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   Chapter 149 The Way You Love Me

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Hearing what the doctor had said, Colin was lit up. Realizing that he was smiling, Colin quickly schooled his expression. "I know. I'll have her checked again next month."

He must be crazy. How could a pregnant woman who betrayed him make him happy?

"Okay, Mr. Li. You must be busy, I won't keep you anymore. Goodbye!"

Was she unhappy? He would go check why she was so depressed.

It was past ten o'clock in the evening. Since Sophia had slept a lot during the day, she wasn't sleepy at all. She sat in bed, checking Weibo on her phone in boredom.

After following Hugh and Leila on Weibo, she realized that they traveled a lot and didn't stay in one place for too long.

Everyone lived a difficult life.

She didn't know when it started raining outside. Putting her cell phone aside, she wore her sandals and went to the balcony to admire the night scene outside.

The weather had been hot recently, but it was now cool because of the rain.

A sound came from the door. She turned around and saw a man she hadn't seen for a long time...

Sophia bit her lower lip tightly, watching Colin enter the room. Well-dressed in a suit, he was still handsome...

Her heartbeat quickened at the sight of him.

How long has it been since she last saw him? It's been too long. She wanted to tell him how much she missed him...

The couple looked at each other. Sophia was wearing a lilac nightdress that Colin personally selected. The nightgown clung to her body, making her slightly protruding stomach visible...

Colin clenched his hand into a fist in his pocket. Since he knew she couldn't get pregnant, he never thought about having a child.

Now, the woman he loved was carrying another man's baby... The love and sweetness of the past had turned into a honey sword that pierced his heart...

He didn't know if Sophia felt guilty or not.

Sophia walked a few steps forward and gently called him, "Colin..."

Colin was pulled out of his daze. "Th

her straightforward response ironic because the way he saw it, she was merely trying to make up for her mistakes...

He pinched her face with his five fingers, making her red lips open slightly. "I forgot to ask you, have you ever served him like this?"

His humiliation made Sophia want to cry, but she still shook her head silently. "I never had sex with him!"

Now, she put all her hopes on Colin. She wanted him to believe that the baby was his, and then hurried to find her dad...

"Sophia Lo, don't you know that your deception is annoying?" He frowned deeply. If it wasn't for the video, he would believe her in that moment!

Sophia was a little angry. Why was it so difficult to make him trust her?

Without retracting the hand that was holding her face, he used his other hand to throw the bath towel to the end of the bed.

Realizing his intention, Sophia shook her head with fear. "I don't want to..."

"You don't have a right to refuse!" His next action stopped all her protests.

After a long time, Sophia went to the bathroom. She didn't go to the toilet this time, as she seemed to have gotten used to it.

She brushed her teeth. When she went back to the room, Colin was wearing his clothes.

Sophia's breathing tightened. She asked him sadly, "Can't you stay for the night?"

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