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   Chapter 147 Do You Want to Avenge Your Mother

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Sophia forced a smile. With a broken heart, her eyes brimmed with tears again. "Colin, someone threatened me with my Dad's life. He wanted me to tell you that the baby... The baby is not yours.

But, the baby is yours, not Payne's. Colin, we love each other very much. Why don't you trust me?

Have you fallen in love with someone else, and you need a reason to get rid of me?"

Sophia broke down. Unsympathetically, Colin asked, "Have you finished your story?"

"I'm not telling you a story. This afternoon, an unknown number called me. They abducted my father and said they would kill him if I didn't tell you that the baby is not yours. I had the video, but it was automatically erased. I suspect someone is monitoring my phone, so I called you using Justina's phone."

"Do you have a better excuse?" Apparently, Colin did not trust her.

"Colin, I'm not lying to you. I could see my dad, distraught and running around in a large room."

"Where is he being held? Who abducted him? Tell me."

"He didn't tell me. He only said that if I didn't follow his instructions, my father would get hurt."

"So, are you trying to tell me, the baby inside you is not mine?" Colin's cold voice made Sophia shiver.

"The child is yours. I was forced to say that..."

"Stop your lies. Otherwise, never call me again!"

Then he hung up the phone.

In the SL Group offices. Standing in front of the window, Colin smoked a cigarette, clutching his phone tightly. Before walking back to the meeting room, Colin spoke to Wade. "How is the investigation concerning my father-in-law going?"

"They called yesterday. There was no news." Wade felt deeply ashamed.

"Sophia suspects her phone is being monitored. Check whether this is happening."

"Okay, sir."

After the meeting, Colin went back to his office. Soon, Wade called, "Sir, I had madam's phone inspected and, she isn't being monitored."

"Okay, thank you." Colin pulled his tie loose. How could he ever trust Sophia again?

Colin threw his ph

glass, "... you need not worry about her anymore. She was a very capable woman."

She had became Colin's wife, and then slept with her ex-boyfriend and was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child... She truly was capable.

Without thinking much, Aaron responded. "Okay, brother. Thank you!"

He thought he would work very hard and live up to his brother's expectations, and repay him in the future.

"Okay, I will ask Mr. Ji to make the arrangements for you. See you."

"Okay, brother. See you!"

After Aaron left, Colin threw the empty wine bottle to the wall. The bottle broke into tiny fragments.

How could Colin take care of her? How could he worry about a woman who was pregnant with another man's baby?

Three days after Aaron left Colin's office, Aaron called Sophia, "Sister, please take good care of yourself and my brother."

"What? What do you mean?" Sophia was puzzled.

"Didn't my brother tell you? I'm going to Britain." Sitting in the departure hall, Aaron looked at the planes outside in confusion.

"When?" Sophia had a presentiment that something bad was happening.

"Now. I'm leaving now."

Now? Sophia jumped down from her chair on the balcony. "Why didn't you tell me early? I will see you off!"

"Didn't my brother tell you?"

Sophia didn't know what to say. She hadn't seen Colin for days.

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