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   Chapter 148 Rewind and Pretend

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"No. Your brother has recently been busy with work. He spends most of his time in the company. Wait for me, I'll be there soon!" Why did Colin choose to send Aaron away?

Without a shadow of doubt, Aaron believed Sophia. After all, Colin was like a god in his eyes. "Sister, I have to board the plane in 10 minutes, you can't make it here in such a short period. You and brother can visit me in Britain if you have time!"

"10 minutes?" Sophia felt a sudden ache in her heart. How could Colin not mention anything about this before sending her little brother away?

"Yes, sister. Brother has been good to our family. I've never seen anyone else so good to his wife. I wish you two the best."

Sophia was silent. She knew Colin had done a lot for the Lo Clan. Taking a deep breath, she promised, "Of course. Don't worry about me and Colin. Since Colin has arranged everything for you, you should study hard and not disappoint him."

"I won't, sister. The Li clan is our family's benefactor. I'll keep that in mind."

Sophia almost burst into tears at his words. She restrained her feelings and said, "Well, have a nice journey!"

"Thank you, sister. I'm still worried about dad. Tell me every piece of news about his recuperation!"

"I will. Don't forget to contact me when you arrive." Though they were trying to talk with each other like they usually did, their minds were weighed down with anxiety.

"I know. Bye, sister!"

"Take care!"

Aaron hadn't known Sophia was pregnant because no one told him. And Sophia intended to keep him in the dark.

After her conversation with Aaron, Sophia dialed Colin's number, but none of her calls were answered.

Listening to the busy signal on the other end, Sophia almost smashed her phone in anger. She texted Colin with her trembling hands, "Colin, why didn't you tell me about sending my brother away?"

After a long while, Colin replied when Sophia had almost given up. "He's also my brother. I have the right to help him with his future."

In the Company

Just as Colin just sent his message, Wendy rushed into his office. "Colin, where's Sophia?"

Wendy had asked Sophia several times about where she was being held, but Sophia always stammered and didn't dare say a word. Wendy figured she was afraid of Colin.

Colin was surprisingly calm. He raised his head and casually met Wendy's angry

d her."

Wendy was heartbroken. She walked away, clutching her chest.

She would never let her son and daughter-in-law end in bitter animosity.

She took out her cellphone and dialed Jordan's number. "Jordan, I want you to investigate about Sophia's..."

After a month of house arrest, two doctors came to the mansion. The butler explained that the doctors were here to give Sophia an examination.

Sophia was disappointed. She was looking forward to a chance to get away from the mansion.

She lay down on the bed and lifted her dress.

The child was now three months old. Thanks to Justina's care and Eudora's delicious cooking, Sophia always ate well. Even though the child was only three months old, her abdomen had already grown bigger.

After the examination, the doctors put the tools and instruments away. "Mrs. Li, the child is developing well. You need to stay in a good mood and exercise regularly."

Sophia took the doctors downstairs herself and watched them walk out of the yard of the villa before going back.

She was glad to hear that her child was healthy.

It was the only thing that made Sophia happy in a long time.

The doctors also reported the results of the examination to Colin. They repeated the advice they told Sophia.

"Good mood?" There was a short pause before Colin spoke. Was Sophia unhappy?

"Yes, pregnant women will be more irritable and emotional at the second trimester. It seems Mrs. Li is in a sullen mood. Mr. Li, we suggest letting her do some activities that make her feel happy, like going out for a walk."

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