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   Chapter 150 Shocking News

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Sophia had done what Colin wanted her to do...

Colin's cold expression remained the same. He paused momentarily in buttoning up his shirt, then resumed dressing himself up without looking at her.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. He picked up the phone and said, "Stay there and keep an eye on Maeve. I'll pick her up in 20 minutes."

Sophia's face instantly turned pale. So then...

She degraded herself to urge Colin to stay, but it wasn't enough to beat a mistress...

Without saying a word, Sophia slowly walked to the bed and laid down. She heard Colin say, "I have an apartment downtown. I'll bring her there..." Colin's voice gradually disappeared as he walked out.

An apartment downtown... Was that the one they bought together? Colin had asked her to pick the decorations... Ridiculous...

Two houses, one for his wife, and the other for his mistress... Good thinking!


As Colin went downstairs, Justina looked at him and greeted respectfully, "Mr. Li."

Colin suddenly stopped on his way to the door. He looked at Justina and asked, "What has she been busy with recently?"

She knew what Colin was asking about. "Nothing special, Mr. Li. Madam usually sits on the bedroom balcony, playing with her mobile phone or reading a book. Sometimes, she goes to the gardens in the yard."

Playing with her mobile phone, reading a book, gardening...

"Ask her what else she wants to do, and tell me." With that, Colin walked to the vestibule to put on his shoes before leaving the villa.

It was raining outside. Colin walked to the garage and head for his car.

After driving out of the neighborhood, he called Wade. "Bring Maeve to the hotel."

"Will you come, sir?" Wade asked, looking at the drunk woman.

"No." Colin said firmly and immediately hung up.

Glancing at the residential community slowly disappearing from the rearview mirror, Colin focused on driving.

He wouldn't have said that if he didn't want to hurt Sophia. But he didn't know if her heart would break for him.

The car stopped at the garage of Building 6 of Redbud Mansion, a residential area downtown. Colin didn't get off. Instead, he lit a cigarette and had a smoke.

After seeing Sophia again, he realized that she was more important to him than he originally thought.

Despite her lies and infidelity... He couldn't do anything but feel angry and restrict her freedom. He couldn't bring himself to do anything else to her.

Besides, he couldn't steel himself to deal with the child she was carrying...

He confined Sophia because he was worried... He was worried she might go after Payne.

He'd always known that Sophia was addictive. Now, he found himself completely enslaved.

Colin called Herring. "Where are you?"

"In bed." He heard Herring's heavy breathing on the other line.

"Come out for a drink."

"Sure! I'll be there soon." Herring had long suspected that something might have happened to Colin, but he failed to coax useful information out of him, even though they have gone out a few times.


In the darkness, the car sped along the wide road. Colin drove continuously until he reached the BLUE bar, where he used to drink with Herring and Hugh. He waited for Herring in one of the private rooms.

Nearly an hour later, Herring came to the bar with two hickeys o

n his neck.

He sat down beside Colin without a care, and took the glass of wine that Colin poured for him. "I left Shelly at home to come here. Out with it!"

"Is Shelly back?" Colin asked calmly.

"Yes, but she's leaving tomorrow." Herring said with a sunny smile. He finally won over Shelly!

They lit a cigarette. Colin remained silent on the sofa. Herring stared at him for a while, but Colin just stayed silent.

"What's wrong, Colin? Let me guess... Are you frustrated? Where's your little Sophia?"

"Don't even mention her to me!" Colin snapped in a cold tone, stunning Herring.

Don't mention Sophia? What's wrong with them?

"What happened with you two? Tell me." Herring raised two glasses and clinked them.

Colin drank some wine. "She's pregnant with someone else's child."

"Shit!" Herring was so shocked that he almost dropped his glass.

Flicking the ash off his cigarette, Colin glanced at the stunned Herring with a bitter smile.

Herring definitely knew nothing about Sophia's true nature.

"Am I hearing this right?" After the initial shock, Herring gradually came back to himself and found the whole thing unbelievable.

"You heard me right. Sophia is pregnant with Payne's child!"

Herring finished the rest of the wine in one gulp. "There must be some misunderstanding! Didn't you say Sophia can't get pregnant?"

Colin seemed to have mentioned it once when they went out for drinks before.

"She lied to me!" Colin reluctantly admitted.

"Did Sophia confirm it?" Herring asked carefully.

"She confirmed it, then she denied it. Who knows which one is the truth! That woman spouts nothing but lies!"

Herring patted his chest. "No, this is shocking news. Give me time to think about it!"

Sophia cheated on Colin? He didn't believe it.

"Maybe she was forced."

Colin narrowed his eyes at him. "How did she brainwash you and my mom into asking the same question?"

In the video, Sophia wasn't forced at all. Instead, she seemed to enjoy it a lot... Thinking of this, Colin angrily threw the glass to the wall.

If Sophia were in front of him, he would wring her neck!

Herring gulped and poured another glass of wine for him. "Buddy, this isn't funny. Did you look into it?"

"Yes, I did. Dorothy sent me the video, and it wasn't tampered with."

Herring didn't know what to say.

After a moment, Herring asked, "Where's Sophia? What about the baby?"

"Sophia is confined in my villa. As for the baby... I'll get a DNA test after 10 months."

"What if the baby is yours?" Herring asked him eagerly.

"I'll bring the baby to the Li Clan and end things with her. The fact is, she still cheated on me."

Herring paused. "And what if the baby isn't yours?"

"I'll kill him!" Colin said through gritted teeth.

The room fell into silence.

Suddenly, Herring took out a box from his pocket and stuffed it into Colin's pocket. "In that case, enjoy yourself! I just happened to have it." Herring winked at him.

Colin took out the box from the pocket. It was a box of condoms, two of which were used. He impatiently threw it back to Herring. "Do you think I'm like Sophia?"

Herring put the box back into Colin's pocket and smirked. "Take it easy. I already used two. Maybe you'll change your mind and decide to have some fun after leaving the bar!"

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