's number. "Go ahead to the office without me."

Hanging up the phone, Colin threw it to the table and began to take off his shirt...

"Colin, what are you doing?" Sophia asked with a tremulous voice.

Colin threw something next to her. Sophia found it was the box of condoms...

She suddenly had a bad feeling. "Behave yourself. I'

m pregnant now..."

"I know that!"

"If you know that, why are you taking off your clothes?"

Ignoring her question, Colin hugged her and took out a condom. "Do you know why I want to use this?"

Of course she knew... It was because he detested her. "You don't even have to touch me!"

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't break away from his arms.

"I wasn't planning on touching you, but you were asking for it!" Colin embraced her and made her turn her back towards him, as he avoided her lower abdomen.

"I'm sorry, alright? Colin, I'm pregnant now. We should pay attention to prenatal education... Ah!"

"It's still an embryo. No need for prenatal education!"

At 10 o'clock in the morning, Colin entered the company with a row of teeth marks on his ear...

Wherever he passed, colleagues were snickering among themselves. "The president and his wife are so in love!"

"Yeah. Oh my god! She bit his ear..."

"They must've had an intense night!"

In the afternoon, Sophia was deep asleep when the ringing of her phone woke her up. "Sophia, how dare you trick me!"

The processed voice woke Sophia up instantly. "What do you mean?"

"Did you tell Colin that the baby you're carrying isn't his?"


"Don't tell me the teeth marks on his ear aren't yours!" If she really told him, why would Colin touch a woman who had betrayed him?

Who the hell was this person? How did he know she bit Colin?

"Yes, I bit him. But I've already done what you said! What do you want?"

The person contemplated for a while. "Send a message to Colin now. Tell him again that the baby doesn't belong to him and that you want a divorce!"

"I told you at the beginning, I'll never divorce him! You agreed, how could you go back on your word!" Sophia demanded, trying to control her anger.

"Because things didn't work out as I expected, you must divorce him!"

Sophia closed her eyes in pain and didn't speak for a while. "Can you tell me your purpose? What will you get if I divorce Colin? Are you a woman? If I divorce him, will you replace me?"

The person reminded her of Maeve! Recently, she was the only woman around Colin.

Leila was filming in Cannes, it couldn't be her!

The person laughed in amusement. Don't worry, I'm not a woman. My only purpose is to get you divorced, nothing more!" Once they divorce, nobody would care about Sophia!

Sophia firmly said, "Colin is very good to me. I'll never divorce him!"

"Good to you? You think I don't know about Colin and Maeve? Are you still in the dark?"

Glancing at the box near her, Sophia was too heartbroken to breathe. How could she be ignorant of that?

"Even if I divorce him, he'll get a DNA test after the baby is born! The baby is his. I believe that Colin won't give up on me!" Though she wouldn't agree with him to get a DNA test... Colin would probably do it.

"It depends on you. You can give Colin another child's hair and everything will end! Besides, Colin has seen the video of you and Payne in the hotel room. We both know that the woman wasn't you, but Colin doesn't! Now that Cora has gone missing, nobody can prove your innocence. Am I right?"

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